In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 12 


Chapter 12: My Second Beast Fight – Versus the Horned Lion!

After an hour in the library, Wei Feng learned a lot of useful information.

Wei Feng paid special attention to the royal beast armor.

It turns out that the armor is simply equipment designed specifically for beast fighting.

The catch is that the armor’s material is very special. It is primarily made of soft gold that can be freely stretched and is therefore expensive.

Wei Feng mingled with his class during the first beast interaction class in the afternoon.

During the second meditation class, Wei Feng hit a turning point.

Every time he uses his mental power to hit the second layer of fog, the gray fog he hits is absorbed by [Ruined Symbol]!

With his knowledge, the [Ruined Symbol] corroded the first layer of fog in less than 10 seconds.

If he can replenish [Ruined Symbol], wouldn’t the second layer of fog be easily broken in?

6:00 p.m.; six o’clock in the afternoon

As soon as the class was over, Liu Shuan packed up and left.

Judging by his litheness, Liu Shuan clearly didn’t pay attention in his meditation class.

Wei Feng rested for a while before packing up and chasing after Liu Shuan, who was almost at the academy’s gate.

Wei Feng shook his head.

Zhang Xiyao walked past Wei Feng with a hesitant expression. Wei Feng didn’t want to give her the opportunity to speak, so he dashed towards the academy’s Royal Beast Store.

He can’t feed the remaining Earth Attribute stones to his Ice Giant now that it has an Ice Attribute. He must purchase Ice Attribute Beast Food.

He waited for the other students to leave before entering the store.

A bag of ice attribute crystals cost 200 yuan, which was slightly more expensive than other food rations.

There were ten crystals inside as well, but second-order royal beasts must eat more than first-order royal beasts. These crystals will only last two days.

When Wei Feng returned home, he summoned his Ice Giant and fed it five crystals.

With half of the pack already gone, Wei Feng felt a little helpless.

7:50pm; Seven fifty o’clock in the evening.

The street is well-lit, and the exciting nightlife has only just begun.

Watching beasts fight and gambling is always a popular pastime.

With his membership card in hand, Wei Feng made his way to the Colosseum. Instead of trying to find a match, he went to find Wang Xin.

Wei Feng informed Wang Xin that he had acquired another royal beast – an ice giant.

Wei Feng discovered in his library research that many people, even junior beastmasters, can summon two beasts.

Although they will be regarded as geniuses, this is not an unusual occurrence.

Furthermore, once a junior beastmaster’s mental power reaches 30, they can control two beasts no higher than third-order.

Wang Xin was, indeed, surprised, but not overly so.

Wang Xin later assisted him in changing his personal information. In this manner, he will be able to compete against a more capable opponent.

The first beast fight of the night was soon underway.

Wei Feng was assigned Beast Cage No. 6 and began preparing for it as soon as possible.

He entered the beast cage’s preparation area, wearing a cap and mask to conceal his identity.

He was up against a young man in his twenties.

The other party’s identity was not hidden – he was tall and thin, with burgundy curly hair and studs in his left ear.

“Hmph! Another man who is afraid to show his face!” The curly-haired adolescent curled his lips and extended a middle finger to Wei Feng.

Wei Feng remained silent and unresponsive.

Ten minutes later, with the sound of the signal gun, the moon-white pentagram in the Colosseum began to light up.

The audience went wild.

Wei Feng summoned his Ice Giant into the cage, while his opponent summoned his royal beast as well.

It was also a second-order royal beast – a horned lion!

It is slightly larger than a regular lion, with brown-yellow fur all over its body and a single dark-red horn on its massive head.

The horned lion has special abilities as well; it is said that when the color of the horn changes, it represents different elements.

Dark red, for example, denotes corrosion.

 All the horned lion has to do is insert its horn into the enemy’s body and inject a dark red liquid, which completely corrodes the enemy from the inside out.

Its fighting ability is relatively weak among second-order royal beasts, but being able to instantly vanquish a royal beast with its single horn is amazing!

In the colosseum,


The horned lion let out a low roar and charged.

Wei Feng quickly checked the attributes of the horned lion.

[Royal Beast Panel]

Royal Beast: Horned Lion

Level: 2 (Intermediate)

Attribute: None

Strength: 89

Agility: 63

Spirit Power: 75

Core Ability: [Corrosive Horn] – The horn is extremely corrosive, with corrosive power equal to the beast’s strength. This damage is doubled if the horn penetrates an opponent.

Type: Evolvable.

It’s no surprise that the horned lion is said to be able to defeat higher-level royal beasts – his core ability is far too powerful!

And when the horn penetrates, the corrosion effect doubles!


The Ice Giant and the Horned Lion collided.

The Ice Giant simply took a step back from the impact, its body not even scratched by the lion’s large claws.

On the other hand, the horned lion wheezed as it rolled to the ground after being punched by the Ice Giant.


The lion roared once more, and its horn emitted a dark red light as it charged at the ice giant.

The Ice Giant raised its fist and smashed it into the horn of the horned lion.


The horned lion was flung against the beast cage with a squeal.

Its shattered horn was all over the cage bars, and you could hear the corrosive sound of “Chchchch” eating away at the cage.

Wei Feng was impressed.

The corrosive power of the horned lion should not be underestimated. Wouldn’t the liquid immediately corrode if it came into contact with a human body?


“How can his ice giant smash the horn of my beast?!”

His opponent, on the other side, exclaimed in disbelief.

His opponent is a second-level Xingwu Colosseum member who has participated in hundreds of beast fights and has met another ice giant.

That ice giant was clearly not as powerful as Wei Feng’s ice giant. With a single horn, that ice giant was corroded into a pile of ice crystals.

According to rumors, the horned lion killed more than fifty royal beasts. However, an ice giant of the same rank shattered the horn of the horned lion today.

This disproved the rumors that the horned lion can breach all royal beast defenses of the same level.

And a fist broke the single horn. The horned lion is now rendered ineffective until it heals.

Line 87: How sad.

The beast fight was over, and Wei Feng had triumphed.

He was victorious in less than 5 minutes.

Doesn’t that mean his Ice Giant is now nearly invincible in comparison to all the other second-order royal beasts?

 The horn of the horned lion was shattered with a single fist, despite the fact that the horn receives the same strength as the horned lion itself.

This is because the strength value cannot overcome the Ice Giant’s defensive ability. It is pointless if it is less powerful than the Ice Giant’s defense.

Wei Feng couldn’t wait to see his earnings after winning a match.

His emotions were complicated when the numbers appeared in front of him at the terminal.

The winner’s reward is 2100 yuan.

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