The Homemaker of the Dungeon Chapter 2


Chapter 2

‘….what? What the hell is this?’

From seeing an advancement class that was unheard of, Hena momentarily forgot what kind of situation she was in and just stood with her mouth wide open.

<Housemaker(D): You can make a life with your excellent housekeeping skills!>

On top of everything, I was a rank D,  the same as my brother, and the description was so poorly put together. The skillset was also terrible.

Even a rank F would have better statistics that would have the minimum requirements in strength, muscle strength, and reaction time (30 total).

The skillset Hena had was a disaster.

<Strength: 8, magic power: 1, muscle strength: 5: reaction time: 6, endurance: 20, luck: 45>

‘What’s the use of advancement if I’m no different from a civilian?’

I was speechless at how my endurance and luck stats were each greater than my strength, muscle strength, and reaction time combined.

‘My brother told me how luck is useless because it’s not a visible skill!’

Hena started to think while biting her nails, about how to get out of this mess.

However, no matter how hard she pondered, the fact that her class was very odd and that her stats were dismal did not change.


While the situation seemed to not be able to get any worse, a sound of a monster who must have gotten a scent of Hena was heard at a distance. She would be torn up into bits any time soon.


She had to run to save her life. Hena tried to use all of her 6 reaction stats to the max as she ran through the grass.


The monster’s reaction stats seemed to have surpassed that of Hena’s significantly. The heavy breathing of the monster was felt right behind her neck.

The hair on Hena’s back rose up.

‘Ah, not like this!’

Hena used 20/20 points worth of her endurance to not give up on her life. For this, she ended up jumping through the green swamp.


With a loud noise, Hena fell into the muddy swamp. She spits out the water that had a terrible taste.

While splashing through the swamp, she felt something on her back. She could feel from her instincts that something scary was approaching.

When she turned around, a monster the size of a compact car resembling an alligator was standing with its jaw wide open.


As soon as Hena was going to scream her head off from the monstrous scene, another came to block her view.


It was the dinosaur-shaped monster that had been following her. As if it had not noticed the alligator monster that was standing behind her, the dinosaur monster started to splash towards Hena.


The Alligator monster, having thought that the dinosaur monster was coming to attack him, started to move its mouth and flash its sharp teeth.

[kyaaaek! Kyaoh!]

The dinosaur-shaped monster was attacked by the alligator and thrown up in the air.

An explosive sound was heard, but the dinosaur got back up and let out a roar.

[keeeee, keaaaaak!]

[Gwooooooooo, ooooooo!]

The two monsters started to shout at each other, as the parties of two cars who clashed into each other in a car accident. Then the two soon rumbled up and started to fight.

Hena, covered in green algae, was left alone.

‘ god.’

Hena thanked the blessed gift of her 45 points worth of luck stats.

She then crawled to the outside of the swamp, carefully and slowly to not alert the two monsters.

‘Where do I go now?’

Hena looked around her surroundings, which was nothing but green. She had to find some structure with at least more coverage than the place in which she was thrown.

‘Is there any type of ability that would help me?’

While Hena crammed into a corner and read through the screen, one particular section caught her attention.

<Comfy bed(D): Create a bed that would allow you to take rest safely without getting interruptions from other beings. Active skill.>

This skill would be nothing more significant than making a bed. However, the keyword ‘safely’ was the main selling point.

Hena had to hold onto the little she had, having gotten thrown into the dungeon alone. Even if that little was the bed-making skill of rank D.

When she activated the skill, a guide window popped up.

<System: Please find a suitable area and materials for taking rest.>

“I have to do this kind of a thing, too?”

Hena made a frowny face. She still looked around to follow the system’s directions. Then, she started to notice things that weren’t visible before. For example, a lighted message.

<System: Passive skill ‘digging up plants(C)’ is auto-activated!>
Before she even had a chance to think about how weird these skill sets were, a bunch of words popped up in front of her.

<Edible grass(E)>
<Non edible grass (D)>
<Delicious grass (B)>


All these letters popped up in every inch of the green field.

‘I guess this is good, then? At least if I choose a location to make a bed, I can be safer in a field of grass that can be eaten.’

Hena was now calmed down, and started to pick out every edible or delicious grass.

<System: ‘digging up plants(C)’ is rapidly increasing in skill level! >

Everytime this message popped up, Hena’s motion became more accurate. The look of her crazily picking through the field of green, covered in dirty water, made her appear as an insane person.

“This should be enough, right?”

Hena looked at the pile she collected while panting for breath. The amount seemed big enough to hide one person. She struggled to carry the heavy pile and then found a suitable, cornered area.

“Comfy bed!”

When the skill was called, her hands started to move automatically. Her mind seemed to have been programmed to know exactly what to do. All she had to do was follow the directions.

“..all done!”

Maybe due to the simplicity of the ingredients, it didn’t take long for the bed to be completed. Hena looked at her creation with a sense of satisfaction.

Then, a description window appeared.

<A comfy bed made of edible grass(D): from being made with edible grass, both hunger and tiredness can be resolved. Recovery speed increased by 120%>

And below was another message with numbers:

<Skill maintenance period: You have 05 hours 59 minutes 13 seconds left. ** Remaining time can only be checked by one who possesses time remaining skill.>

The message also had a description that the time remaining is a separate skill in itself. This game was a quite polite setting.

“This is pretty good for a beginner!”
Hena complimented herself.

The bed seemed a little shabby, but from a caveman’s perspective, the bed would be pretty impressive. This was pure science, as seen on TV.


A sound approached. The hairs on Hena’s body froze up.

While doubting the ability of the bed to keep her safe, she crawled into the grass bed. It was comfortable, but her fear was overwhelming. If the ‘comfy bed’ skill were not to work properly, she would be dead meat.

[pheeek, shiiiiii!]

Hena held her breath inside her rank D ‘comfy bed that is also made of edible grass’ and waited.

Soon after, a monster appeared. This one was a snake big enough to swallow a person in whole. At this point, aside from being gruesome, the visual was graphic.

[chiiiiik, pshssssiiiiii]

The giant snake was sticking its tongue and slowly turned its head. It seemed to be in search of a snack.

‘Please help me!’

Hena prayed desperately with her palms clasped together.


Had Hena’s prayers reached the sky?

The snake failed to find Hena lying right in front of it and turned away. Hena was able to stop her shaking jaws.

‘I guess… the skill was effective in the end…’

This skill, which she thought was powerless, did have an effect on helping her survive. If this were to go on, she would be able to survive until the rescue team would arrive.

‘Good thing I advanced to the homemaker whatnot. I would’ve died if it weren’t for this.’

If she had become a rank D hunter, she would have already died trying to fight the monsters with her poor skills.

“…ah, so sleepy.”

With a basic level of safety secured, sleepiness occupied Hena’s body.

The bed was so comfortable compared to the grass that it was made of. It did live to its name, ‘comfy bed.’

‘No, I can’t fall this….’

Hena’s blinks slowed down as she crawled up. Sleep had come to get her. It was time for bed.

Did the effect of this bed increasing recovery by 120% meant forcing one to fall asleep?


The yawn that she couldn’t hold any longer started to escape.

Finally, Hena fell asleep after fighting hard. It was a deep sleep, without any dreams.

Whether this was due to the fight in the dungeon or the four days of overnight shifts was unknown to any.


“..hey, look here!”

With a disturbing sound, something poked Hena’s sides.

The poking was done in such a way as one would check to see if the meat had been cooked all the way. In other words, it hurt a lot.


Hena yelled, forgetting the situation she was in and jumped up with a loud exclamation.

“It hurts!”

“I thought you were a vegetarian monster shaped like a human, but you were just a real human.”

A lady with scary eyes was looking at Hena from above. This lady was wearing a set of light armor, and was holding a long spear. She must have used the end of the spear to poke Hena.

However, after finally regaining consciousness, this small kind of pain did not matter anymore.

“You must be a hunter!”

The lady must have been a hunter who entered the dungeon to fight off the monsters, for sure.

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