The Homemaker of the Dungeon Chapter 10


Chapter 10

Min Ah Woo was shocked at Hena’s reveal of her skill ‘Home Sweet Home.’
Woo mentioned how she had never heard of a skill that provides a home.

“That’s a really amazing skill. If you really want to live a normal and safe life, never mention this skill to anybody. You could be in danger. “

“Oh, really?”

Hena, who just accepted the free house without thinking too much about it, didn’t understand why Min Ah Woo was so serious.

Min Ah Woo told Hena the following, in a warning tone.

“You said that you can bring in outside things into the house, right? Did you ever think that you could be kidnapped then be forced into dealing illegal packages? Your stats are low to protect yourself, but possess this unique ability. Bad people can easily take advantage of you.”


It was true. Hena swore that she would never talk about her ‘Home Sweet Home’ skill to anybody.

Apart from giving her a warning, Min Ah Woo gasped at the photos that Hena showed her of the one room place.

“What kind of a place is this? I wouldn’t live here even if it was handed to me for free!”

“Umm, Unnie, I thought you just said that my skill could be used for malpurposes!”

“”That’s that, but this is so gross!”

It was an undeniable fact.

“Yes, that is why I cleaned the house for three days straight. I just finished before our call.”

“A house this dirty can become clean with a cleaning?”

Min Ah Woo was on the doubtful side.

As her doubt made Hena feel that her skills were not acknowledged, Hena went through her camera roll to show the before and after pictures.
The first comment that Min Ah Woo made from looking the pictures was,
“Is this really the same house? Isn’t it a different home?”

“No, I really cleaned it myself. I used the skill, ‘detailed touch.’”

“What in the world is ‘detailed touch?’”

From the question, Hena repeated the description from the system word by word.

“‘Detailed touch.’ Rank D. Gives satisfaction to all with attention to detail. Passive skill…”

“I think that your skill is not only limited to cleaning, but could be applied to other areas as well.”

“I think so, too. I think it helps with all general housework. You could say that your basic living skills tend to improve.”

“Hmm, these skills can have a lot of use. How about a housekeeper? You could post the pictures that you took and people will be lining up to hire you.”

There was finally some realistic advice. Hena still shook her head.

“I want to be a regular salary woman who goes to work at a scheduled time and gets out of work the same way. You did convince me a little bit, but a housekeeper is like a freelancer. I think I will be anxious from the income not being stable, and I don’t really get the benefits…”

Min Ah Woo clicked her tongue at Hena’s constructed answer.

“You are someone who pursues an extreme level of safety. A young person who doesn’t have any willingness to take risks.”

“Safety is the best. My life motto is, ‘even when crossing a bridge made of stone, first knock it and then pass only after seeing someone else walk on top.’”

“Hmm, you don’t even trust a bridge made of stone.”

From Hena’s serious reply, Min Ah Woo got deep into her thoughts with her hands on her chin. Hena spoke while scratching her head.

“Well, with my personality, it should be best to live normally, right? This is why I am contacting a bunch of companies to find a job.”

“Is that going well? They say that finding a job these days is hard.”
From the directness of the question, Hena was scarred.

“…no…but, since I do have some time, I will look for it slowly…I mean, I have 5 years of experience, shouldn’t this help?”

“So what you are saying is that you are looking, but currently don’t have a job, right?”

As a skilled hunter, Min Ah Woo was good at attacking the same spot twice.

“That is true. Actually, I want to work immediately, but the problem is that I don’t have a job.”

Then, Min Ah Woo thought for a moment and scoot her chair closer to the table.

This was a move that hinted something was going to happen, so Hena fixed her posture as well.

Finally, Min Ah Woo licked her lips and made a suggestion.

“Would you like to work at our guild?”


From the unexpected suggestion, Hena first rejected.

“Unnie, I am rank D. I struggled to barely stay alive in a level E dungeon, and my health stats don’t even add up to 30. And as you know from our conversation earlier, I don’t have any attack skills. How could I join your guild? I know that even if I wanted to, I could never get in with my rank.”

Her reasons to not commit flowed out as smooth as butter. In conclusion, Hena was saying to not speak nonsense.

“LOL Oh my goodness!”

Min Ah Woo laughed at the pale expression of Hena who was flustered. She explained herself.

“As I have told you already, not everyone who joins the guild becomes a hunter. A guild is really a company. How could a company run with only hunters? There is the managerial team, Office work, HR, really not much different from regular companies. Not all people who work in agencies are celebrities, something like that. “

Hena blushed from what Woo pointed out.

“I misunderstood when you said to join the guild…”

“Good. Now, are you ready to listen to what I will say?”


Min Ah Woo laughed at the cute reply of Hena.

“To be honest, one of the people in the janitorial department quit recently. Ah, the job title is ..a bit complicated but.. A janitor.”

“Don’t most large companies usually make contracts with other big cleaning companies?”

From this statement, which was realistic, Woo replied.

“Since it’s a guild where the hunters regularly come and go, there’s a concern on safety and a need for professionalism. So, we have created our own team and manage the cleaning.”

It was an acceptable explanation. Most of all, what caught Hena’s attention mostly was the following statement.

“And of course, it’s regular contract work.”

“…full employment?”

“The salary is pretty good too. The work is a bit hard, though.”

“Around how much?”

“I have to ask HR about that, but it’s around the same as average salaries. If you get overwork hours or incentives, it could be higher. Are you interested?”

And Min Ah Woo also added her true intention, which was that they should meet up often and have BBQ parties with drinks.

It was a great suggestion to Hena, who was driven by her love for BBQ.


Hena was filled with thoughts. It was a very sudden suggestion.

However, Woo’s offer was very decent, and it was wrong to refuse a golden hand at such hard times.
“Do you think that I will be able to do this well?”

“Of course! I think that you are the perfect fit for this job!”

Then, Min looked up something on her phone and then made a phone call.

“Hey, didn’t someone in the cleaning department quit recently? Do we have a replacement? Why do I ask? I’m just curious. I have a recommendation for someone who is a great fit. Oh, you don’t want young employees? Well, but she’s really good at this. I will send you some pictures showing what she has done. She is also a kind and pure person. Okay, okay, I will send you a picture of her right away. Call me back if you are interested.”

The call ended in a flash. Min Ah Woo received the picture from Hena to send over, and then placed her phone on the table after forwarding the picture.

Just a moment later, the phone lit up. It must have been a reply.

Hena, curious about the results, peeked over by stretching her neck.

Min Ah Woo showed the screen with a smirk.

[HR manager Mok Hyun Kang: She seems okay. I still have to have a face to face interview, so set a date for me.]


The next day, Hena stood in front of the tall mirror wearing the rented suit for the interview.

It was for the Blue Dragon Guild.

‘I never thought that the interview would happen so soon.’

Because the opportunity was so sudden, Hena was not even nervous. She wasn’t drunk, but she still felt as if the effects of the alcohol last night was still in her system.

“The goddess of grilling! Hena Lee!”

Hena looked around at the loud and embarrassing remark of her name with a title.

“I’m over here!”

It was who she assumed it to be.
It was the only member in the guild who knew Hena personally, Min Ah Woo.
Woo stomped out of the building and placed her arms around Hena’s shoulders.

“Hey, sister. Looking at your clear face, you must not have any hangovers.”

It was a very over-the-top gesture for someone who she had met only two times in total, but knowing Woo’s character, Hena just accepted.

Min Ah Woo was very outgoing and didn’t hold any grudges. She also won the favor of many without overwhelming them, or being too fake. It was a very good personality to have.

“We didn’t really drink much, since we were talking a lot in regards to my career, you know. “

“What a nice way to put it. Always so kind, you might just pass the interview after simply saying ‘hello.’”

Laughing out loud at her own joke, Woo walked Hena into the building.

Hena had been worried since she did not know the directions to get to the interview office, but now she was happy that Woo was there to help.

“You came out to greet me?”

“Of course, I was the one to suggest that you do this, so it’s basic manners that I walk you there.”

“Thank you for your time, you must be busy.”

Hena did a mini bow for gratitude.

Woo tapped on Hena’s shoulders, saying that it’s nothing. As an advanced hunter, her pats hurt a bit.

Hena smiled awkwardly to not show that it hurt.

Min Ah Woo seemed to be well-known within the guild. She accepted many greetings from people who passed by, as she walked Hena to the interview location.

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