The Homemaker of the Dungeon Chapter 11


Chapter 11

“Unnie, you must be very famous around here.”

Hena whispered in Woo’s ears.

Woo whispered her reply back.

“I am pretty famous around here.”

Min Ah Woo made some funny comments and waved good-bye, saying

Break a leg! “He should be waiting over there.

“Thank you, Minna Unnie!”

Of course, I have some things to do today, so I can’t eat with you. Still, let me know when you are done! ”

Woo must have had something to do urgently, because she disappeared in a flash.

Hena zoned out at the way Woo went for a bit, then got back to her senses.

I have to do well in this interview, which Unnie has personally got for me. ’

Hena clenched her fist and powerfully walked into the room.

It was an exciting “first step” moment.


Hena screamed at the surprise of her heel that came off of her feet suddenly.

“What, what is this?”

Hopping on one foot, looking for the other heel, she could see that something sticky was attached at the heel.

“Who spited gum in the hallway?”

She pulled on her heel, but…


It was a weird situation.

As if someone had glued the heel to the floor, the heel did not budge.

Oh no, what do I do?

Hena was flustered.

When she looked at her watch, there were still 15 minutes until the interview. However, the heel didn’t seem like it would come off by then.

Should I summon the house in the bathroom, then buy a new pair and come back?

It was at this moment while Hena was contemplating

“Is your heel stuck?”

A low-toned voice sounded from her back.

Wow! ”

Hena almost jumped into the air from the surprise.

As she calmed herself down and looked behind, she saw a familiar face.

“It’s the remaining part of slime, so it will be hard to remove.”

It was the handsome and ice-masked S-rank hunter, Jin Hyuk Kang.

Right now, it wasn’t a big deal to see the S-rank hunter in front of her. She had already met him before, and she needed to get on with the interview.

“… A slime? What should I do? I have to get to a job interview soon.


At Hena’s concern, Jin Hyuk made a thinking noise.

He seemed to have contemplated it, then soon after he kneeled next to the shoe and grabbed it. The heel seemed so small in his big hands.

And then, Jun Hyun Kang grabbed the heel and pulled using his strength.

There was a breaking sound that seemed a bit too intense to be coming from removing a heel.

Oh goodness.

Hena placed her hands in front of her mouth because she felt as if she would scream out loud if she didn’t.

Because, because…

How can the ground break?

Yes. Hena’s heels were saved.

The only thing was, the heels were saved, along with some rocks attached to both ends. They were debris from the cracked ground.

When looking at the density of the ground and the heel, the density of the ground must be much higher, but somehow the ground is lost to the heel.

Would this be one of the fancy skills of an S-rank hunter?

There was a moment of silence.

“The slime.. slime residue must have a really strong stickiness…”

Hena looked for something to say and complimented the ability of the slime residue to attach to surfaces.

On the other hand, Jin Jyun Kang stared at the small heel in his hands.

Hena started to lose focus in her eyes. She was almost late for the interview, and now her heels were much taller than before.

Should I just leave everything and leave?

Hena was even thinking about running away.

“Ms. Hena Lee, Are you ready to… What is going on?”

With the doors that opened, the interviewee, dressed in a suit, made a puzzled face. He must have been the manager of the HR department that Min Ah Woo was talking about.

“Ah, well, what happened was…”

Hena tried to explain quickly, but the manager spoke sooner.

“Hunter Jin Hyung Kang, we will be deducting property damage from your personal expenses.”

Surprisingly, the manager seemed to be used to this kind of situation.

He stomped over and snatched the heel from Jin Hyun’s hand and observed it.
“Ms. Hena Lee… You must be in need of a pair of slippers. I will grab those for you. ”

From the natural flow of occurrences, Hena felt almost as if she had to side with Jin Hyung Kang in this situation. In the end, he broke the floor while trying to help Hena.

Well, excuse me manager, but this happened because, well, hunter Jin Hyung Kang was really trying to… help me… So wouldn’t the punishment for property damage be a bit harsh? ”

Although the result was not what she had desired, Hena wanted to thank the hunter for helping her. Hena formed her thoughts and replied.

At her comment, the manager handed the heel with the rock attached at the bottom and spoke.

That slime residue was probably what he dropped anyway. He wouldn’t have tried to help you if that weren’t the case. Aren’t I right, Jin Hyuk Kang? ”

At this shocking comment, Hena turned around.

However, at the place where Jin Hyun was standing, there was not even a trace of his shadow. There was only a white business card on top of the mess.

“If you need compensation, you can contact this number.”

The manager grabbed the card on the ground and handed it to Hena.

As if he was used to these kinds of situations, the manager did not seem very flustered.

so natural. “

Hena thought to herself that Korea’s number one hunter might actually be a trouble maker within his guild.

Hena walked into the interview room holding the dangling heels, wearing slippers. The heels were pretty heavy from the debris that was still attached.

What do I do? I rented these, so I have to return them. ’

Hena peeked below at her heels.

Noticing that Hena was looking at the shoes, the HR manager, Mok Hyun Kang, thought for a moment and then excused himself from the room.

Hena, who was suddenly left alone, looked around the surrounding area while sitting on the chair. In one corner of the room, there was a water fountain and a small table with tea bags, tissues, and wipes.

Hena stared at the door. The manager mentioned that he would be out for 5 to 10 minutes, so he wouldn’t return for a while.

Should I try cleaning the heels in the meantime?

Because the damaged shoes were bothering her, Hena walked over to the small table and grabbed the wipes.

“I doubt that this will work, but I will still try it.”

Hena, without much expectation, wiped off the sticky liquid on the heels. Then, something extraordinary happened.


The sticky slime was wiped off clean with the wipes. It was unbelievable that it was the same slime that wouldn’t budge from the ground.

System: passive skill, “detailed touch (D)” is auto-activated. With a skillful touch, the residue is cleaned completely.

Since the wiping of the heels was a kind of a cleaning procedure, the skill was activated.

As she pulled out more wipes and scrubbed a bit more, the debris from the shoes fell off as well. Hena stared at the fallen pieces on the ground.

What was that, then, with hunter Jin Hyuk Kang?

It was interesting how he used so much force to pull off residue that could have easily been removed with wipes.

Is this how the world of a level-S hunter is?

As Hena curiously looked at the heels and the floor, the door opened wide.


Hena jumped from her seat. She felt as if she was caught in the middle of an act, although she didn’t really do anything wrong.

“Ms. Hena Lee?”

The person who had entered the room was the HR manager, Mok Hyun Kang.

“Ah, yes, hello.”

Hena struggled to clean up the wipes with the slime residue.

The manager handed something to a struggling Hena’s hands.

“I thought that it would be difficult to go home wearing those slippers, so as a temporary solution, I brought the slime remover.”

He stopped himself after looking at the shoes in Hena’s hands. It was more as if he had lost track of what to say.

Did I do something wrong?

Hena waited for a response.

“How did you remove the residue that was on the heels?”

Oh, this? It came off when I used the wipes to remove them. ”

Hena replied in a confused manner to the unexpected question. Then, Mok Hyun Kang stared at the spray that he had brought. It contained a clear liquid inside the bottle.

“… slime residue can be removed without a specialized cleaning formula?”

Hena asked with worry. Since he seemed very serious,

“Did I do something wrong?”

“No, that’s not it at all. Let’s first have a seat, Ms. Hena Lee. ”

Mok Hyun Kang shook his head, then sat on the chair. Then, he immediately changed to interview mode and started to ask questions.

First and foremost, I heard that you have advancement skills related to cleaning.

Hena placed the clean heels on the floor and replied.

“Yes, it’s related to housekeeping…”

The interview that followed after the heel incident was just like any other job interview. It was pretty easy, which made how nervous Hena was before seem nonsensical.

The HR manager didn’t seem to have much interest except for the “detailed touch” from Hena.

Hena replied to some additional questions related to her character, and then was introduced with information about the company and job roles.

Are guild interviews usually different from company interviews?

While Hena was taken a bit by how fast the interview proceeded, she learned of an interesting fact.

You mean that Min, unnie? I mean, hunter Min Ah Woo is the head of the Dungeon Strategy department. ”

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