In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 11


Chapter 11: Patience

Forbidden items are the most effective way to strengthen your royal beasts and increase their potential.

However, even the lowest-level E-ranked forbidden items are difficult to obtain.

As a result, the government conducted research on some of these taboo items and developed a medicine known as “ACE.”

These medications have ten different serial numbers ranging from 1 to 10. The effects of medicines labeled “No. 1” are the most similar to the effects of forbidden items.

Of course, its cost is simply out of reach for most people.

Even the cheapest No.10 ACE Medicine costs 10,000 yuan.

Only Zhao Ming in his class could afford the most expensive medicine, while the others could only use up to No.9 ACE Medicine.

With a defeated expression on his face, Liu Shuan sat down next to Wei Feng and sighed quietly.

To console Liu Shuan, Wei Feng shook his head and patted his shoulder.

“Wei Feng, why didn’t you summon your Stone Man?” Liu Shuan noticed something was wrong and asked.

Wei Feng had already considered this and responded directly, “It can stay in my Beast Space, I’m saving up food rations.”

Liu Shuan: “…”

“Well, I guess I’m not so miserable after all, compared to you!” Wei Feng’s “misery” provided Liu Shuan with a sense of superiority.

Wei Feng: “…”

Wei Feng held his mouth. He knew if he summoned his Second-Order Ice Giant, Liu Shuan would become depressed.

Wei Feng noticed, as he looked up at Zhao Ming and Zhang Xiyao, that no matter how much Zhao Ming flaunted, Zhang Xiyao remained silent.

It was obvious – she was just putting up with him. She hadn’t been paying attention.

Zhao Ming felt embarrassed after five minutes of talking to himself, so he turned and left.

Liu Shuan’s eyes glowed with newfound hope.

“She doesn’t care about Zhao Ming!” She is far too pure…” Liu Shuan stood there, as if he had discovered true love.

Wei Feng: “…”

Wei Feng was rendered speechless.

So, if Zhang Xiyao doesn’t like Zhao Ming, will she even look at you?

Liu Shuan appeared to be full of energy. He stood up and resumed training his Shadow Leopard.

Zhang Xiyao is also odd. She spends the majority of her time in class with Wei Feng and Liu Shuan.

“Do you think Zhang Xiyao is interested in me, Feng?” Wei Feng was approached by Liu Shuan, who inquired.

Wei Feng gave him a surprised look.

Where did you even get this confidence from?

Despite the fact that she interacted with her beast beside us during this interactive class, she didn’t say a single word!

Wei Feng shook his head, reminding Liu Shuan to be honest – a girl like Zhang Xiyao was born to be different.

However, it fell on deaf ears, and Liu Shuan confidently stated, “Well, I think she is interested in me – hey, did you know my Shadow Leopard gained five experience yesterday?”

The meditation class began after a brief break.

The daily lessons are boring and monotonous for a junior beastmaster.

However, this is the only way to become stronger.

During meditation classes, everyone is very quiet.

The guide’s special blue light hung like a veil in every corner of the classroom.

Wei Feng has already broken through the first layer of fog in his brain, so these blue light rays have no effect on him.

But he wasn’t relaxing either; he used his mental strength to break through the second layer of fog.

It’s like attempting to move a mountain with both hands.

However, without the blue light’s guidance, it would shock your brain.

Wei Feng’s head buzzed after only a few hits.

After a brief pause, Wei Feng turned to face Zhang Xiyao to his right.

To be honest, he thinks she is beautiful.

However, he wished to conceal this thought.

It would be the end of him if anyone discovered his beast and the forbidden items he possessed.

As a result, he must exercise caution.

The most important factor here is strength.

He turned around and went back to his brain.

However, just as Wei Feng was about to close his eyes, Zhang Xiyao turned her head and gave Wei Feng an odd look.

12:00 p.m.; noon

It was clear at the end of the class who took it seriously and who didn’t. Those who took it seriously rubbed their temples and rested their heads on their table; those who didn’t were laughing and joking around, planning where they would eat later.

Wei Feng closed his eyes for a moment before getting up to go to the cafeteria to eat.

Although the college cafeteria serves free lunch, it isn’t particularly tasty.

“A rose?”

Wei Feng looked around and noticed Liu Shuan was missing.

As he turned to look, Wei Feng couldn’t help but widen his eyes.

He noticed Liu Shuan, who was holding a paper rose in his hand, and walked solemnly towards Zhang Xiyao.

“Here you go. I-it’s for you.” Liu Shuan averted his gaze and handed her the paper rose.

Wei Feng had already covered his eyes with his hands.

To be honest, he admired Liu Shuan’s bravery.

“Thank you! This rose looks pretty… but I can’t take it.”

No one was surprised when Zhang Xiyao politely declined.

Line 65: Liu Shuan’s face turned red immediately and he hid his face behind the desk.

It wasn’t until Zhang Xiyao left that Liu Shuan raised his head and scratched his own head incessantly.

I can’t believe it! Wei Feng thought. Did he really try to fix his own hair with glue?

Wei Feng patted Liu Shuan’s shoulder and said, “Come on. Let’s go eat!”

At the canteen.

Wei Feng and Liu Shuan were waiting in the long line for the meal.

Wei Feng, on the other hand, noticed that many people were pointing at him and Liu Shuan.

It wasn’t until Wei Feng and Liu Shuan finished their meals, found a seat, and heard the commotion beside them that they realized what was going on.

It turns out that Liu Shuan’s proposal to Zhang Xiyao was videotaped and posted on the college bulletin board.

“Hey! You’re barking up the wrong tree. Hahaha!” A classmate passed by and laughed sadistically.

“Haha! You’re too thick skinned!” His companion laughed as well.

Liu Shuan’s face flushed; he stood up and walked out of the cafeteria without saying anything.

Wei Feng ate his and Liu Shuan’s portions quietly while silently watching the scene unfold.

Wei Feng did not go to find Liu Shuan after the meal, but instead went straight to the library.

 It’s not that he doesn’t want to console Liu Shuan; he just doesn’t know how.

To survive in this world, you must be strong.

Sarcasm might not be such a bad thing after all.

Sometimes harsh ridicule from others can shape you into a better person.

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