In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 6


Chapter 6: The Colosseum

At the southern end of Yantze’s North Road, on Zifu Street, which runs east to west,

The shops on both sides of the street emit a soft and warm light, as well as the intoxicating aroma of barbecue.

Wei Feng discovered a ramen shop and entered, shouting, “Boss, get me a bowl of ramen – no beef, more noodles!”

This restaurant’s business is thriving. There are approximately ten people dining, with only two empty tables and chairs remaining.

Wei Feng sat in the second row, near the door, at the second dining table. Three young people, one or two years his junior, are talking about beast fighting behind him.

“It irritates me so much! That ghostly wolf beast was almost victorious. Now I have to pay for my living expenses this month out of my own pocket.” The young man, with his back to Wei Feng, sat down at the table.

The young man opposite him, who was looking down at his phone, abruptly put down his chopsticks and exclaimed, “Look, the Blue Lion King has won! I doubled my profit!”

“Are you trying to pull my leg?”

“Isn’t the Black Scale King the Blue Lion King’s adversary? He was defeated!”

The two friends also took out their cellphones and examined them.

At the same time, the news was broadcast on the restaurant’s LCD TV, which was mounted on the wall.

“In an underground colosseum near the Yangtze’s Cross Street and South Road, an eighth-order blue lion triumphed.” This blue lion is thought to be the boss of the underground colosseum’s beast, as well as Yangtze’s first recorded eighth-order beast.”

“Wow! Of course, the Black Scale Kings was defeated. It turns out that the Blue Lion King had broken through to the eighth order.”

“This is fantastic!”

“Even if I only get to touch this eighth-order beast, I’d be content for the rest of my life.”

The three young people yelled excitedly.

“In your dreams!”

A middle-aged aunt kindly placed a bowl of beef noodles in front of Wei Feng and said, “You must be starving! Just eat it slowly; you can add more noodles if there aren’t enough.”

Wei Feng examined the large bowl of noodles in front of him. It was topped with beef and chopped green onion, and it had a lot of noodles on the bottom.

Despite Wei Feng’s request not to include beef, the boss didn’t seem to mind, and he still provided extra noodles.

There is also an option to add more noodles if he didn’t have enough.

Wei Feng began to eat it, picking up the chopsticks on the side.

He grabbed the bowl and drank all of the soup and noodles in less than three minutes.

It’s as if he’s never had a proper meal before.

Furthermore, Wei Feng did not eat well these last two days.

“Bill, could you please?”

He only had eight yuan left after paying for the noodles.

Wei Feng sat on the side of the road for a while after leaving the noodle restaurant, then got up and walked towards the Yangtze South Road.

He is now looking for a way to make money.

And just now, he learned from the three young people that the underground Colosseum of Cross Street can be used not only to make bets, but also to participate in beast fighting.

Wei Feng arrived at Cross Street half an hour later.

He discovered the location of the Colosseum after conducting some research.

There is now an eighth-order blue lion king in this Colosseum, which has piqued the interest of all Yangtze parties.

Many people flocked to witness the fighting style of the eighth-order royal beast.

He followed a group of people down the entrance to an abandoned underground parking lot, turned a corner, and arrived at the Colosseum’s entrance.

The entrance is separated from the center and divided into two passages, one on the left and one on the right. At the door, a layer of black cloth obscured the view.

A middle-aged man stands in front of the passages on the left and right sides. There was a long line in front of the middle-aged man on the right, and no one could enter the field until they had paid.

Only two people stood in front of the middle-aged man on the left. Wei Feng recognized that they needed to display their royal beast mark and summon the royal beast in order to gain entry.

The channel on the right is obviously the viewing channel, and you must pay to enter. The passage for participating in the beast fight is on the left, and you must verify the beast’s mark.

“Hey, boy, do you want to join the beast fight?” When Wei Feng hesitated, the man on the left shouted out.

When Wei Feng heard this, he took a step forward and asked, “Can a first-order royal beast even participate?”

“Yes! First, summon your royal beast and show it to me.” The middle-aged man stated unequivocally.

Wei Feng paused for a moment before drawing the summoning symbols, arranging them in a pattern, and summoned the Stone Man.

“You have a good beast!” the middle-aged man exclaimed when the Stone Man was summoned. “Although it is a first-order beast, it is still naturally powerful – you are welcome to participate.”

Having said that, the middle-aged man moved aside to allow Wei Feng to enter.

Wei Feng entered the Colosseum through the black cloth.

On the right, there is a partition with a step down in front of it. After going down, turn right, and the dazzling light appears out of nowhere.

He saw a massive Colosseum through the metal fence and clear glass. On the right is a row of ten ATM-like terminal machines.

He was standing in the highest position on the left, and the metal fence was a step-by-step descending staircase that was packed with people.

A tall blue lion stood on the field at the bottom, in the Colosseum. From afar, people felt a strong sense of respect for that tall body and the aura of being the king of animals.

Wei Feng couldn’t help but squint.

“That must be the blue lion king, who has just risen to the eighth order. I was surprised to see it here.”

The Colosseum had a very lively atmosphere.

Wei Feng noticed many spectators waving their ribbons in the air, but he couldn’t hear anything. Despite the fact that there was only one layer of transparent glass, the sound-muffling effect was excellent.

Wei Feng appeared dazed until he was patted twice on the right shoulder, at which point he regained consciousness.

A man in a white beret patted Wei Feng on the shoulder, and when the other party turned his head, he motioned for Wei Feng to follow.

As I entered a room after passing through a passage and closing the door, the clear music that was playing in the room abruptly came to a halt.

The man in the beret approached the only desk in the room, removed his hat, motioned Wei Feng to sit, and then said, “This is your first time at our Colosseum! Please, if you don’t mind, summon your royal beast and allow me to inspect it.”

Wei Feng rose to his feet, drew the summoning symbols, arranged them, and summoned the Stone Man once more.

Despite being a first-order summon, the two-meter-tall stone man stood tall.

The man sat up straight, his gaze shifting from the Stone Man to Wei Feng: “If I guessed correctly, you must be a freshman of the junior beastmaster academy!”


Wei Feng nodded but didn’t say anything.

The man’s eyes widened with surprise, and he leaned back in his chair, saying, “Do you know that a fight will last at least 30 minutes?” “Are you certain you can keep up with the summon?”

“No, I’m not sure.”

“But I can continue to summon for more than half an hour,” Wei Feng said, frowning.


The man sat up straight again, and a light flashed in his eyes as he tried to decipher Wei Feng’s intentions.

“All right, let’s see how you do later in the field.” The man spoke abruptly, but in a gentle tone.


Wei Feng nodded and looked at the man, only to notice that the other party was smiling at him.

“The rules of the first-order Colosseum are straightforward. It’s not over until one of the beasts is too exhausted to fight again. ” The man stood up, took a business card from the table, and placed it in Wei Feng’s hand.

“The first-order Colosseum’s income is relatively low. After a fight, the winning beastmaster receives three hundred yuan, while the loser receives only one hundred. ” The man opened the door and added to Wei Feng’s situation.

A young man in a tuxedo stood outside the door.

“Take him to the Beast Cage No. 9 for a fight,” the man said directly to the young man.

“All right, Director!”

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