In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 8


Chapter 8: An Accident!

It turns out that you can’t unsummon the beasts when they’re fighting.

The Stone Man was pounding on the wolf, and Zhang You could only beg Wei Feng to stop.

Wei Feng saw two men in black suits walking behind Zhang You.They made a quick exit and went straight to Zhang You.

Wei Feng realized Zhang You was in big trouble now.

The young man in the tuxedo had informed him that the beastmaster is not permitted to leave their designated area, or they will be punished.

Wei Feng quickly unsummoned the Stone Man after noticing this.

He’d already won this fight.

Wei Feng summoned the Stone Man once more, this time taking an earth attribute stone from his jacket pocket and feeding it to the Stone Man.

“You did great!”

The Stone Man chewed and swallowed the hard earth-type stone, which was like crisp candy to him.

Wei Feng could see that the scratches on the Stone Man’s forearm were gradually healing.

“Ah! Please let me go!”

“What are you doing? Where are you taking me?!”

On the other side, Zhang You was dragged into the dark passage by two men in suits.

Wei Feng frowned.

This Colosseum has a dark side to it.

If you follow the rules here correctly, nothing bad will happen to you; otherwise, things will not go well for you.

“Congratulations! You won a game.”

A young man in a tuxedo approached, opened the fence, and said, “Come with me!” to Wei Feng.

After unsummoning the Stone Man, Wei Feng followed the young man in the tuxedo back to the passage he came from.

As he approached the passage, the cheers from the viewing platform became softer. Wei Feng removed his peaked cap and placed it next to him in the cupboard, while the mask was rolled into a ball and stuffed into his pocket.

“Congratulations!” said the young man in the tuxedo to Wei Feng. “My name is Wang Xin, and you have passed the test and are now eligible to join the Xingwu Colosseum. Shall we get you a membership card?”

“Oh, thank you.”

Wei Feng thanked him and asked no further questions.

As Wei Feng followed Wang Xin on the elevator, he couldn’t help but ask Wang Xin, “What will happen to the guy who played against me?”

Wei Feng received a stern look from Wang Xin. “Because he’s just a student, he’ll be beaten up and let off as a reminder.”

Wei Feng frowned. Just getting thrashed?

He expected far more serious consequences.

After exiting the elevator, he followed Wang Xin through a long corridor. Wei Feng applied for a membership card under his real name in a room on the right at the end.

Xingwu Colosseum membership card, cardholder: Wei Feng.

Wang Xin then led Wei Feng back to the exit, where he taught Wei Feng how to operate a row of terminal machines similar to ATMs.

There are several advantages to becoming a full member of Xingwu Colosseum.

Wei Feng only needs to insert the membership card into the terminal the next time he comes for beast fighting, and an opponent will be automatically matched. Wei Feng only needs to arrive on time at the Arena.

The rewards earned from each fight are also directly transferred to the membership card, which can be withdrawn from the terminal.

Wei Feng inserted his membership card and extracted the 300 yuan he had just won.

Wei Feng glanced at Wang Xin while holding the three hundred yuan, but he couldn’t bring himself to thank Wang Xin.

Wang Xin, on the other hand, was unconcerned.

Even if he gave the 300 yuan to other players, they might not like him.

Wei Feng was still in a trance as he exited the Xingwu Colosseum.

He didn’t expect to make any money.

He doesn’t have to be concerned about his short-term expenses because he has this money.

However, he got lucky.

After all, his opponent was a complete moron.

I might not be so lucky the next time.

If you want to continue earning money from beast fighting, you must train your beasts more!

Wei Feng walked down the dimly lit street, pondering how to quickly train his Stone Man while chomping on the meat skewers he bought from the stalls near the Colosseum.

It was 11:20 p.m., and the road was deserted.

A figure rushed out at high speed as Wei Feng passed through an intersection.

The figure appeared to be being pursued and kept looking behind him, completely unaware of Wei Feng.

Wei Feng couldn’t avoid him because he was too fast.

Line 55: “Crash!”

Wei Feng flew backwards as a result of the collision.

It’s like being hit by a high-speed truck.

It was excruciatingly painful; he may have broken a few bones.

And the pain was seeping into his bone marrow, as if his left chest was being stabbed.

The person who struck Wei Feng also collapsed. He stood up and looked over at Wei Feng, who had already rolled onto the floor. The individual quickly stood up and ran away.

It was about 25 meters from the intersection to where Wei Feng fell. How could he have been hit so hard?!

It’s difficult to believe that two people collided and one was knocked out more than 20 meters away. What exactly is going on?

Wei Feng was as pale as a piece of white paper as he lay on his side.

The pain in his left chest was far worse than the pain in the rest of his body. His consciousness, on the other hand, is as clear as day, and he felt every stinging pain on his left chest.

“You two go look over there, the others, follow me!”

A low voice was heard at the intersection, followed by a flurry of footsteps.

As those footsteps faded away, the surroundings fell silent.

Wei Feng felt that his right hand had finally regained some sense after an unknown amount of time.

He slowly stretched out his palm and gently touched his left chest.

The results were a little unexpected.

No blood?

However, the severe pain in his left chest indicates otherwise.

What is going on?

Wei Feng was full of doubts.

But he knew he couldn’t stay and lie on the road.

The right hand trembled as it drew the summoning symbols and then arranged them, and the moon-white pentagram array lit up, summoning the Stone Man.

“Please take me home!”

When Wei Feng spoke, his voice was heavy, as if bellows were being torn apart.

The Stone Man also noticed that Wei Feng was in excruciating pain, so he quickly lowered himself, picked Wei Feng up, and began to run.

“Dong dong!”

“Dong Dong Dong!”

When the Stone Man ran, the soles of his feet made a loud but dull sound, similar to a heartbeat.

Wei Feng tried to stay awake by showing the Stone Man the way home.

The pain began to consume Wei Feng, and he began to lose consciousness.

Time feels like it’s stopping.

As the Stone Man carried him home, the world came to a halt and faded to black.


[NOTICE: The fusion has been successful! is successful! The Class-S Forbidden Item [Absolute Zero] has been obtained.]

[NOTICE: [Power of Control] has been upgraded to intermediate level. ]

[NOTICE: After acquiring the enhancement condition, [Absolute Zero] will activate and upgrade [Stone Man].]

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