In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 9


Chapter 9: Ice Giant

Wei Feng was trapped in a cold, dark, and never-ending abyss.

And Wei Feng stood in the midst of this abyss.


Wei Feng felt his hands and feet were a little cold when he awoke from his sleep.

It was as if he had never awoken from his sleep.

Furthermore, Wei Feng remembered standing in the center of the abyss and seeing a pair of dark blue eyes staring back at him.


Wei Feng sat up from the bed with a sigh.

His body began to warm up after fifty push-ups and a hundred sit-ups.

This is strange, he thought. My hands and feet were cold, but it was midsummer. They should be scorching!

Wei Feng breathed a sigh of relief as he reached inside his pocket and found the 300 yuan was still there.

He began to recall what happened the night before after drinking a glass of water.

This all happened because I was hit by that mysterious guy… he reasoned.

Wei Feng inadvertently touched his left chest, which was ice-cold.

Wei Feng couldn’t help but move his collar and look at his chest, stunned!

A blue snowflake pattern is imprinted on his left chest.

It can’t be a tattoo; he must have gotten it from the figure the night before!

He felt a sharp object pierce his chest last night after the man bumped into him – there was no blood coming out after inspection, which explains everything.

The person who collided with him and left a snowflake imprint is not a normal person.

“It appears that it improved my physical ability as well…” he thought to himself.

He’s felt it since the start of his morning workout.

It was as if he had been given a new body – when the figure crashed into him last night, he appeared to have multiple fractures; now, his body is completely healed.

Wei Feng couldn’t help but think about the attribute panel.

[Properties Panel]

Host: Wei Feng [The Strongest Beast-Master System]

Age: 16

Rank: Junior Beastmaster

Strength: 11+ (11.5)

Agility: 15+ (4.5)

Spirit Power: 45+ (8)

[Power of Control]: Intermediate Level – [You gain 10% of your beast’s attributes.]

Forbidden Items: [Absolute Zero (Class-S)], [Ruined Symbols (Class-C)].

Core Abilities: [Hardened Skin] – Derived from [Stone Man], you can withstand any blunt weapon attack with a strength of less than 115.

Royal Beast: [Second-Order Ice Giant]



Wei Feng was perplexed as he examined the newly added information on his attribute panel.

This change is too drastic!

What the hell is [Absolute Zero]?!

Could it be that it was something that entered his body last night?

Turns out, it’s a Forbidden Item!

Wei Feng couldn’t help but lift his collar to inspect the situation.

His mind contains the [Ruined Symbols], which is a Class-C Forbidden Item, but this [Absolute Zero], which is Class-S, is imprinted on his left chest!

Is it time to kill myself?

He noticed that his Stone Man had also been upgraded.

“A second-order Ice Giant?”

Wei Feng suddenly noticed his beast’s information at the bottom of the attribute panel.

The stone man has ascended to the second order!

Wei Feng began drawing the summoning symbols right away, and the combinations were arranged all at once. The Stone Man’s aura was cold, and his stone skin had crystallised completely.

An ice giant!

Wei Feng’s eyes instantly widened.

When he passed out last night, he must have missed a lot of things.

The changes are too drastic!

His ice giant’s height hasn’t changed; it’s still around two meters tall.

However, that body of rock has completely transformed into blue ice crystals, and his body is clearly smoother, more powerful, and more beautiful.

Wei Feng investigated the ice giant’s characteristics.

[Royal Beast Panel]

Royal Beast: Ice Giant

Level: 2 (Advanced)

Attribute: Ice.

Strength: 115

Agility: 45

Spirit Power: 80

Core Abilities: [Ice Body] – Completely immune to any attack with a strength of less than 115.

Type: Steady levelling.


Wei Feng felt unable to process so much information.

His Stone Man not only advanced to the second order, but also to the advanced level.

To distinguish the strength of different royal beasts of the same order, the royal beasts are divided into three levels within each order – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

In other words, among second-order beasts, the ice giant is already a god.

Wei Feng was overjoyed.

This means his Ice Giant is extremely powerful.

Wei Feng became aware of that core ability. It is completely immune to any attack with a strength of less than 115.

This distinguishes the Ice Giant from the Stone Man, who had weak points on its body. The Ice Giant is completely unaffected.

This is terrifying.

115 power… Even among second-order beasts, it is uncommon.

The ice giant is nearly invincible among second-order imperial beasts with this core ability!

“Knock knock!”

“Wei Feng! Wei Feng!” exclaimed Liu Shuan outside his door. “It’s time to go to school!”

Wei Feng looked at the moving clock on the wall, which read 7:10 a.m.

He quickly unsummoned his Ice Giant, slung his backpack, opened the door, and walked out.

Outside the door, Liu Shuan’s eyes were half-open, as if he had just awoken.

Wei Feng inquired casually, “What’s the problem? Were you up all night playing video games last night?”

The two entered the elevator, and Liu Shuan leaned directly on the handrail and said, “What exactly do you mean? I’ve already stopped playing video games because I stayed up all night watching the news!”

“The news?”

Wei Feng looked at Liu Shuan and said, “They cut off the electricity at my house last night, what’s the news?”

“My god, again?” Liu Shuan frowned, then replied, “Last night, the newly formed Restricted Area closest to our apartment mysteriously vanished!”

Wei Feng: “!”

The Restricted Area has vanished!

“It’s really exciting! The Federation classified that same Restricted Area as Class-S, and it simply vanished after its first expansion!” Liu Shuan exclaimed.

Wei Feng pondered quietly.

There is only one way to make Restricted Areas disappear.

That is, the Forbidden Items in these Restricted Areas must be removed.

And then, last night, this new Class-S Restricted Area vanished, and a Class-S Forbidden Item became embedded in his body.

This is not a coincidence; it can be inferred directly. In my opinion, the [Absolute Zero], Class-S Forbidden Item is the Forbidden Item found in the now-disappeared Restricted Area!

“I really want to know who managed to obtain that Forbidden Item… it must be so cool!”

The item he is currently describing is now stuck in Wei Feng’s left chest, unbeknownst to Liu Shuan.

They returned to the bakery and bought two buns, nibbling on them as they walked towards the academy.

“My god, look!”

“Isn’t that Zhang You from Class 3?” exclaimed Liu Shuan, pointing to a student in a wheelchair. “What happened of him?”

Wei Feng: “…”

Wang Xin said that Zhang You would not be severely punished, but would only be beaten to make him remember the consequences.

He hadn’t expected Zhang You to be beaten up so badly.

He’s clearly paralyzed now!

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