In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 7


Chapter 7: Beast Cage No. 9 – My First Battle Against A Ghost Wolf!

Following behind the young man in the tuxedo, they arrived at an elevator door marked with the number nine. The two rode the elevator all the way down.

There are no other buttons inside the elevator, only a down arrow-labeled button.

That means it’s a one-way journey all the way to the bottom.

When the elevator door opened, he found himself in a long, narrow, dark passage.

“Would you please follow me?”

The young man in the tuxedo walked straight to the end of the passage.

Wei Feng followed, flipping the business card at his fingertips in his right hand – he glanced at it.

Gao Jian, Director of the Sixth Division, Xingwu Colosseum.

Wei Feng remained silent as he slipped the business card into his pocket and trailed the young man in the tuxedo.

Three minutes later, the two arrived at the end of the passage.

It is extremely bright outside; the walls of the Colosseum can be seen, as can beasts imprisoned in cages.

Instead of throwing Wei Feng into the battle, the young man in the tuxedo reached over and took two items from the cupboard beside him.

It consists of a black cap and a mask.

“Do you require these?” The young man in the tuxedo handed the items to Wei Feng and inquired.


Wei Feng accepted it without hesitation, putting on the cap and mask to conceal his identity.

The young man in the tuxedo smiled and turned to walk into the Colosseum.

Wei Feng was quick to follow.

Except for the high platform in the center – a fighting ring – the entire Colosseum was bright and vast. It was encased in icy-cold steel bars.

These steel cages are relatively small, measuring only twenty cubic meters in volume.

At the same time, these cages are labeled with numbers ranging from one to ten, making a total of ten cages. And Wei Feng will enter Beast Cage No. 9.

The young man in the tuxedo escorted Wei Feng to Beast Cage No. 9 and requested that he remain in the player lobby. He then walked away.

This so-called lobby area is surrounded on two sides by metal fences that separate the beast cages.

This area and the beast cage are separated by a two-meter gap. The beastmaster is not allowed to leave this area during the entire beast fight.

Five minutes later, another beast master appeared, this time wearing a black cap and a mask.

He greeted Wei Feng across the beast cage as he entered the preparation area, saying, “Brother, this is my first time participating in a beast fight, and I promise to be merciful!”


Wei Feng was taken aback; he hadn’t expected the guy on the other side to be so genuine and outgoing.

“This is also my first time participating in a beast fight; let’s keep an eye out for each other!” Wei Feng responded bluntly.

“Ah, so this is also your first time, brother? Then I won’t be concerned – don’t worry, I’ll let my beast fight lightly for a while. You don’t have to thank me.” That’s very thoughtful.

“Thank you.” Wei Feng said with a chuckle.

“Are you still a student, by the way? Which college are you attending? To be honest, I’m also a Junior Beasmaster Academy Student, from Class 3.” he explained.

Wei Feng was taken aback once more; he had not expected to run into a fellow classmate here. This guy, on the other hand, is completely carefree. He doesn’t appear to be here to participate in the beast fight, but rather to learn about beast fighting.

In reality, he’s only here to train his beast and make some extra money.

“Zhang You is my name. What’s your name?”

Wei Feng: “…”

Wei Feng did not respond. His anonymity would be jeopardized if he revealed his name.


A gunshot rang out.

The beast fight has begun!

All of the beast cages started fighting.

The moon-white pentagram glowed, and the beastmasters summoned their own beasts.

A wave of applause erupted from the audience stand all the way around the Colosseum.

“Yeah! It’s finally begun!”

Zhang You were taken aback, took a step back, and began summoning his royal beast.

Wei Feng has already begun to draw the summoning symbol.

Arrange them so that the beast is directly summoned to the beast cage in front of you.

A dark wolf with shiny black hair appeared inside the cage at the same time as the Stone Man.

Zhang You’s royal beast is a ghost wolf of the first rank!

“Wow! Is it true that your royal beast is a Stone Man?” Zhang You made a surprised sound.

Wei Feng did not respond.

This guy is way too loud.


Zhang You’s ghost wolf howled inside the cage and immediately stalked around the cage’s edge.

The Stone Man, on the other hand, kept turning his body, following the ghost wolf’s stalking and keeping his front facing the ghost wolf.

The Stone Man, on the other hand, is not as agile as the wolf; when the ghost wolf beast began to run, he couldn’t keep up.

“Attack its neck, Gray!” Zhang You shouted.

Wei Feng: “!?”

This guy is not kind at all!

“Crouch and defend!” Wei Feng issued a quick command.

The Stone Man immediately squatted, and the wolf flew over his head, missing the attack.

“Attack it once more!” Zhang You’s voice could be heard once more.

“Attack it again!” Zhang You’s voice sounded again.

The ghost wolf landed and turned around to attack once more.

Wei Feng remained silent. He used his mental strength to recognize the opponent’s beast.

Detecting other people’s beasts with mental strength allows you to detect both the beastmaster and the beast’s stats.

Other beastmasters can see this information. You cannot conceal this information as long as the other party’s mental strength exceeds yours.

[Royal Beast]

Royal Beast: Ghost Wolf

Level: Level 1 (Intermediate)

Attribute: None

Strength: 30

Agility: 51

Spirit Power: 45

Core Ability: [Quick Hunt] – Increase your agility by 10% for a short period of time.

Type: Evolvable.


The ghost wolf slammed into the Stone Man with a muffled sound, but then rolled away.

The Stone Man’s strength is far greater than the ghost wolf’s, and the ghost wolf cannot harm him.

However, the Stone Man has its own flaws: it is not as agile as the wolf.

If Zhang You is stupid enough to keep ordering his wolf to attack the Stone Man, he shouldn’t be scared. He is just worried.

“Keep your distance, Gray! Look for opportunities to attack from its side, but don’t be too hard on it!” Wei Feng frowned as he heard Zhang You’s voice.

It’s only a matter of time before he realizes what’s going on.

Because Wei Feng can see Zhang You’s beast information, it means his mental strength isn’t as strong as Wei Feng’s – which also means he won’t be able to keep the summon for long.

The rules in this beast-fighting cage are straightforward. The last beast standing is victorious.


The ghost wolf swiped its claws against the stone man’s side, leaving three deep claw marks on his forearm.

After striking the Stone Man, the ghost wolf immediately retreated; the Stone Man attempted to retaliate but failed.


The ghost wolf was extremely fast, and it slashed another claw slash to his right side, leaving a few deep claw marks on the stone man.

Following a blow, the ghost wolf retreated and then attacked again.

The Stone Man’s retaliation continues to miss the target.

More than a dozen scratches appeared on the Stone Man’s body in about 20 minutes.

Wei Feng couldn’t help but frown.

I have to put an end to this.

Wei Feng noticed energy flowing out of the Stone Man’s body through the claw marks as well.

“Dodge to the left!”

Wei Feng abruptly yelled.

The Stone Man rolled to the left right away.

Its massive body hugged into a ball, resembling a massive rolling stone, and began to roll.

The move was too abrupt, and the ghost wolf was unable to react.


The wolf almost pounced on the Stone Man, but was run over twice by the Stone Man – then the Stone Man uncurled and sat on the wolf.


The ghost wolf roared, clawing at the Stone Man, and opened its mouth wide to bite the Stone Man’s calf.

The Stone Man raised his hand and began punching the wolf’s head repeatedly.


The wolf collapsed.

Zhang You’s eyes widened, and he frantically jumped up and down.

“Stop! Stop! I accept defeat! I accept defeat!” Zhang You yelled and dashed to the fence, clutching the metal bars and pleading.

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