The Homemaker of the Dungeon Chapter 6


Chapter 6

“First, I should take care of the floor.”

Hena took a broom and a dustbin in each hand.

She had her shoes on and was now inside the house. As a Korean, this was an unacceptable gesture, but it felt natural in this situation.

Because the house’s floor was as filthy as the dirt ground outside.

“I need to clean up the dirt on the floor before wiping it down.”

She put her hair up in a ponytail and put on a mask to start cleaning properly. She felt that the mask was necessary to keep the dust from filling her lungs. In addition to dust, the house stank of mold and pee from the bathroom.


Hena paused just before putting on her rubber gloves.

[Act. Act. Act quickly.]

At that moment, the snail couldn’t sit still and kept rushing her.

Hena motioned with her hands for him to wait.

“Wait a second. Allow me to take a before picture before we begin. This will serve as evidence of how filthy the place was to begin with.”

Furthermore, even after cleaning, this level of dirtiness would not show much difference.

At the very least, if she records the beginning, she will gain a sense of gratitude from the visible difference after cleaning.

Click! Click! Click!

Hena went around the house photographing all of the dirty spots.

The place was truly despicable, based on her inspection. She felt sick after taking pictures of the bathroom.

‘I can’t believe this is the first photograph on my camera roll…’

[Slow to act. Act quickly! Must act now!]

Of course, the snail followed Hena around and yelled ‘act quickly!’ the entire time she was taking pictures.

Hena’s persistence stats were 20, but the snail’s had to be 100.

“Okay, okay. I will really start now.”

Hena knelt and attempted to stroke the squishy snail’s head.

However, before Hena could react, the snail shriveled back into its shell.


The snail was quick to take a hint.

She wore the gloves, putting her mild disappointment behind her. As she began to clean, the snail’s antennas made siren-like motions.

“Why? “I’m doing exactly what you told me to do.”

The snail responded with a message in a very large font.

[Lacks basic attire.]

“Basic attire?”

[The basic attire of an Homemaker. Head scarf, apron and additional options. Mask. Gloves.]

Hena laughed as she heard the snail’s request. She thought it was amusing that she needed so many cleaning supplies.

Nonetheless, she followed the snail’s instructions. After all, he was the ‘manager of the housing operation.’ Following his orders had no negative consequences.

“All right, fine. I’ll wear the apron because I bought one anyway. And as for the head scarf…hmm, I’ll use a kitchen cloth.”

Hena rummaged through her belongings until she came across the apron and kitchen cloth.

The snail appeared to be pleased after Hena put on the apron and wrapped the cloth around her brow.

[Greatly satisfied.]

Hena was about to ask, “Are we good now?” after hearing the snail’s compliment.

<System: By wearing the proper attire, all skills’ efficiency increases by 150 percent.>

A new notification was sent by the system. Hena’s eyes widened.

“Just wearing things like this increases efficiency?”

As if in response to her statement, the system sent out a new notification.

<System: As the rank of the ‘Homemaker’ rises, so do the benefits that come with equipment wear.>

“What? My rank can increase?”

<System: Depending on the skill’s proficiency, moving up the rank is possible.>

This was new to me. This meant that if Hena worked hard enough, she could advance from rank D to rank C, B, A, or even S.

‘Of course, if it were that simple, everyone would be ranked S.’

When she heard the good news, our realistic Hena thought it was similar to the go-to statements that schools use to teach students that becoming number one is simply a matter of reviewing and preparing.

If moving up was easy in the first place, her brother wouldn’t have been stuck as a rank D for the past ten years.

“Well then, shall we really begin?”

Hena cheered herself up by applauding. The system sent another notification while I was gripping the broom and dustbin in preparation for battle.

<System: Passive skill, ‘detailed touch(D)’ is auto-activated.>

<The efficiency of ‘detailed touch(D)’ increases by 150 percent due to perfect wear of equipment.>

‘What exactly is a ‘detailed touch?’

The description window appeared while she was debating the meaning of this skill.

<‘Detailed touch(D)’: Satisfies everyone by paying close attention to detail. Passive ability.>

The description, as usual, was useless.

Hena began to wonder if the other advancers had received the same level of description.

“Okay. Anyways…shall we test out the effect of this odd skill?”

Hena put her thoughts aside and got to work cleaning.

“Ah, I’m so tired.”

Hena wiped the dangling sweat drops from her brow.

When she looked at the clock, it was 3 hours after she had begun.

Her three core stats, strength, muscle mass, and reaction time, must have been depleted as she began to feel her muscles ache.

She was hungry as a result of her hard work.

The system sent an advancement message at this time.

<System: ‘Detailed touch(D)’ proficiency is increasing! (current proficiency 12/1000)>

Hena curled her lips.

‘Should I be pleased that I increased it by 12, or should I be disappointed that it only increased by 12 points?’

Using minutes as a unit of measurement, this meant that 10 minutes of cleaning her ass would increase her proficiency by one point.

That meant she needed 10,000 minutes to earn all 1000 points for proficiency, which equated to about 167 hours, or about 7 days straight.

To clean for more than five days without eating, resting, or sleeping appeared to be an extreme condition to overcome, but it also appeared to be very doable.

“To increase a rank in only 167 hours, isn’t that doable?”

If she cleaned 8 hours a day, it would take her about 20 days to move up in rank in less than a month.

Of course, being a skilled homemaker with the stamina to clean for 8 hours a day would be a prerequisite.

[End of break. Resume cleaning!]

The snail climbed onto Hena’s shoulders and rushed her while she was thinking.

[There is a mountain of things to do, Miss.]

Hena was about to begin work as a robot, but her limbs were twitchy. She had been so focused in the previous few hours that she had no energy left in her arms or legs.

This was an expected outcome as a 30th percentile in terms of strength.

“Hey snail, can we take a little break? I’m so tired and hungry.”

[hiya! Hiya!]

“Did you just hit me?”



Hena brushed aside the stern snail and took off her gloves. She couldn’t take her hunger any longer.

“I still must eat something no matter what. I can’t put strength into anything.”

She took the kimbap rolls she had purchased for dinner from the black plastic bag. The roll she bought from Kimbap World appeared to be very chubby and tasty.

Her mouth watered like a waterfall when she caught a whiff of the sesame seed oil. Despite the fact that she had only eaten lunch, she felt as if she had been fasting for days.


Hena ate three rolls on the spot. She had purchased more than enough, accounting for tomorrow’s meals!

Normally, one roll would suffice to satisfy her, but three rolls!

Hena was blown away by her stomach’s performance. Even after eating all of that, her stomach remained flat and she felt light.

“Perhaps because the work is so difficult? I ate so much…”

The status update appeared as she mumbled under her breath.

<System: The strength(8) that was completely depleted has been fully recovered by eating!>

Hena then realized what was causing her tiredness and hunger. It was the result of three hours of exerting all of her strength.

‘I sure did last a long time for the little strength I have.’

It was no surprise that three hours of such strenuous labor would exhaust her.

“Can I still recover with just food?”

It was fascinating that she was able to recover with only food and little rest. The system responded to her question.

<The power of rice(D): The power of rice provides strength. Rice-containing foods can help you regain energy that has been depleted. Passive skill. (Current proficiency23/1000)>

That’s correct. Eating was a skill required for this job rank. Hena burst out laughing, speechless.

“What the hell happened?”

This was a very useful skill for Hena, who lacked strength significantly more than others. But what a skill…to recover from rice…

‘I mean, Koreans are obsessed with rice, but still…’

Hena couldn’t stop giggling as she cleaned up the meal packaging trash.

[Restart! Restart!]

As soon as the he noticed Hena had recovered, the snail began to rush her.

“Wow, you’re very serious about housekeeping, aren’t you? Okay, now that I’ve regained my strength, I’ll resume cleaning.”

Hena shook her shoulders to the beat of the music and resumed cleaning, as she was a well-behaved cleaner who followed the instructions.
The snail was able to maintain its balance on her moving shoulders.

[House Maintenance (music note)]

The snail must have been pleased that the house was becoming cleaner because he included a music note in this message.

Hena began to speak as she scrubbed the floors, which had finally revealed their true skin after three hours of cleaning.

“By the way, snail, I’d like to ask you a question.”

[Current status: Can provide a quality response.]

“Now, I’m cleaning because I have to live in a house, but what’s the benefit of advancing in general skill levels as well as the overall rank in ‘Homemaker’? Does the title imply that I will become better at cleaning? It seems pretty useless to me…”


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