In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 10


Chapter 10: New Classmates & The Dark Knight

Wei Feng felt nothing for Zhang You.

You chose to visit the Colosseum and to defy the rules. You get exactly what you deserve.

Liu Shuan appeared to recognize Zhang You and ran over to check on him.

The three of them enrolled in the academy together. Zhang You couldn’t recognize Wei Feng because he didn’t say anything.

They were almost late for class because Liu Shuan went to buy food for his royal beast again.

The entire class had already arrived – the teacher stood on the podium, and a girl with a ponytail was standing beside him.

She looks beautiful and sweet!

“Everyone, welcome our new student!” the teacher said as the two rushed to their seats. “Please introduce yourself.”

“Hello, everyone,” the girl smiled and said clearly. “My name is Zhang Xiyao, and I am sixteen years old. My royal beast is a First-order Dark Knight.”

“Please greet her with a round of applause!” exclaimed the teacher after she introduced herself.

Everyone began clapping.

They applauded and clapped to welcome her, particularly the male students.

Among those male students was Liu Shuan, who whispered to Wei Feng, “She is so lovely! I think I’m in love with her.”

Wei Feng was speechless as he looked into Liu Shuan’s eyes.

Love at first sight?

Do people ever look in the mirror?

Wei Feng shook his head. Every male classmate had already lost their minds because the new girl is a little more beautiful and has a slightly better figure.

“Xiyao, go find a place to sit.” The teacher gave the order,

Everyone’s attention was drawn to Zhang Xiyao.

There are currently only five empty seats.

There is an empty seat next to Zhao Ming, an empty seat in the second and third rows, and an empty seat to Wei Feng’s right.

Wei Feng noticed Lu Yu, who was sitting in the third row, wiping the table and chair next to him with a damp towel.

Zhang Xiyao noticed but only smiled. She walked straight to the last row and sat next to Wei Feng.

“Please look out for me, deskmate!” she smiled politely at Wei Feng.

Wei Feng was a little flustered.

He was just making fun of his other classmates’ shallowness, and now he’s starting to feel charmed by the girl.

I’m speechless and shy. He thought to himself.

When his left sleeve was tugged, Wei Feng was still thinking of a response.

“Wei Feng, can we switch seats?” Liu Shuan asked. “If we do, you won’t owe me nearly as much money!”

Wei Feng immediately declined when he heard that.

He’s always been the type of person who repays debts in full for his own sake; he didn’t want to owe anyone anything.

Liu Shuan was taken aback and wanted to respond,but class was about to begin.

Students from each class lined up in an orderly fashion on their respective play fields.

Wei Feng stood at the edge of the playing field, as he always did, but Zhang Xiyao had unexpectedly followed him and stood by him.

She appears to believe that the layout of the play field is the same as their seating arrangement in class.

This made Liu Shuan very happy, and his wide grin could be seen from both ears.

To be honest, even though Zhang Xiyao is very attractive, it was her sweet and kind aura that drew the male classmates in.

This type of behavior is unheard of in rural girls, such as the majority of the girls in the class. She’s like a prince’s or a general’s daughter.

She has her own ideas, but she is polite and never discriminates against others.

Girls like her are irresistible to her male classmates.

Zhang Xiyao followed everyone else in summoning their royal beasts.

Wei Feng faded into the background, attempting to blend in with Liu Shuan’s active self. He only drew his summoning symbols without arranging them to summon his Ice Giant.

He can’t let anyone else see that his Stone Man had turned into an Ice Giant.

Being too unique, in any case, may be your undoing.

Unless you have someone to help back you up.

He doesn’t want to give up his personal freedom or, worse, be caught as an experimental white mouse.

He’s going to make the claim that he lacks mental strength.

Wei Feng stopped pretending and sat, watching other students interact with their beast after the teacher left the students to their own devices.

Liu Shuan had completely eclipsed Wei Feng and summoned his shadow leopard, allowing it to jump and perform tricks to impress Zhang Xiyao.

Zhang Xiyao arranged her summoning symbols as well.

A samurai in pure black armor with a long, metal katana slung around his waist emerged from her pentagram.


His metal boots landed with a thud.

Liu Shuan was taken aback.

Wei Feng, too, was taken aback.

Dark Knights typically lack armor and weapons.

They resemble demons, with human-like bodies but dark skin and dark green blood.

This Dark Knight has great mental strength and can learn a variety of skills, but they will not have armor or weapons at first.

In other words, Zhang Xiyao obtained all of the armor and weapons around his waist.

There is no doubt that Zhao Ming’s Second-Order Scorpion can be sliced in half.

Of course, this means it’s prohibitively expensive, especially for custom-made armor and weapons.

“Are you…”

Liu Shuan was speechless as he pointed to the Dark Knight.

When compared to the Dark Knight, his shadow leopard is a stray dog.

“It has to be from the Royal Beast Armory!”

Zhao Ming approached and said confidently.

“You’re right, it’s from the armory for First-Order Royal Beasts like mine,” Zhang Xiyao said, nodding.

“Not bad,” Zhao Ming said softly, nodding. His cocky demeanor, on the other hand, made people want to punch him in the face.

“It must have cost more than 500,000 yuan; the second-order beast armory I had my father customize is worth 1.5 million yuan!”

Liu Shuan: “…”

Despite the fact that Liu Shuan is somewhat well-off, where they don’t have to worry about food and can raise royal beasts…

He really can’t keep up with rich kids like Zhao Ming.

There is an obvious barrier between rich kids like him and poorer kids – they are invisible to rich kids like Zhao Ming.

Zhang Xiyao only gave Zhao Ming a polite smile.

Zhao Ming, on the other hand, did not take the hint – he felt that there is finally someone who can relate to how rich he is, and he begins to show off how rich he is.

“Xiyao, you should inject ACE-09 into your Dark Knight on a daily basis. This will maximize your royal beasts’ growth and potential!”

“Every day, my twin-tailed scorpion gets one injection!”

The ACE-09 medicine has a similar strengthening effect to Forbidden Items – a dose is approximately 200ml, but it costs 15000 yuan!

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