The Homemaker of the Dungeon Chapter 12


Chapter 12

No wonder everyone who ran into Min Ah Woo greeted her.

Hena had thought that she had many acquaintances due to her cool personality, but had never expected that it would be because of the fact that Woo had such an important role!

Her rank is high, and she’s good at guiding and encompassing people. Is it out of the ordinary? ”

“No, I just thought that since Jin Hyung Kang’s rank is the highest, he would be the one in charge of battle strategies.”

From the answer that Hena gave, the HR manager chuckled.

“Strength is definitely an important factor. However, the most important skills in going to battle with a bunch of hunters are teamwork and the ability to make decisions. In these terms, Min Ah Woo is an excellent team leader. ”


Hena did not know that the person she had BBQ with yesterday was such an important person. Hena awed at the HR manager’s high compliments on Min Ah Woo.

“I think I really chose the right person.”

Hena was amazed at how she managed to get close to someone so close to power in a company.

The HR manager nodded once and changed the mood.

Then, Miss Hena Lee,


Hena answered promptly.

The HR manager seemed to be satisfied with her work ethic and replied with a slight smile.

“Will you be able to come to work starting Monday?”

“Huh? Yes! Yes, I can! ”

Hena answered with surprise.

Hena thought that since it was just a janitorial position, they were able to let her in without much further discussion.

Then you can come back next Monday to the same location. We will be having a brief tour and instructions on your tasks. ”

The HR manager added one last thing to Hena, who was walking out with a clean pair of heels.

“We at the Blue Dragon Guild think that it is an honor to be able to work with someone like Hena Lee.”

Hena blushed at such praise. Hena bowed, said “thank you” and left the scene.

Hena let out a small sigh, walking in the hallway after closing the interview office door. The sigh was not from frustration, but rather one of relief.

I didn’t know that getting a job was this easy.

Hena had gotten a good job in a flash. She felt as if she were dreaming.

This is why they say that it’s all about who you know. This is why they always talk about parachutes (in Korean, parachutes are people who land into a position from knowing someone up above).

Hena had never expected to be one of those lucky parachutes, but the taste of her first victory from a connection was thrilling beyond sweet.

full-time employment, a higher salary, and a better company! ’

Although this was a change from a regular desk job to that of cleaning, it didn’t matter when she thought about it.

Hena’s advancement class was a homemaker. Cleaning would make Hena’s rank higher from training.

I’m not sure what all I can do with this ability, but they said that it is better to have a higher rank. ’

In the future, this skill could also prove useful.

Hena thought of these as she walked out of the Blue Dragon Guild HQ.

Hena also registered her name in the advancers since she was already out and about.

The advancers had to report themselves within a month of advancing. If they did not, a scary fine of 20,000 dollars awaited them.

This was a regulation to control those who would have malicious uses of the skill.

Of course, this would not apply to Hena, as she did not possess powerful advancement skills such as those of a hunter, and her rank was only level D.

This made Hena’s registration complete very quickly.

Dinner will be chicken tonight! ”

Hena bought some fried chicken on her cheerful way back home and returned.

Although the home had the advantage that she could call the door at any place with a wall, it was difficult to give an address when ordering food.

But still, I should be beyond thankful since I don’t have to pay for rent. ’

This also forced Hena to save money on ordering food deliveries and cut her spending on food. Hena had a bit of an underlying penny-pinching tendency.

Hena entered the door, holding the plastic bag with chicken inside.

“Osaek, the chicken is here!”

[Drinking for two days in a row, inappropriate behavior.]

The small snail pointed out that Hena was acting drunk.

“I think that I have been hooked on the drug of getting a job at a big company.”

Hena claimed to be high on the legal drug for a job position.

The snail replied by shaking his antennas.

Hena quickly changed from her suit into sweatpants and washed her hands.
Then, she got ready for the chicken. She had been starving because she hadn’t eaten anything the whole day.

“How long has it been since I had chicken?”

Hena was sincerely happy eating the chicken on the floor, although she did not even have a small table set up.

The house was now clean and warm, and her future had prospects with a new job.
She even had chicken waiting for her. This was truly heaven.

“It would have been nice if my brother were here with me.”

Hena thought of her brother holding the chicken with both hands.

Why can I still not get a hold of him? Where has he gone to this time? ”

It was already five days after Hena had escaped the dungeon gate. Her brother went out a week before the incident, so it had already been 12 days since she last saw her brother.

“This is the risk that hunters take, but I’m still worried about him as the old home is gone, too.”

Hena complained while munching on two drumsticks.

It took a long time to tackle a dungeon. Some easy ones were possible to defeat in a day, but the ones with higher levels took weeks or even a few months.

Due to this, it was common for her brother to lose contact for days or weeks.

He would be able to manage, but still..

In the beginning, Hena was worried that her brother would end up dying, but now she knew that just as she did, her brother didn’t want her to be left alone in the world.

Hena would be completely on her own if he were to disappear.

“Phew, he should be fine. He will call me when he gets out of the gate. ”

Hena was curious about the face her brother would make if she were to tell him about her odd advancement skill.

He will be happy, right? “

It appeared that her brother would be happy as she was able to get a free house from the skill.

As these thoughts got to her, something popped up inside Hena’s mind.
“Hey Osaek, can I bring other people into the house?”

This was a question that should have been asked wayback whenk. From the free garbage of a house, job hunting andadvancedr registrationweres distracting her from asking the really important questions.

Even with a free house, if her brothercouldnn’t get in, it would be of no use.

[Family, guests, friend, can move in or be invited.]

Fortunately, Osaek gave a positive response. Hena patted her chest with a relieved sigh.

“Thank goodness. I guess people who know me canenter. .”

Hena got happy again and chewed on the bones. It was tasty.

As Hena enjoyed the taste of the greasy food, she opened up the system to review her skill set she had used hence far. Except for the ‘picking edible veggies’ skill, all were of rank D.

<Comfy Bed(D) : Allows you to make a bed to get safe and quiet rest without someone else’s disturbance. Active Skil. (Current proficiency41/1000) )>

<Picking edible veggies(C) : Allows to pick out the edible roots. Passive skill. (Current proficiency 33/2000)

<Home SweetHome e(D): Provides a homeforo the user of the skill. Active skil. (Current situation:”basicc shabby one-roo” level. ’Disableybugs s(D): Defeatsintruderss to keep the house at peace. Active skil. (Currentproficiency-100/1000) )>

<Detailed touch(D): Gives satisfaction to all with attention to detail. Passive skil. (Current proficiency 574/1000)

<This is what home tasteslike e(D):It allows  you to taste the best MSG out there, the taste of a hom- cooked meal. Active skil. (Current proficiency336/1000) )

<The power ofrice e(D): Strength comes from rice. Recover your exhausted energy with food containing rice. Passive skil. (Current proficiency23/1000) )>

When she looked closely, there were categories that Hena had never noticed. There were some skills with a higher or lower rank than she had previously thought.
The”‘detailed touc”’ skillin particular  had a relatively high proficiency level.

“Is it because this is a passive skill? It’s pretty high for it to have gotten his proficiency with just cleaning. I guess it activates when I use different skills as well.”

Thinking about how she spent the entire day yesterday grilling meat, the leveling up did make some sense.

Still, what she lacked caught her attention more than what she was good at.

The one that caught the most attention was the”‘destroy bug”’ skill.

“Why is the destroy bugs skill proficiency so low? It’s -100!”

She didn’t even remember getting the skill or even using it.

“What is this?”

In front of the eyes that were curious to find out, a detailed note appeared when Hena looked into the skill.

[Poor memory recall! Have you forgotten about the Osaek abuse incident? Condemn wrongdoing!]

Osaek raised his antennas as bats and knocked on Hena’s knees. Unfortunately, his choice of weapon was too weak for Hena to even feel a slight tingle from the impact.

Still, if Hena were not to react to his attack, Osaek would get even more angry, so she acted to be in pain with some sound effects such as ‘ouch, ouch.’
Then she asked, kneeling towards him.

“What do you mean by forgetting the abuse incident? That I deleted memories of abusing you? When did I ever hit such a cute and small snail as you…oh..right..I did.”

It was already too late when Hena remembered the intense first impression she made on Osaek. She had smacked Osaek who appeared from the ground, thinking that it was a rodent.

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