The Homemaker of the Dungeon Chapter 13


Chapter 13

“Oh, so that’s when the skill activated without me even knowing about it. But why is my score negative? Is it because I hit a snail and not a bug? If they appear in the house, isn’t it the same thing? ”

From Hena’s comments while she talked to herself, Osaek turned brilliant red and shook in anger at these comments.

[Rude! I am no ordinary snail! “

I am the manager of the housing committee! The fairy of homes!]

For hitting the manager, you get penalty points!

Hena apologized to the small snail that was now showing the antennas as flashing sirens. There was even a cold sweat.

Sorry, Osaek. I made a mistake in my expressions; no really rude comments. It’s my bad. It’s really a wrongdoing to have hit you in the beginning. I can’t believe that I thought about smacking my cute, adorable, and handsome Osaek without even looking at you! I deserve all those penalty points, right? ”

Hena got close to the floor and tried to remediate with Osaek, even putting her chicken to the side.

This made Osaek scream out with more momentum.

“A very severe crime! It needs a serious penalty!

From this comment, the yellowish wall paper turned into a bright and rosy design of the utmost tackiness.

“Yuck! What’s this? What happened to my house? ”

[Eye -> eye, tooth -> tooth.]

He seemed to be referring to the statement “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

Hena screamed while covering her eyes with her hands.

“Hey, can you stop using those weird simplified arrows?”

[Therefore abuse->revenge]

But there was nothing that could stop Osaek, who was already on a roll.

Following the bright red flowers on the wall, the sink started to blossom with roses as well.

One of the doors has a dolphin, moon, and stars design. Next to the shoe stand, a bumpy brick design appeared on the wall.

This was a frightening makeover of the house because you could not possibly understand the motives of the designer.

Hena screamed, half of her mind gone mad.

“My bad, Osaek! Abuse is a terrible crime. I will never do it again. Please stop ruining my home! ”

After some time passed, the small snail finally calmed down. The vandalism incident stopped after some wall paper and sink changes.

If old cherry wood moldings were to appear on top of this, Hena would have really cried.

“Eh, what do I do? I’m going to have nightmares of getting choked by flowers in my sleep! ”

Hena never knew that she would start missing the dark, moldy walls. The current condition of the house right now is beyond anything that one could possibly imagine. This is why words matter.

“Dear Osaek, could you turn it back to the original state? I’m really sorry.

Hena held on to Osaek and pleaded.


From here, Osaek only typed out dots in mid-air. It meant that he would remain silent.

“Osaek, please?”


Please, dear great manager of the housing committee and the fairy of homes, please grant my wish!”

Finally, Osaek replied to her request.
[Can’t do it]

“Why? Do you think that my apology is not sincere enough? No, I am being sincere. I’m really sorry.

[… cannot be done with my abilities].

An ominous feeling passed through Hena’s bloodstream.

“What, what do you mean that it is not possible within your range of abilities?”

The antennas of Osaek were tangled up. This snail also felt some guilt.

Hena asked as calmly as she could.

“Osaek, please tell me. What do you mean that it’s not possible? ”

[b o gg o]

Hena was about to make a word out of a series of consonants and vowels.

System: Hidden Quest unlocked! >

For the first time in a while, the system functioned.

System: “Challenge! Interior design!” The quest is unlocked.

“Interior design?”

The description of the quest followed Hena’s question.

Challenge! Interior Design! (Difficulty undecided): Do you want to escape the terrible interior of your home? Do you want to create your own cozy space? Try our interior challenge.

A required quest (0/3)

  • Get rid of unused wallpaper (0/100%)
  • Change the wall color (0/100%)
  • Change the sink color (0/100%)

*Time limit: none

You will not be punished when you do not complete the quest: you must continue on with the terrible design of the house that will give you nightmares.

*Quest reward: ‘Home Sweet Home’ skill level up!

Additional questions (0/n)

Depending on the choice of the user, additional rewards will be granted.

These details were both pretty free to interpret and restricted as well.

The quest was like homework that was randomly assigned to every advancer. It was assigned according to the ability of the advancer and had a time limit.

And there were many parts that had to be completed because the penalty of incompletion would decrease skill levels or lead to the loss of items.

Nevertheless, the skills and items earned after completing the quest helped significantly. This made many advanced players look forward to getting these quests assigned.

Now, the quest has been assigned to Hena. The assigned quest was to change the interior of the house, which was now terrifying beyond imagination, at least back to its original state.

Fortunately, there was no time limit.

Hena mumbled, looking at the close space of her home.

“For my mental sanity, I cannot continue living in such a place. I need to fix this place up, whether there is a quest or not. ”

Hena had been through a lot of run-down homes since losing her parents at a young age.

“But, this house is still something I cannot get used to.”

Hena shook her head. Throughout her life, she had never lived in such a tacky place with an interior that made her head dizzy.

[Quest… thanks to me.]

Osaek, who was next to Hena, used tiny fonts to emphasize his work in contributing to Hena’s getting a quest.

Shut up, Osaek. I know I wasn’t good, but you didn’t do anything praiseworthy, either. ”

From Hena’s comment, Osaek got quiet quickly. At least if he was a fairy of a home who had a basic level of artistic touch, he would know the severity of the crime he had committed.

“Since I have to go to work by Monday, I should complete it before then, no?”

Hena mumbled as she counted how many days she had left before then. Since today was Tuesday, she had approximately a week.

“Since I was going to remove the molds and add some storage units, it’s a good thing that this quest was given.”

Hena tried her best to stay positive. She said she was fortunate to not have lost her home, although the interior became ugly.

“Shall we start with those wallpapers?”

The flowery wallpaper still had mold on it.

Hena opened up her inventory and got the “mold destroyer gel” (A) that was given to her after leveling up. It was cool that as soon as she thought of getting it, it was placed right in her hands.

I wish that I could store all of my things in an inventory. Well, that would be like cheating, right? ’

You could only keep items from the dungeon or the system inside the inventory.

Since you couldn’t store items that ordinary people used, there was a very strict limit on the type of items that could be stored.

Those items were weapons, potions, magic scrolls, magical stones from monsters, etc., all of which were extremely expensive.

Anyway, the mold-destroying gel was an item that the system provided, so it could be kept in the inventory.

“Shall we see its potent effects?”

Hena got into her apron and headscarf in order to enhance her skills. She knew that the passive skill “detailed touch” would be in effect as she used the gel.

System: From wearing appropriate cleaning attire, your efficacy in skills has increased 150%! >

The system announced the attire advantage.

Hena found a mask in her cleaning storage and wore it. She expected that the stench of the mold would be extreme.

Also, Hena wrapped Osaek in a towel and placed him in the corner of the bathroom in case the destroyer gel would be too strong for him.

It was not her getting revenge for his act. She was really worried about him. She really was.

Hena, wearing the pink rubber gloves, sprayed the “mold-destroying gel” onto a wall with a high mold concentration.

System: In order to see the result of the “mold destroying gel,” you need 15 minutes.

  • Because this is a toxic chemical, make sure to vent after 15 minutes.

The kind system described how to use the item. Hena sprayed the remaining gel onto other parts of the walls and opened the door to head outside.

She had opened the door without thinking about where she would go, unlike most times when she knew exactly where she wanted to go.

When she turned the metal door handle, rays of sunshine appeared. It was a bright day that would not be found in the city.

“… huh?”

Hena zoned out for a bit, not believing what lay in front of her eyes.

No matter how many times she rubbed her eyes, the results remained the same.

“What the hell is this?”

That was right. Hena was on the beach.

One thing that was unique about this beach was…

[Keeeeyot! Keeyot!]

Kat kat kat! Kat kat kat!]

There were monsters flying in the air, not seagulls.

“This is…”

This was the dungeon.

Hena was so out of words that she wanted to ask a question on Quora.

Her question would have been:

I thought that I had won the lottery when I was awarded a home that would take me anywhere. I found out that it would take me to the dungeon instead. What should I do?

No matter how hard she thought, there was only one answer.

  • You have been scammed. But if that’s the only house you have, then you have no choice but to live there.

“What the hell is this?”

Hena stared at the monsters making screeching sounds up above.


You may be wondering why I mass-released chapters here, but it’s to say that I’m dropping The Homemaker of the Dungeon.

Reasons why I’m dropping Homemaker:

  • Real Life Responsibilites (I have an IRL job that i do alongside this TL hobby).
  • Losing Interest in the Novel
  • Don’t have enough time to re-edit the translations to make them more readable after translating them the first time around, like I have been doing since after Chapter 2

Leveling Up From Rank F and Biggest Boss are still going to be worked on, just Homemaker is being dropped at the time of writing this (3/16/2022)

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