In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 3


Chapter 3: Properties Panel

A series of prompts rang out in his head, and Wei Feng noticed that a blue prompt had appeared.


A stone man of about two meters stepped out of the pentagram in front of him; the moon-white pentagram shrank and imprinted its symbol onto the stone man’s forehead.

He, too, was successful with his first summoning.

In an instant, he had access to all of the information about the stone man in his mind.

This is meant to be used between the beastmaster and the beast.

“Wei Feng – successful summoning. Royal Beast: First-Order Stone Man. ” The class monitor, Wu Jiajia, continued to record on the tablet in front of her.

Wei Feng unsummoned his stone man and walked back to his seat.

Wang Liangliang, who was after him, summoned a pug.

Finally, Liu Weiwei, who had a mental strength of ten, stepped onto the podium to perform her first summoning, and the outcome was unexpected.

She summoned a male lion, but it was merely a male lion. It isn’t even a first-order royal beast.

It’s truly embarrassing in comparison to Zhao Ming.

It seems that even if you have promising talent, it is not as strong as having a financial head-start.

After everyone finished their summoning, the teacher began to disperse the auxiliary formation. Wei Feng paid close attention – it seems that the gray rays of light that he absorbed did not cause much damage to the colorful stones.

The teacher then comforted the students who had received an unsatisfactory summon.

Although the first summoning was significant, he reassured them that there would be additional opportunities to summon in the future.

And it’s not empty promises either—the Federation recorded that there was a beastmaster whose first summon was a cow, but his second summon was a prehistoric alien!

Today, that same beastmaster holds a high position in the Federation.

Despite the teacher’s encouragement, the students who had poor summons were still sad.

After all, it was just a rare example.

If they didn’t do well on their first summoning, their parents would most likely not allow them to come back the next day.

The clock struck twelve o’clock.

The teacher then dismissed the class.

Today’s class only lasts half a day. Tomorrow, it’ll be a full day.

Li Shuan was very happy.

Together with Wei Feng, they walked through the vast playground of the academy, and after exiting the school gate, they walked toward their houses along the North Road of the Yangtze.

Wei Feng mentally checked the blue panel in his mind.


Host: Wei Feng [Possesses the strongest Beastmaster System].

Age: 16

Rank: Junior Beastmaster

Strength: 4+ (2.5)

Agility: 7+(1)

Spirit: 5+(2)

Power of Control: Primary Effect – [You gain 5% of all the attributes of your beasts.]

[Harden Skin] (Source: Stone Man) – Hardens your skin and resists blunt weapon attacks of no greater than 60 power.

Royal Beast: [First Order Stone Man]

Wei Feng read it three times carefully.

This is the system panel, and his abilities are amazing!

Among the abilities, [Power of Control] makes him obtain 5% of his beast’s attributes. Even tho the virus may be small now, it can grow.

And his core ability is even more powerful, allowing him to directly obtain the ability of the Stone Man himself!

When you become a beastmaster, there is a shared information panel between you and the beast, from which you can obtain information about the beast you summoned.

[Beast Panel]

Royal Beast: Stone Man

Level: 1

Main Element: Earth

Strength: 50

Agility: 20

Spirit Energy: 40

[Stone Skin]—Blocks any attack below 60 power.

Type: Evolvable

This information panel can be read by other beastmasters, but only if the other party’s mental strength is stronger than Wei Feng’s.

[30 minutes later]

Zuoan District, Block Seven, 12th Floor.

Wei Feng and Liu Shuan walked out of the elevator and began walking toward their own home.

They were both smiling – after all, they were both among the students who had received a great first summon.

Wei Feng’s unit was 301, while Liu Shuan’s unit was 302. There are two other units, but the relationship between them is poor.

Wei Feng unlocked his unit’s door.

The room was messy and empty.

The conditions of living aren’t very good—his parents divorced, and his mother remarried a rich man. Every month, the rich man would pay Wei Feng a living allowance on schedule.

However, this money would be taken away by his own father, Wei Qing. Wei Feng has never seen a single cent given to him.

Wei Qing has also been unemployed since the divorce and has since become addicted to mahjong. If you called him on the telephone, he would also be playing mahjong or trying to play mahjong.

Wandering around the room, Wei Feng couldn’t help but sigh when he saw both familiar and unfamiliar things.

In the two-bedroom, one-hall house, there is nothing of value!

Opening the refrigerator, Wei Feng was about to get something to eat when the doorbell suddenly rang.

Liu Shuan was standing outside.

“My mom made dumplings!”

After having lunch at Liu Shuan’s house, Wei Feng returned to his house, turning on the LCD TV on the floor.

Don’t ask why the TV is on the ground; they have no furniture.

As the screen lights up, the news plays.

“Following April 28, Restricted Area No. 005 has expanded by another 500 meters.” This is the third expansion this year. The Federation is taking effective measures to curb the expansion of this anomaly. ”

Last nite, Restricted Area No. 099 expanded for the first time. This indicates that forbidden items have finally appeared in the area. ”

“In addition, the recent restricted area no. 105 near Yangtze also expanded for the first time last nite.” The restricted area was formed within 48 hours following the introduction of the forbidden items. These items have been ranked S in the Federation’s banned list. ”

Wei Feng looked at the screen. The gray area that was photographed from a distance by the drone was foreign to him. He couldn’t help but be a little lost.

This is another strange phenomenon of this world.

Restricted areas

Since the Age of Beasts, although new life has been introduced, it has also been accompanied by greater disasters.

After some powerful beastmasters died, their immense spiritual power and summoning power did not disappear with them, so a special space would appear based on the beastmaster’s space.

There are special rules in these restricted spaces; if any living being that enters does not obey these rules, they will be obliterated.

As many people died because of these special rules, these spaces were designated as restricted areas with assigned serial numbers.

As for the forbidden items, they are the key to the restricted area.

It is said that these forbidden items can be used to strengthen your beast. At the same time, it is also the core of the restricted areas. If you can obtain this item, you can also control the restricted area at will.

Turning off the TV, Wei Feng massaged his head.

This world is not as peaceful as he imagined it to be.

The outside of the city is full of danger, and the inside of the city is not as peaceful as it seems.

Although the world may be technologically advanced, it also has a unique set of laws.

The weak will eat the strong!

Wei Feng stayed home all afternoon.

He slowly processed all the past memories of this body’s previous inhabitant, making it a part of himself.

Wei Feng skipped dinner.

The refrigerator was emptier than the pot, and the money given by his father was only 20 yuan left. He had to ration this money for this week’s breakfast.

[The next morning]

Wei Feng and Liu Shuan left home together. At the bakery, they each bought two buns.

The two walked toward the Beastmaster Academy while nibbling on their buns.

Liu Shuan complained to Wei Feng, “My shadow leopard has too great of an appetite – I fed it five portions of pork belly last nite, and another five this morning!”

Wei Feng was a little dumbfounded.

It was only then that he remembered that after he had summoned the Stone Man, he had neglected it.

Fortunately, the Stone Man should not need sustenance, which solves a big problem.

Otherwise, if he needed to eat large amounts of meat like Liu Shuan’s royal beast, he couldn’t afford it.

Right now, it’s difficult to support even himself.

“By the way, have you fed your Stone Man attribute stones yet?” Liu Shuan asked, shoving a bun into his mouth.

“… attribute stone?” Wei Feng glanced at Liu Shuan.

Liu Shuan nodded his head, “Didn’t you read the “Beast Raising Handbook?” Your Stone Man also needs to eat, or it will become ordinary stone. ”


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