The Homemaker of the Dungeon Chapter 4


Chapter 4

An hour ago, Hena had followed Min Ah Woo out of the gate. After a brief goodbye, Hena was separated and assigned to the rescue team. Hena was not seriously injured, so she received prompt first aid treatment and returned home after adding her name to the list of gate incident victims.
Or so she thought.

“My home!”

Hena sobbed. Her mind, which had remained intact even among the monsters of the dungeon, shattered at the sight.

The dungeon gate had devoured everything in its path. Where the gate once stood, only demolished sites remained. Furthermore, because she was called into the gate while working, she suspected that her office building would have been damaged as well.

“I understand the office was completely blown away. But why did it have to take my house as well?”

She did not, however, predict how wide the gate’s range would be. Hena had purchased a villa near the office to make commuting easier, but when she arrived, there were only the partial remains of stone fences.

There were no traces of her previous residence. There are no household goods to be recovered, either.

“These damned thieves!”

Hena began to curse while pointing to the sky.

The rescue team member who was observing her realized that Hena had gotten not a physical injury, but that of the heart.

To a Korean, a home was their soul.

“I see your house has been destroyed by the gate wreck. A temporary shelter is available at a nearby school. Do you need a ride there?”

While asking, a member of the rescue team patted her back cautiously.

Hena took her time drawing frustrated pants before opening her mouth to say something.

“..It’s fine. I know where the school is. I can get there on my own.”

Their offer was appealing, but Hena was not in the right frame of mind to accept it. She was in a very sensitive state and was easily triggered.

‘What should I do? Because the building is no longer standing, the company will be unable to send paychecks, and as for the house… I’m curious how much they’ll pay me. I don’t believe it will be a large sum. My house! My deposit! My furniture! My money! What should I do? It would have been preferable to be thrown out naked!’

Despite its small size and shabby appearance, the house was built with the sweat and tears of Hena and her brother.

Although she was not able to sleep much in the house from the overnight hours, it was one of the few places in which she could be warm and comfortable.

“…and now it’s gone!” My house! Oh, my home!”

The harsh situation was, to put it mildly, depressing. Hena was about to lie down on the ground and pat her chest at this point.

<System: Congratulations. Hidden Skill, ‘Home Sweet Home(D) has been unlocked.>

Hena’s eyes were drawn to the system guide window. While staring at the lines, Hena murmured something.

“What on earth is a hidden skill, and what on earth is ‘home sweet home?

Her question was even answered by the helpful system guide.

<System: What Exactly Is a Hidden Skill? A ‘Hidden Skill’ is a skill that activates when all criteria are met.>

Hena’s gaze darted across the skill window.

<Home Sweet Home(D): Offered to the skill caster. Active Skill. *Unlocked when a ‘Homemaker’ class advancer in a ‘homeless state’ desperately needs a ‘home.’*>

The skill description remained insincere, with pitiful criteria that made no sense.

How many people with the weird and embarrassing title Homemaker would cry after becoming homeless?

This fact, however, did not concern Hena at the time. The skill’s content gave her hope.

‘It provides…a home? As a entire home?’

If this were true, it would be as if a house had dropped from the sky.

Yes, this was a greater skill than winning the lottery!

Despite the fact that it was unbelievable, she desperately wanted to believe it.

‘It wouldn’t ask me to get all the raw materials like it did with the <Comfy bed> skill, would it?’

Hena, still unsure, activated the skill.

“Home sweet home!”

When she called upon the skill, a door with a dim light appeared on top of the demolished stone fences. When she quickly turned to look behind the fence, she saw nothing.

Hena gulped and yanked on the doorknob. Nothing was beyond the doors.

‘How would it look?’

Hena had no idea what was going to happen in front of her eyes. She took a deep breath and moved to the other side of the door.

She noticed how foggy it was inside as soon as she walked through the door.

“You call this a house?”

When she said this, the system screen appeared.

<System: Hello and welcome to your ‘Home Sweet Home(D).’ The condition of the house is determined by the advancer’s skill set. It will take some time to process. ….(calibrating)….>

“What is causing this system to lag so badly?”

Hena bit her nails, irritably.

There was a familiar dungeon odor. It was a priceless memory that she did not want to recall.

Hena had no idea how many times she had circled in place. Waiting in a place where no one was around made a second feel like a minute, and each minute felt like an hour.

Hena’s patience had reached a breaking point at this point.

<System: Calibration has been completed!>

At the edge of her patience, the system sent out a completion memo, and Hena swallowed her dried out mouth.

‘What will appear?’

Hena’s heart began to race with excitement.

A fanfare erupted in front of her eyes at that precise moment.

[ Home Sweet Home Revealed! Congratulations! ]


The flashy effect surrounded Hena’s visual nerve cells. The font and colors were so flamboyant that it almost poked her eyes out.

“My eyes!”

Hena struggled on the floor, her eyes closed. It was a side effect of the eye-catching message.


Hena opened her sore eyes a moment later. Her blurry vision reflected something. It wasn’t the foggy landscape anymore.

Yes. Hena had entered.

‘Did a house really get made?’

Multiple system alerts appeared one by one before there was a chance to look around.

<System: The appropriate home is provided based on the rank of the advancer’s ‘Home Sweet Home’ skill. >

<System: The house’s condition and form can be upgraded based on the skill set. >
<System: We reveal the ‘Shabby standard one room’ Lv.1 to the rank-D skill caster.>

“A shabby standard one room…?”

After reading the alerts, Hena took a look around. She was standing in a small space, approximately 5 cubic meters in size.

The small sink was tucked away in a corner, and a door that resembled a bathroom door hung on one wall. There was only enough room for one person.

This was more than deserving for a person who had no other option but the gym of a nearby school.


“What kind of a disgusting place is this?”

Hena was horrified when she saw the state of the house.

The wallpaper was yellowed, and mold was growing in one corner.

There were spider webs here and there, and the floor was no different from the dirt ground outside, despite the fact that she had no idea how it happened. A cleaner floor would be one made of asphalt.

The system asked her a question about a contract with Hena, who was freaking out because of the state of the house.

<System: Would you like to rent out this single room? Y/N>

Hena ignored the notification and proceeded to the restroom. Hena was most concerned with the bathroom.

<System: Would you like to rent out this single room? Y/N>

The system acted as a realtor, attempting to sell a property.

The question reappeared throughout the room, as if to divert Hena’s attention away from the overall setting.

Well, this is half-forced, really.

“Do you think I will fall so easily for such a cheap trick?”

Hena opened the bathroom door and cuffed at the message.

The stench of pee pierced her nostrils as soon as she opened the door.

“Yuck, it smells!”

The bathroom smelled as if it hadn’t been cleaned in months. The grout between the tiles was pitch black, and the water stains throughout the bathroom resembled rust. The toilet and sink, which were supposed to be white, were yellow.

“You call this a house?”

Hena angrily pouted. She had never seen such a shambles before. This was a solid F-rated establishment.

“No, I’m not signing! Show me another house!”

Hena yelled at the ceiling. The system screen then appeared, accompanied by a beep.

<System: Would you like to rent out this single room? Y/>

The ‘No’ button that was supposed to appear after the ‘Yes’ button had vanished. It was unbelievable.

“Where’s the no? I want to say NO! NO! I don’t want to!”

She said ‘no’ several times, but the system kept giving her the same option.

<System: Would you like to rent out this single room? Y/>

“Show me something different!”

<System: Would you like to rent out this single room? Y/>


<System: Would you like to rent out this single room? Y/>

“Why is there only one option?”

<System: Would you like to rent out this single room? Y/>

Hena would have pulled out the system’s hair if it were a living soul.

However, this was not the case, leaving Hena with only one option.

“Fine, you scammer! Yes! Okay, I’ll sign!”

The system appeared to be satisfied with Hena’s angry ‘Yes.’

<System: Congratulations on the successful contract. We will return to you with a more satisfying service the next time.>

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