In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 4


Chapter 4: Interactive Lessons


Wei Feng was shocked.

He put the last of the bun into his mouth and promptly took the handbook from his backpack and checked it.

Wei Feng was speechless as he flipped through it.

It turns out that the Stone Man, too, needs to eat!

Iconic beasts, such as the Stone Man, are also referred to as pure-attribute beasts.

They are all pure beasts, like tree spirits and water elves.

To feed such a beast, you must feed them the correct element.

For example, Wei Feng’s Stone Man needs natural stones carrying the Earth element, whereas the tree spirits or Dryads require natural wood.

This particular beast food is available at the academy’s beast store, but it is pricey.

They ran to the academy and because it was still early, they go to the Royal Beast Store together.

“Hey, can I get a bag of dried meat?”

“I need a bag of metal for my royal beast!”

“Boss, anything for water-type beasts?”

There were several students in the store, all of whom were freshmen from various classes. They came to purchase food for their beasts as well.

Liu Shuan took money from his wallet to buy dried meat.

Like the shadow leopard and ghost wolves, since they are carnivorous, they can eat ordinary meat. However, they require a huge quantity of it, and they can’t attain enough nutrients from ordinary meat.

Li Shuan soon appeared with two packs of beast food.

One pack clearly contained a bag of stones.

“This bag is one hundred and fifty yuan,” Li Shuan said as he handed Wei Feng the bag of special feeding stones. “Please pay me back later, okay?”

Wei Feng remained silent but thankful. He thanked him and the two of them proceeded to their class.

Because Liu Shuan was aware of Wei Feng’s family situation, he helped him out numerous times.

In total, Wei Feng probably owes him one or two thousand yuan.

Entering the class, the class monitor, Wu Jiajia, was posting the class schedule.

The two leaned over to see it, then exchanged glances.

The schedule consists of four classes per day – one interaction class and one meditation class in the morning, and the same in the afternoon.

The interaction class is for interactions between the beastmaster and the beast.

Summoning beasts requires consuming mental strength. Wei Feng’s mental strength is five, so the summoning can last for about fifteen minutes.

Meditation is the process of exploring your brain.

Hence, this is the most direct way to increase mental strength.

At 8 o’clock, the teacher directed the students to the interaction class.

Today, there are only twenty students,

The students who did not get good first summons were unable to return to class. This includes Wang Liangliang, Wei Feng’s tablemate.

On the vast playground of the academy, the activity area of each class has been divided.

The teacher took the class to Class 7’s designated area, and left after a brief explanation.

The entire class lasted for two hours, and it was impossible for the teacher to just monitor them for the duration. So, the students get to interact with their beasts.

Moon-white pentagrams started to appear, and everyone started to summon their beasts.

Wei Feng and Liu Shuan sat together at the edge of the playfield, and summoned their royal beasts. Wei Feng quickly fed his Stone Man.

A smooth stone, big as a palm, was eaten by the Stone Man in just a few bites.

After feeding two pure attribute stones, Wei Feng stored the rest away.

Typically, just one stone per day is enough to satisfy a Stone Man for the entire day, and the bag of stones that Liu Shuan bought for him had only ten in total.

“Hey! What crooked beasts and cracked creatures are all of you summoning from the 7th Class?!”

A playful voice sounded from the next area.

Wei Feng and Liu Shuan turned their heads to the source of the sound.

LIt was Class 6’s area. A boy walked towards the area of Class 7. Behind him, a lion with a majestic red mane closely followed; it was very handsome.

“This is Lu Xiaojiu, one of the three guys who summoned second-order royal beasts from Class 6!” Liu Shuan whispered in shock.

The class monitor, Wu Jiajia, quickly stepped forward to deal with Lu Xiaojiu’s passive-aggressive behavior, and directed, “During the class, students are not allowed to leave their respective class area. You better return or I’ll report to the teacher and your credits will be deducted!”


Lu Xiaojiu stopped and glared at Wu Jiajia, “How dare you! I didn’t even step into your class area – I just walked around an isolated area of my area! Control your attitude.”

Lu Xiaojiu’s eyes swept to the Class 7’s area, and smirked sarcastically, “What a capable class – they aren’t ashamed to let a girl come forward to deal with me.”

Zhao Ming got up, but before he could intervene, the loudspeaker in the playfield warned, “The student from Class 6, please return to your designated area. Otherwise, your credits will be deducted and you will be punished.”

Liu Xiaojiu immediately went back without a word.

Although the attempt at making a threat was unsuccessful, it was clear there was hostility.

In fact, each class was very competitive. It is said if your class is the most excellent, you get more rewards and resources provided by the academy.




Various beasts roared on the playfield – every student was actively interacting with their beasts.

“Yin, jump!” Liu Shuan, who named his leopard Yin, raised his right arm to let his leopard jump. Then, he fed it a piece of dried meat.

This training process strengthens the bond between the beasts and the beastmasters and promotes growth.

On the side, Wei Feng and his Stone Man watched Liu Shuan train his Shadow Leopard – he had no intention of training his Stone Man.

He kept eyeing the dried meat that Liu Shuan is feeding his leopard – he can’t afford to train his Stone Man.

If the beast is idle, then one pure-attribute stone is enough to sate them.

However, if the beast is active, then one stone is surely not enough.

The stones he possessed were purchased by Liu Shuan. He has to ration it for feeding.

Wei Feng unsummoned his Stone Man after fifteen minutes.

The recovery of mental strength is fast – after five minutes, he can resummon the Stone Man again.

Wei Feng glanced at Zhao Ming.

Several classmates surrounded him like his followers. Zhao Ming was rich, so he paid for all the food rations for the students following him.

This moved Wei Feng’s heart a bit.

After two hours, everyone returned to class.

After a ten-minute break, the meditation class began.

The teacher turned on the meditation guide, and the entire class was suddenly enveloped in blue light.

Everyone closed their eyes and followed the auditory directions on the meditation guide and explored their brain.

Wei Feng’s brain was hazy.

Although it is as vast as the human world, most of it is shrouded in a hazy fog.

You need spiritual power and summoning power to break through these fog barriers.

Every time a layer of haze is broken, your mental strength doubles.

It’s very difficult, however.

Without guidance, a junior beastmaster’s weak mental strength makes it impossible for them to break through this barrier.

Since the students have a guide, it’s like an unarmed man being given iron tools.

The effect is obvious.

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