In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 13


Chapter 13: Spreading of Ice

For a beast fight that only lasted five minutes, it’s only worth 2100 yuan.

However, one of the royal beasts was defeated in this beast fight.

If Wei Feng’s Ice Giant was defeated, would he consider 2100 yuan worth the effort?

Xingwu Colosseum has clear rules – taking part in a beast fight will reward you whether you win or lose. The remainder are forfeited.

If your beast becomes crippled, go heal it. The Colosseum is not liable if the beast dies.

The Colosseum is full of beasts who are beaten to death every day. So, why do so many people continue to participate in this beast fight?

Perhaps they are in the same situation as Wei Feng, who is unable to support their own beasts financially.

Despite the fact that this is a beast-filled world, less than half of the population can support their own beasts.

This is an actual Federation statistic.

Wei Feng left after withdrawing all of the money from the membership card.

Although his Ice Giant is unharmed and would be fine if he participated in more beast fights, Wei Feng prefers that the Ice Giant keep a low profile.

The Ice Giant was buffed by the S-Class Forbidden Item – [Absolute Zero], which was forced on him by the same man who knocked him to half-death the night before.

This also takes into account the Stone Skin passive that was transferred to Wei Feng – he was thrown into a state of half-death despite being immune to damage of less than 60 strength!

Only one could imagine how strong this person was.

It’s also not unreasonable to believe that the man is no longer alive.

Wei Feng, on the other hand, is not going to take any chances. He has nothing to rely on in this world, so he must be cautious and take care of himself.

His beast fight ended prematurely, and there were still a lot of people on the road.

There were some beautifully dressed women walking with their royal beasts, creating a one-of-a-kind image.

These women keep their beasts as pets and never break through the first layer of fog in their heads. They only summon beasts of the third order and summon them repeatedly until they obtain a beautiful beast as a pet.

In general, these people are content with their lives, so they enjoy the material aspects of life.

He didn’t want to go through that intersection last night, even though it would take him 10 minutes longer to get home.

Wei Feng stopped by a Royal Beast Store and purchased two bags of ice crystals.

This will suffice for the ice giant’s rations for the next five days.

When Wei Feng returned to town, he paid the 82 yuan electricity bill.

Back at home, Wei Feng turned on the light, and the room was no longer dark.

His father had not yet returned.

He had only remembered his father’s appearance since he was forced into this world, but he had never met him in person.

However, Wei Feng had no feelings for him.

After all, he doesn’t even know who he is.

10:00 p.m.; ten o’clock at night.

Wei Feng sat on his bed, accompanied by the low hum of the fan.

Loneliness swarmed Wei Feng.

Wei Feng sat up quickly and went to his desk, where he found a piece of white paper and began drawing.

He just scribbled and drew whatever came to him.

It only made him feel more alone.


Wei Feng inhaled deeply and entered his mind. He slammed into the second layer of fog.



When he hit the fog barrier, his brain sounded like drums, with traces of gray fog scattered everywhere.

The [Ruined Symbols] gradually recharged, absorbing every trace of the gray and white fog.

11:15p.m.; Eleven fifteen.

Wei Feng’s head was buzzing with “Dong, dong, dong” sounds. He opened his eyes as if he had been drinking.


His body fell onto the bed and fell asleep within a few seconds.

It turns out that using your mental strength to smash through fog barriers is an effective way to fall asleep quickly.

11:30p.m.; Eleven thirty.

Wei Feng was still in deep sleep.

The [Absolute Zero] mark embedded in his left chest began to glow faintly.

The snowflake pattern began to spread throughout Wei Feng’s body.

As the ice pattern spread across Wei Feng’s forehead, his rapid breathing slowed.

The following morning.

Wei Feng slept until he naturally awoke. He felt revitalized, and his body was cool – ideal for the midsummer season.

6:30am; Six thirty.

He stood up to wash his hands and summoned the Ice Giant, who gave him five ice crystals. It was seven o’clock in the morning.

Wei Feng then approached Liu Shuan’s apartment and gently knocked.

Aunt Zhao, Liu Shuan’s mother, opened the door. She is a stay-at-home mom.

“Aunt Zhao, where is Liu Shuan? We have to get to school!” Wei Feng inquired, a smile on his face.

“What? Liu Shuan has already left awhile ago! Didn’t he accompany you?” Aunt Zhao was taken aback.

“No…” said Wei Feng.

“Wei Feng, did you argue with Liu Shuan?” Aunt Zhao worriedly inquired. “He wasn’t overjoyed when he returned yesterday.”

“No!” exclaimed Wei Feng hastily. “No! I didn’t squabble with him. Perhaps he isn’t getting used to the academy’s lessons! I’ll check up on him later.”

“Alright. I’ll leave the trouble to you then!” Aunt Zhao joked.

“You’re welcome.”

He smiled and walked away.

He bought two buns from the bakery and munched on them on his way to the academy.

He has no idea how to console Liu Shuan.

A mature adolescent in a slump must get through it on his own. Be a man and man up.

Liu Shuan was not in class when Wei Feng arrived.

Wei Feng took a seat, and Zhang Xiyao handed him a note.

She gestured for him to read the note.

“Is Liu Shuan all right?” I heard you and him are best friends and neighbors. Please assist me in apologizing to him.”

Wei Feng considered the petite handwriting for a moment before responding, “He’s fine, but if you’re worried, why don’t you go apologize to him instead?”

After returning the note, Wei Feng took out his “Junior Beastmaster Runes” and opened to the seventh page.

Zhang Xiyao frowned as she read his response.

She could feel that he was trying to keep his distance from her.

She was about to toss the note away when she noticed Wei Feng studying summoning symbols, which piqued her interest.

“Why didn’t you summon your beast yesterday?” wrote Zhang Xiyao quickly.

She handed over the note.

Liu Shuan entered the classroom, watching the scene unfold in front of him.


T/N: 82 yuan is approximately equal to $12.94 USD; imagine having your power turned off for $12.94 USD.

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