The Homemaker of the Dungeon Chapter 7


Chapter 7

From Hena’s question, the snail replied with a well organized answer.

[Increase in rank -> Creates a better living place -> Peace of mind and soul -> Achieve world peace.]

“…Your descriptions are no different from the system, after all…”

No, this was worse than that of the system. To achieve world peace! The snail was so full of it.

‘Sounds like some proverb: The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.’

Hena had a mini existential crisis feeling that she asked a question for nothing. However, Hena was a woman of persistence. All 20 points of it.

Instead of letting out a sigh, Hena decided to ask a more detailed question.

“So if I rank up, it means that I can move to a better home?”


It was a positive answer.

“Really? You are saying that I can move to a better place!”

Hena promised herself that she would one day get out of this dump after filling 167 hours worth of labor.

After going over the floor with the mop many times, the yellow wooden floor showed its true colors with a peek-a-boo.

“Wow, the floor was supposed to be this color?”

The floor that began gray was actually bright yellow!

Hena was in shock. With her phone, she snapped a photo of the floor.

The difference between the spots where the mop had been and where there were streaks of dirty water was night and day.

“This is almost magic!”

Although Hena was speechless, she became motivated again.

Afterall, the room was very small. Just a little longer, and she would be able to sleep on a clean floor.

Hena changed out the disposable mop from the wooden rod in excitement.

For reference, Hena was someone who hated wasting one-time use products. However, with the despicable state of the dirty room in mind, she purposely bought the disposable type.

Any mop after cleaning this wreck would be irrecoverable.

“Wow, I feel as if my own heart had a clean up1”

Using the new mop to wipe the floors, the floors finally revealed more of its bare skin.

<System: The efficiency of the skill, ‘detailed touch(D)’ has reached it max! Proficiency is increasing rapidly!>

The system screen even matched Hena’s excited mopping and played tambourine beats.

“Mmhm, oh yeah, uh huh, mmhmm”
An automatic tune came from her body. She observed the floor become cleaner with every swipe. Hena thought about how joyful the art of housekeeping could be.

It was at this moment. The pop up window appeared before her eyes.

<System: You have achieved a deep understanding! Proficiency is increased by 500 points. (current proficiency: 512/1000)>


Hena let out an awe. All this time she had thought of the system as cheap and ruthless, but it was actually pretty generous.

‘You gave me 500 points just for the thought that housekeeping is joyful?’

The system had instantly cut 83 hours and 20 minutes of the required 167 hours. This was beyond an outlet sale, more of a bargain!

“If this goes on, I can do it. Right, snail? There is fun in boosting up proficiency, it almost feels like a game.”

Hena spoke to the snail, which had managed to get to the top of her head from her shoulders. The snail answered with a matching tone.

[99 Effort + 1 Joy = Anything is possible.]

This was a statement that would be in an autobiography.

Still, being able to see the results increased her work efficiency. Hena scrubbed the floor forgetting how tired she was.

After cleaning off the layers of dirt with the mop, she got onto her hands. The mop was not good enough. Hena rolled up her sleeves and got to work.

<System: The efficiency of ‘detailed touch(D)’ is maximized! Every corner you touch with your touch will be enticed with orderliness!>

Although it was about time that her back and arms would start to be sore, Hena felt zero pain from being in the zone. Hena continued to scrub away.

All the places that had Hena’s touch were sparkling. The floor was satisfactory enough for any Korean to have an urge to lie down and fall asleep.


Finally, Hena finished wiping every corner of the room. Gaining acceleration with the focus, the process took only 20 additional minutes.

A total of 3 hours and 20 minutes.
Although this was a lot of time for such a small room, the prior condition would explain why it took so long.

The yellow floor was shiny enough for the ants to have a figure skating competition. It was a skill beyond this world.

“I feel so proud!”

Hena finally relaxed her muscles and lay on the ground with her limbs out.

[Caution! Caution! Watch out for falling!]

The snail that was on her head shouted loudly as it rolled down. Hena apologized to the snail that rolled into a corner of the room.

“Sorry, I forgot for a moment that you were there.”

[Take caution going forward.]

“Okay, I will be careful.”

Hena was having a cute exchange with the snail. Some sparkling letters appeared in front of Hena’s eyes as she laid on the ground.

<System: Congratulations! Level Up! You have advanced to ‘Shabby One Room Lv.2’.>

It was the system. Showing its sincerity, the rainbow colored effects reappeared.

<System: Will you take your reward for leveling up? Y/N>

“A reward for leveling up?”

Hena stood up from where she was laying. There’s a saying that if it’s free, you take it even if it’s drinking out of a rotten skull. There was no reason to reject the reward.

“Yes! I will take it!”

<System: raffling…>

The letters that the system was raffling appeared. This made her a little uneasy.

“Why are they raffling a reward for leveling up?”

It was in this questionable moment that the system sent a congrats message.

<System: Congratulations! You chose the ‘worn mattress(E) without a frame!’>

Hena did the righteous thing a user would do when they receive a terrible reward.

That is talking bad about the system.

“What kind of a game offers such terrible chances?”

Hena complained, staring at the mattress that popped up in the corner of the room.

Luckily, the mattress seemed to be functional except looking a little shabby.

<’worn mattress(E) without a frame’: Doesn’t offer the best quality sleep, but still offers an okay rest. After resting on this mattress, you will feel so-so recovered. For every hour slept, recover 1 point in strength.>

The ‘worn mattress(E) without a frame’ was a level E item, but had an incredible additional ability. That is, giving an additional benefit of strength recovery for every hour.

Regarding the fact that the strength recovering potions go for thousands of dollars, this was a pretty formidable skill.

It was as if Hena had just won the lottery. If she were to sell this, she would receive at least enough money to be able to purchase a used car.

“Although it’s only a level E item, it should be better than sleeping on the bare ground, right?”

However, Hena, being a newbie to the advancer’s society, did not know how she could make a profit. She just reassured herself that it was an okay reward and got ready for bed.

“Ah, all I did was clean the room and I’m so tired. I must do the rest tomorrow. “

When she picked up her phone, she saw that it was 8PM. Although she had three rolls earlier, she was hungry again and her tummy made a gurgling noise.

“Did I have any food left?”

Hena crawled to the bag of goodies and dug. Fortunately, she had bought some snacks in addition to the rolls.

She quickly shoved the snacks in a rush. She could breathe again.

[Floor. Has crumbs on it.]

The snail, which had followed her, started to nag.

“Okay, okay. I will clean up after I finish eating.”

Hena gave an insincere reply then became surprised after seeing the snail.


She had noticed a difference.

“Snail, was your shell always this color?”

The snail’s shell, which was a dull gray color, was brighter. The shell had a little sparkle, and its reflection showed some colors.

[Effect of leveling up.]

The snail shook its antennas. It seemed cheerful.

Hena finished the last bite of the snacks and complimented the beauty(?) of the snail.

“I guess your shell changed color with leveling up. I am curious how much prettier you will become as we progress further! It already looks so good.”


“Oh, right. So, you will become breathtaking, huh? I would love to see that.”

The proud antennas nodded. Hena watched him from above and then asked a question.

“So, if we are to continue living together, shouldn’t we get you a name? I can’t keep calling you as snail this and snail that. “


“What would you like me to call you?”

From Hena’s question, the snail replied very fast.

[Sir Manager of the house!]

“Well, that’s not really a name. It doesn’t show care. Hmm, maybe Ail? From Snail?”

[So inconsiderate.]

The snail revolted against the simplified naming system.

“How about O-saek (five colors)?”


Hena pointed at the shell from his question.

“When I look at your shell house closely, I can see five colors. So Osaek(five colors).”

[Contemplating hard..]

“Hey, come on, man. I know you like it. You can’t hide that you are smiling with your antennas shaking so much. “

Hena made fun of the snail. They had gotten pretty close in a short period of time.

[Approved. Osaek.]

The snail finally approved of the name. Then, it did a few ceremonial spins, as if it were showing off its shell.

Because this was a very cute act indeed, Hena was able to laugh, forgetting all her worries.

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