The Homemaker of the Dungeon Chapter 5


Chapter 5

Was it a simple misunderstanding, or was the system speaking condescendingly?

“…at the very least, having a home is preferable to not having one.”

Hena shifted her gaze back and forth between the clean air of the house and the filthy interiors.

The mess could be cleaned up, but what was more important was that she now had a place to live.

“At least the toilet flushes properly.”

When she checked the water pressure as a test, it was sufficient. At the very least, this place met one of the most important criteria when looking for an apartment.

It was the moment she squatted after taking a look around. A different notification, not a system alert, flashed in front of her.

[Congratulations on realizing your dream of owning a home!]

‘Is it making fun of me?’

Hena turned off the message, which made her feel uneasy.

<It is the responsibility of the homemaker to keep the home warm and clean.>

“How am I supposed to clean up a place like this? I’m not a professional maid!”

When she made these statements, the system immediately responded:

[This is the homemaker’s responsibility.]

“Duty, my ass…”

[homeowner’s skills are unsatisfactory. Requires extensive training.]

“So you’re saying you gave me this filthy place because I’m a rank-D?”

Hena yelled in response to the criticism she received.

It was bad enough that her rank was so low, but getting an even worse home to go with it made her blood pressure rise.

“What is your name? I don’t believe you’re the system; come out here and explain!”

Hena resisted, as if she were a Karen, who would request the manager.

Even with this, she doubted that anyone would come out, but she couldn’t keep her rage inside.

Hena was extremely tired. It was impossible to count how many times she was thrown into heaven of hope and hell of despair. Hena was not a piece of metal that would grow stronger as a result of this hot/cold switch. The emotional mood swings caused by her tossing and turning only made her head hurt.

“Huh? If you’ve given me such a shithouse, you should at least compensate me!”

Something appeared in mid-air as a result of this remark.

It was a fairly large shape. Hena responded instinctively with slapping motions.

“Eww! A bug!”

<System: Active Skill, ‘Pest Control(D)’ skill auto-activation!>

Something slapped her hands and bounced off the wall, creating a buzzing sound in the air. It was mushy, like jelly.


The ‘thing’ that slammed into the wall was thrown to the ground.

Hena examined the object more closely. When she examined it closely, she discovered that it was not a bug, as she had assumed.

While lying on the ground, the thing the size of a tennis ball struggled to speak.

“Wasn’t it this thing that was replying the whole time?”

Hena quickly dropped her guard and approached the thing.

When she got closer, she noticed that the ‘thing’ was in the shape of a snail. Although it was the size of a fist, it wasn’t as disgusting as a real snail.

The creature had a cute gray shell and a peachy body that was chubby like a jellyfish.

[A violent….reaction…rebellion…]

The snail struggled with the aftereffects of being slapped and continued to say words that were difficult to understand.

The remark about a rebellion coming from such a cute and small body made Hena feel a little sorry for herself. She remained motionless until the snail regained consciousness.

[…Completed homeowner personality analysis! Short-tempered! Violent!]

As soon as it awoke, the snail reacted angrily to Hena’s violent behavior.

Hena expressed her regret to the snail.

“I’m sorry if it hurt, but I was taken aback by the sudden appearance of a bug-like object…”

Aside from the state of the house, Hena would never treat a living being without basic care. Even if it was a snail…

The snail moved its antenna-like tentacles around when Hena apologized. It was a deliberate movement that appeared to be a rebellion.

[Use of force, acting without thinking; a villainous character!]

“It can happen when you catch someone off guard. “Don’t you think you’re going a little too far? “

[Guilty criminal not showing sign of contempt.]

It was a very chatty snail.

Hena lowered her body to get a better look at the snail. It was difficult to tell which part of its body was its eyes, but she made eye contact with the part that appeared to be the eyes.

“Was it you who congratulated me earlier on becoming a home owner and the duty nonsense?”
The snail’s antennas curved and then made a motion. It appeared to be a yes sign.

“So, who are you?” You are not the system, and you appeared out of nowhere…. I’ve never heard of anything like this.”

[Derp. I snail. Very special.]

The snail’s antennas hardened and stood firm.

Despite the fact that it was all there was, this small snail exuded an incalculable amount of arrogance.

[I snail, ‘Home Sweet Home’ Skill’s property manager.]


Hena had a lot to do as a victim of the dungeon gate incident.

The first item on the agenda was restoring sanitary conditions. She went to the public bath and changed into a new outfit she had purchased. She was only able to think about her next goal after she had completed this task.

Fortunately, she had money. A credit card she stuck in her pockets because she was lazy to store in her wallet played a big part.

“Go to the community center, get a temporary ID, and set up a phone line…”

Hena folded her fingers and counted the items on her to-do list. She was even relieved that she had lost her job due to the amount of work she had.

“…as well as basic supplies, cleaning supplies, and clothing.”

There was definitely a lot to do. She didn’t have time to waste. She rose from the bench and made her way to the community center.

It didn’t take long for her to get her temporary ID because her name was on the list of victims.

When it came to handling the affairs of the dungeon gate victims, the government had become as quick as light, having over 10 years of experience.

As an example, the officials in charge of the dungeon gate incident worked a lot of overnight shifts.

Anyway, Hena dialed a phone number using her temporary ID. A phone was a basic requirement for living as a Korean citizen. She was powerless without it.

The phone was also necessary for her to communicate with her brother and to look for a new job.

‘For the time being, I have emergency savings, but I cannot be jobless indefinitely.’

Hena texted her brother to let him know she was fine and to call her when he got out of the car. Regular phones do not work inside the gate, so it would take some time for her brother to respond. She still had a message to leave.


Hena sighed deeply after texting her brother. Her heart was heavy with the thought of having to look for a new job.

Despite the fact that the world was in shambles, there were still plenty of college graduates looking for work.

Hena, who went straight to work after high school, was always behind her peers in terms of career because of her salary and educational background.

“I’ve heard that with the current state of the economy, it’s difficult for people with experience to find work again…

I should still be able to find work.”

Hena shook her head to let go of her anxieties.

“It’s not good to be so down! Let me first consider what I need to do, Hena Lee!”

She was in a better state now than when she and her brother were left all alone after losing their parents from the first appearance of the gate.

The world had calmed down a little more, and there was a system in place to assist gate victims.

‘At the very least, I’ve also became an advancer.’

Despite the fact that the class was this strange one called “Homemaker,” she was able to save her life and get a free house from it.

It was a stroke of luck, to put it mildly.

Thinking about her abilities made her think of the gray-shell snail that must be waiting for her to return home.

The snail was adamant about cleaning up after himself.

“I’ve already made a bad first impression; it must despise me even more if I’m late!”

While thinking about the smooshy body, Hena told herself.

She’ll get close enough to the snail one day to bounce its head…


“Ahhh, so heavy!”

Hena entered the house, her arms laden with her purchases.

[Actions. Slow. Lacks the requirements of a homemaker!]

As soon as she stepped inside the house, the snail began nagging.

With five years of work experience, Hena was unfazed by this type of nagging.

“Phew, I’m glad I can summon the house’s entrance from anywhere; my arms almost broke off! Because this house is such a shambles, it cost more than $200 just to buy cleaning supplies!”

The snail’s antenna began to move as a result of Heena’s deliberate remark.

[Houseowner. Lacks in money-smart skills. Must compare prices among different stores.]

It’s difficult to imagine a snail who arrived as a property manager knowing anything about grocery price comparisons.

Hena refused to give it to the snail.

“I had a lot on my plate today. Going to multiple stores to compare prices is a waste of time. It’s better to go to one store and buy the cheapest items. Have you ever heard the expression “time is money?””

Hena began unpacking the items she had grabbed while complaining about how hectic her day had been.

She divided her cleaning supplies into three categories: bathroom cleaning supplies, house cleaning supplies, and basic supplies.

Her habit was to organize her belongings immediately after shopping.

The snail nodded as he observed her quick organizing movements.

[…critical thinking. Accepted.]

“See? At the very least, you are a snail who understands how to accept what is true.”
Hena grinned.

Hena would have been sad about the unknown future if she had been alone, but the cute snail that could serve as a conversation partner made Hena feel a little more cheerful.

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