The Homemaker of the Dungeon Chapter 3


Chapter 3

Hena wanted to embrace the woman because she finally had someone who could help her live.

“Woah, woah, calm down.”

The lady took a step back, and Hena realized she was in a bad mood.

Her body was drenched from the swamp, covered in dirt from collecting grass, and covered in grass that clung to every inch of her body, giving her the appearance of an extreme hobo.

Her face was probably covered in muddy streaks.

“The entire clan had been sucked into the gate, so it was a mess here. All of the hunters in the area are rescuing civilians in distress.”

“Thank god. Did you guys kill the dungeon boss?”

“That was done a long time ago. This is only a rank-E dungeon.”

Ah, only a rank-E dungeon was this difficult for her to survive?

Hena believed that the only reason she had survived with rank-D skills was because the level of this dungeon was so low.

“Whew, I guess my good fortune saved me yet again.”

Hena dragged her aching body along behind the lady. The lady must have realized that the walk to the exit was going to be long, so she began to make small talk.

“So, do you consider yourself an advancer?”

This unexpected question caught Hena off guard, and she responded.

“Yeah, yes? Umm, how did you know?”

“I knew you’d have a low rank because I could detect your presence relatively easily, but you shouldn’t be able to hide in the first place if you don’t have advancement skills.”

Hena agreed with a nod, blanking out at her sharp intuition.

“I see…”

“I didn’t see any advancers on the missing persons list. Are you concealing your abilities? Did you know that this will result in a fine?” The lady inquired, as if she intended to report me as soon as they left the dungeon.

“No, no, I’m not! I advanced as soon as I was thrown into the dungeon!”


“That’s correct! While working in the middle of the night, I advanced.”

Because of the unfortunate backstory, the lady sighed and exclaimed, “..ohhh… It’s a good thing you survived; it could have been very dangerous. Which class did you advance to?”

In comparison to her terrifying eyes, her personality was rather laid-back. She had a lot of questions for someone she had just met for the first time.

Hena responded in a voice only a mouse could hear.


“What? What maker?”


Hena’s face flushed from having to say such a class aloud.

The lady’s eyes widened as she received an unexpected response from Hena.

“A homemaker? Hmm, I’ve been a hunter for quite some time, but I’ve never heard of such a class!”

“Yes, it’s a hidden class. The stats are extremely low, and all of the skill names are strange, so I’m not sure what’s good about it..…but I still survived with the ‘comfy bed’ and ‘digging up plants’ skills.”

“Bwahahaha. Comfy bed making? Digging up plants? What kind of names are those? They are so friendly!”

The lady held onto her stomach and laughed for a while from the insane reply.

Although it was embarrassing, Hena was relieved that she could at least repay the hunter who helped save her life with a laugh.

While observing the lady laughing mindlessly, Hena heard a sudden voice of a man behind her back.

“What are you guys doing here?”

Hena was first taken back at the sudden appearance, and once more at the identity of the man.

“Hunter Kang..Kang Jin Hyung?”

The man nodded, as if he was accustomed to how others reacted to his presence. It was a brief and impolite self-introduction.

‘Well, someone as well-known as him wouldn’t need an introduction.’ Hena quickly accepted the nod’s brevity.

This was a man who was well-known throughout the Korean population. His name is Jin Hyung Kang, and he is  a hunter. Not just any hunter, but the strongest hunter in Korea!

His nicknames included “the hand of disaster,” “the hand of destruction,” and other embarrising titles. Despite this, no one dared to mock his titles because of his power and attractive face.

A handsome person looks good no matter what they do, and in times of crisis, brute forces triumph over social laws.

Anyways, the hunter approached the lady laughing hysterically in a work manner.

In any case, the hunter approached the lady, who was hysterically laughing in a workmanlike manner.

“Hunter Min Ah Woo, we haven’t finished rescuing the civilians yet. We are running out of time. What do you believe you’re doing here? “

Hena then realized that the person who had saved her was called “Min Ah Woo.”

‘When I get home, I’ll do a Google search.’

Hena wished to send her a flower bouquet in appreciation of the guild to which she belonged.

“Ah, it’s because she’s a baby advancer who has only recently advanced.” “I got sidetracked because her story about her skill set is so fascinating…”

The woman, or Min Ah Woo, responded by calming her trembling shoulders.

Jin Hyung Kang wrinkled his brow slightly, as if he wasn’t satisfied with her response.

He gave Hena (of only rank-D) chills with this expression. The aura of a top hunter of rank-S (of which there are only a few in the world) was powerful.

“It is risky to disclose your advancement details and skill set to another person.”

He counseled Hena. He then added to Min Ah Woo.

“What do you think you’re doing to a novice who doesn’t know anything? This is not the attitude I would expect from a top-tier hunter. You should at least keep your basicmanners. ”

“You’re such a grumpy old man. You speak as if I would suck on this poor girl’s blood. I’m not that petty.”

Min Ah Woo expressed his dissatisfaction. Hena paused for a moment before siding with Min Ah.

“It’s fine. My rank is extremely low, and I don’t have a particularly valuable skill set. It’s just that it’s an unusual one. “

Min Ah gave me a side wink, as if she was grateful for my support.

Jin Hyung Kang let out a short sigh, as if he was not happy with her reaction.
“Still, it is better to hide advancement skills for your safety.”

“Yes, hunter Jin Hyung Kang…”

Hena replied obediently.

Jin Hyung Kang is only two years older than Hena, but when he was scolding her, he was even scarier than her older brother, who was four years older.

Meanwhile, Min Ah Woo didn’t seem scared and responded mockingly.

“Anyway, her ability to advance is quite amusing. Do you want to find out? You’re also not the type to go around telling everyone.”

Jin Hyung Kang flatly refused.

“No, it’s fine.

“I don’t want to know anything about someone else’s career advancement.”

He spoke in such a formal and dismissive tone.

‘You’re so cruel.’

After all, Hena didn’t want to show her vulnerability to such a terrifying person.

A rank-D homemaker versus an rank-S hunter…. She’d get a sly laugh.

“Hmph, how cold. Anyway, if you’re done here, continue on your way. I’m going to stop slacking and do my job as well.”

Min Ah Woo made a whooshing motion with her hands towards Jin Hyun Kang, as if she were a storekeeper shooing bugs away. She didn’t seem scared at all.

‘Are they going to fight like this?’

This was a nerve-racking exchange for Hena.

Surprisingly, Jin Hyun Kang nodded without emotion and walked away the other way.

“He’s a jerk, isn’t he?”

As soon as Min Ah Woo left the scene, he began talking behind his back.

Hena forced a tired smile, unable to respond.

“Ha… ha…ha…”
“Well, it’s impolite to ask these questions. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to cause any problems for  you.”

With the splash of apology that followed, Hena shook her head, scratching her mud-caked cheeks.

“No, answering those questions is insignificant in comparison to how you assisted me in saving my life. And, because my advancement is so unusual, I would have had to tell someone about it anyway.”

Min Ah Woo was taken aback by the thoughtful response.

“Wow, you have such a pleasant voice.”

“Eh? Me?”

I’m not sure when being socially conscious became a “pleasant way of speaking,” but it seemed to have impressed Min Ah Woo.

“There’s no bastard around me who speaks calmly as you do.”

“I’m sure you got a lot of thanks for saving their lives…”

“In general, they piss in their pants and shake in terror when I find them.” Apart from thanking me, you are the first person to speak so calmly.”


Hena realized she had a higher than average tolerance for disasters.

Min Ah Woo tapped Hena on the back and handed her a business card.

“You, I like your personality. Please contact me later. Let’s go get some food or something. You are also welcome to ask me questions about advancement.”

Hena responded abruptly to the unexpected kindness.

“Eh? Thank you, you really don’t have to do this.”

“It’s fine, I’m a woman of my words. Please promise to call me, okay? I was glad because I hadn’t laughed in a long time.”

And then she handed her business car to Hena, who finally accepted and carefully placed it in her muddy pocket.

Min Ah Woo appeared to be pleased with this and applauded.

“Enough small talk; I’ll now lead you out of the gate.” There will be an emergency rescue team outside, so make sure to get checked out and consult with someone about the disaster damage.”

Min Ah Woo strided through the jungle as soon as she finished speaking. Hena hurriedly followed, afraid of getting lost again.


“How could this be?”

The sight of the destroyed surroundings made Hena’s knees weak.

Reality nipped at Hena’s heels as soon as she’d escaped the monsters.

“Do your legs hurt, patient?” “Do you require a stretcher?”

With their hand on Hena’s shoulders, a passing rescue agent inquired.

Hena mumbled, not realizing she had been asked a question.

“My job…my home…. How could the two just vanish all of a sudden?”

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