In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 1


Chapter 1: Wei Feng


Junior’s Beast Master Academy.

Freshman, Class Seven.

At this moment, in the last row, a teenager in the middle column raised his head and looked around blankly.

The emotion in his eyes changed immediately – it was full of surprise and shock.

His name is Wei Feng, a freshman at Yangtze Junior Beast Master Academy, but just three seconds ago, his body was taken over by the soul of a mysterious young man from a different planet.

In just a few seconds, Wei Feng has changed entirely.

The soul who possessed him is also named Wei Feng, and he is a fresh graduate of an engineering school.

A mysterious accident caused this Wei Feng’s soul to be transported to this world of beastmasters similar to Earth, but then again, completely different.

Scouring the memories of the body’s previous inhabitant, Wei Feng came to two conclusions.

First, this world is similar to that of Earth – advanced in technology with a booming civilization.

But there was something different.


This is a world where everyone is a beastmaster.

Everyone here is a beastmaster, be it strong or weak. Some can summon and tame wild beasts and stand at the peak of this world; some can only summon and control livestock like cattle and sheep, and they are at the bottom of this beast-taming food chain.

According to these memories, five hundred years ago, catastrophe struck this world, and it nearly destroyed the entire world. However, it also brought new life.

Since then, wild beasts are thriving.

This was the beginning of the Age of Beasts.

After the Age of Beasts began, mysterious energy appeared in this world.

For the first hundred years, some people sensed this energy, and called it “The Power of Summoning.”

The power of summoning was improved and mastered over the years, until a complete system was established two hundred years ago.

Summoning Flow!

Humans born after the Age of Beasts have this “summoning power” in their bodies. By constructing a predetermined ritualistic symbol, various kinds of beasts can be summoned.

The strength of the beast directly correlates to the spiritual power of the beastmaster.

Moreover, spiritual power can be measured concretely.

Before the Age of Beasts, this world discovered that there was a domain in the human brain. Spiritual power can be found in this domain.

At the time, it was like discovering a whole new world. However, due to the lack of knowledge and vast area of the brain, it was impossible to study it.

Hence, there weren’t any means to explore the brain domain or control the mind.

It was not until the Age of Beasts that there was a turning point in this discovery – the emergence of summoning power allows human beings to control spiritual power.

You could explore the domain of the brain with mental strength – the more the brain has been explored, the stronger the mental strength. This also increases the summoning power, which is key in controlling spiritual power.

The two are inseparable and complement each other.

“Hey! What are you daydreaming about?”

A ball of waste paper was suddenly thrown from the right.

Wei Feng turned his head and looked to the right.

There are five seats in each row – he is sitting in the middle. So, there are two classmates on his left and right.

The guy on the right, wearing the orange crewneck sweater, gray cropped pants, and white sneakers – his name is Liu Shuan.

He is Wei Feng’s tablemate, but also Wei Feng’s neighbor. The two grew up together and lived by the coastal town of the North Road of Yangtze.

“Nothing,” he replied and shook his head, looking forward.

The headteacher of their class, Yu Fuhai is demonstrating a summoning symbol on the touch screen blackboard.

This is today’s lesson.

This is the first step to becoming a beastmaster.

Learning to draw summoning symbols.

By learning how to draw the symbols, then combining and arranging them, only then could you construct a summoning formation.

It’s strangely scientific.

It’s just like learning Chinese characters – forming words to make sentences.

Unlike Chinese, it cannot generate spiritual energy after forming sentences; however, summoning symbols can be combined and arranged.

Wei Feng opened the book in front of him, and one hundred and thirty-five summoning symbols are recorded in this “Basic Beast Master Runes” book.

All freshmen must learn at least fifteen primary summoning symbols within the first day, and then arrange the runes to summon their first beast.

Normally, it’s impossible.

The teacher drew fifteen primary summoning symbols on the blackboard, then began to explain.

How to combine, how to arrange – it was a fast, concise explanation.

Wei Feng listened carefully, even though he had already learned this.

In fact, his entire class has probably already learned this.

Although it was stated that you must be sixteen before you can make your first summoning, everyone starts to learn how to draw symbols and practice combinations and arrangements at the age of ten.

Everyone knows this, but the teacher explained that he was just recapping.

Everyone is just looking forward to their first summon.

He spoke briefly, then moved a cardboard box into the room.

Then, he began to draw auxiliary formations.

This is the key step.

This is the reason why each student has not summoned their own beast even though they have learned the basic summoning formations.

Research by beast masters shows that human beings at the age of sixteen are at the most active age of spiritual energy. Hence, it is the most suitable age for their first summoning.

This auxiliary formation that the headteacher drawn can greatly increase the probability of summoning powerful beasts.

Anyone who does summoning without this auxiliary formation is a fool.

The materials for this auxiliary formation are relatively rare. Generally, apart from the academy, only rich families possess them.

The teacher then took out more than ten stones of different colors and arranged them on the podium.

There are a total of five colors on these stones – black, white, blue, red, yellow.

After half an hour, he arranged the stones into the drawn auxiliary formation.

It was a pentagram, each star’s tips are a different color, and extended towards the center. When the colors collided, it showed a shade of gray, forming at the center of the pentagram.

Wei Feng saw that the teacher breathed a sigh of relief when he finished the pentagram – he was wiping the fine beads of sweat on his forehead.

Then, he took an oval-shaped, palm-sized metal instrument and threw it up in the air.

The metal instrument immediately levitated in the air, and it can detect the mental strength of a person.

The teacher clapped his hands together, glanced at his students, and said, “Okay, before your first summon, let’s test your mental strength!”

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