In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 2


Chapter 2: System Binding

“Ma Shi, your mental strength is 4.”

The class monitor Wu Jiajia shouted in a clear voice.

The class went up one by one and stood in the blue light emanating from the mental strength detector, testing their own mental strength.

It is said that at the age of sixteen, the highest mental strength in the Federation is 15.

The mental strength was tested very quickly, and it was the last row’s turn was in less than five minutes.

The current highest mental strength in the class was 8. It was Zhao Ming, who was sitting on the right side of monitor Wu Jiajia. Zhao Ming is extremely rich.

“Liu Shuan, your mental strength is 6!”

There was a hint of surprise in Wu Jiajia’s voice, because her mental strength was also six.

“Wei Feng, your mental strength is 5.”

Wei Feng got off the podium, glanced curiously at the detector above his head, and then walked back to his seat.

There are eleven people in class with a mental strength of 5.

“Wang Liangliang, your mental strength is 5.”

Twelve now.

The last one who went up to test was Liu Weiwei, the classmate on the far left of Wei Feng. A girl, but she is tall and rugged.

To everyone’s surprise, Liu Weiwei’s mental strength has reached ten points!

This even shocked the teacher – he said that she had the highest mental strength among the freshmen.

Nobody really cared, though. Everyone was focused on their first summoning.

This is the moment that decides the fate of your life!

The headteacher Yu Fuhai once again explained the things that needed special attention, and the first summoning soon began.

He started with the first row.

Wang Xin stepped onto the podium and stood in the center of the auxiliary formation. With his hands trembling slightly with excitement, he drew fifteen primary summoning symbols, then combined and arranged them. Moon-white-colored pentagrams formed in front of him.

The white light of the moon was the power of summoning. After Wang Xin arranged the summoning formation, his summoning power was worthy of lighting it up.

At this moment, the auxiliary formation under his feet glowed, and a ray of gray light penetrated into Wang Xin’s body. Then, the moon-white pentagram in front of Wang Xin suddenly burst into dazzling light.


At the same time, a low wolf howl came from the pentagram.

The whole class widened their eyes and looked at the increasingly clear black shadow in the pentagram formation.

“A wolf!”

The teacher blurted out when he saw the wolf claw reaching in from the pentagram.

Immediately afterward, a dark wolf with a height of about one meter and shiny black fur stepped out from the pentagram formation.


Wang Xin’s five-pointed star formation trembled slightly, then quickly contracted and gathered together to form a symbol, which was then printed on the forehead of the wolf.

It is done!

With the summoning imprint, this secluded wolf became Wang Xin’s beast. Since then, Wang Xin has officially become a beastmaster.

“Wang Xin, the summoning was successful. It is a First-Order¹ Nether Wolf!” Wu Jiajia continued to record on the tablet in front of her.

Royal beasts are divided into tiers, like this nether wolf has reached the level of the first tier, which is very good.

Next, Zhao Ming came to the stage and began to summon for the first time.

Compared with Wang Xin, Zhao Ming is obviously much more stable. He was skilled in the drawing of summoning symbols, combinations, and arrangements. Not long after, a pentagram appeared.

Looking at the pentagram in front of Zhao Ming, Wei Feng was a little surprised.

The brightness is much brighter than Wang Xin’s summoning formation.

The auxiliary formation still glowed, making Zhao Ming’s summoning formation even more bright.


A low and sharp hiss came from the pentagram. Then, a blue two-tailed scorpion about twice the size of Wang Xin’s ghost wolf climbed out of the summoning formation.

The two-tailed scorpion has a faint blue body, and the tips of its two tails are thorns, one flashing scarlet, and the other flashing emerald green.

“Wow! What kind of beast is this?”

“It’s too handsome!”

Some classmates exclaimed and stood up, with a look of envy flashing in their eyes.

“Alas! We can’t compare with the children of rich families,” Liu Shuan sighed and shook his head.

Wei Feng turned to look at Liu Shuan. Before he could speak, Liu Shuan whispered again to him. “I heard that Zhao Ming drank two bottles of [CE-07 Medicine] in the morning.”

Wei Feng was dumbfounded because he also knew about CE-07 medicine. This is a medicine that increases the activity of the power of summoning in a short period of time.

“Zhao Ming, the summoning is successful. Royal Beast: Second-Order Demonic Twin-tailed Scorpion.” Wu Jiajia’s voice sounded.

Wei Feng turned to look at the royal beast beside Zhao Ming, the scarlet and emerald green tails swayed, and the air was filled with a faint smell of rancid sweetness.

The poisonous twin-tailed scorpion is said to have hallucinogenic scarlet thorns, while its green thorns are highly poisonous.

This is a powerful species that is extremely rare among second-order royal beasts!

Next, the students came to the stage one by one for their first summoning.

Even if there is an auxiliary formation, the summons of several classmates is still not ideal. Ma Shi summoned a chicken, which is an ordinary livestock – if cooked with some mushrooms and simmered, it would taste delicious.

Twenty-five summons in ten minutes.

After Liu Shuan went up and summoned, it was finally Wei Feng’s turn.

Liu Shuan’s first summon was very good. It was a first-order shadow leopard, which was a bit stronger than the nether wolf.

“Let’s get it!”

Liu Shuan gave words of encouragement to Wei Feng.

To be honest, Wei Feng was a little excited.

After all, he is experiencing this for the first time in this strange new world.

Standing in the center of the auxiliary formation, Wei Feng began to draw according to the summoning symbol in his memory.

Combination, arrangement, almost in one go.

At this moment, Wei Feng clearly felt that there was a magical power pouring out of his body, pouring into those summoning symbols, lighting up the pentagram.


The auxiliary formation under his feet glowed, and a ray of gray light penetrated into his body.

The magical power surged crazily, and rushed towards the summoning symbol, causing the summoning formation to burst into a bright light.

The gray light emitted by the auxiliary formation did not transform into the power of summoning. It just stimulated the power of summoning hidden in Wei Feng’s body, causing it to burst out.

It’s pouring spiritual energy into the pentagram!

Just when this idea popped into Wei Feng’s mind, something unexpected suddenly occurred.

He clearly noticed that from the soles of his feet, strands of gray light were constantly pouring into his body.

Wei Feng glanced down quietly.

The five-colored stones flickered with light, the light colliding with the center, colliding with strands of gray light, and then pouring into his body from the soles of his feet.

Nobody noticed this strange phenomenon.

Sounds of stones rolling can be heard in the pentagram, then stopped. A system prompt lit up in his head.


[NOTICE: You have summoned the strongest beast and are now spiritually bound to it.]

[NOTICE: Open the properties panel.]

[NOTICE: You have unlocked the core ability of [Harden Skin] of the royal beast [Stone Man].]

[NOTICE: [Power of Control] has been activated.]

¹ Order can be interchanged with level, i.e. First-Order means Level 1, Second-Order means Level 2, etc…

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