The Homemaker of the Dungeon Chapter 8


Chapter 8



Hena exclaimed as she clapped her hands together.

“Finally, we’re almost done!”

Osaek trailed behind Hena, applauding his antennas alongside her.

“Wow, I can’t believe I did this. This is the triumph of humanity.”

Hena drank the bottle of water as if it were a beer and congratulated herself.

It had already been four days since the beginning of the one-room cleaning. She was knocked out while scrubbing the floor the first day. She spent the entire second day cleaning the bathroom.

There were numerous old stains in the bathroom. Black molds were used to fill the lines in the tiles. Hena piled bleach-soaked tissues on top of the stains. Meanwhile, she used a brush to scrub the sink and toilet.

Hena ate an entire twelve rolls of kimbap on that day because cleaning the bathroom was so difficult.

Fortunately, the skill ‘detailed touch’ proved useful.

The more she concentrated on cleaning, the more gleaming the tile became. The stains and mold that seemed impossible to remove were defeated by Hena’s ‘detailed touch.’

Despite the fact that it took an entire day…

Hena cleaned the kitchen sink on the third day. Fortunately, cleaning the sink was trivial in comparison to cleaning the floor and bathroom.

Hena was able to raise the’shabby one-room’ from level 2 to level 5 during that time.

The bathroom raised the level by two levels, and cleaning the sink raised it by one level as well. She also received a promotion.

The worn mattress(E) surprised Hena at first, but she soon received a ‘magical bidet that resolved constipation(A)’ and a ‘useful refrigerator except it doesn’t make ice(C).’ She also got the’mold destroying liquid(A)’.

The results of the random drawing were satisfactory.

Osaek also became shinier. While watching the shell reflect light as a mother-of-pearl in the sunlight, Hena thought to herself, ‘I should’ve named him Pearly…’

She was confident that after a few more levels, Osaek would shine as brightly as a pearl. With these thoughts in mind, Hena spread her limbs out on the ground.

“Whew, that’s nearly done. I’ll gradually remove the mold from the walls. I’m exhausted right now.”

“Dirt bee dirt bee (from an old Korean trot song that goes I am tired now, dirt bee dirt bee )”

Osaek, who had knowledge Hena didn’t expect from him, agreed with her lyrical reference.

Osaek appeared to be at ease after cleaning up the house…no his shinier shell.

“Should we go over the job search results now?”

With a heavy heart, Hena unlocked her phone. Still, she had not received a call from her brother. There was also no word from the companies she had applied to. It was a string of depressing news that signaled a silent rejection.

“How is this possible?”

Hena yanked her hair in frustration. She expected it to be difficult due to the economy and the difficulty of job searching in general, but not to this extent.
Hena, on the other hand, refused to give up. In a fit of rage, she sent her resume to a pool of job postings.

Hena had only been out of work for a week due to an accident, but she was a restless person. Hena, to be more specific, couldn’t go a day without earning money.

“Shouldn’t there be at least one response from this, Osaek?”

[Cannot say for sure.]

Osaek severed a source of expectation, but Hena made the wise decision to ignore the haters.
She then took the crinkled name card from her pockets. It was the card that hunter Min Ah Woo had left for her, instructing her to contact her.

“Those weren’t empty words…”

Hena examined the card with care. The card featured a blue dragon, and the characters ‘blue dragon(蒼龍)’ on it. Hena was familiar with the name.

“This belongs to the Blue Dragon Guild.”

The blue dragon guild was one of Korea’s top five guilds. It was well-known for having Rank-S Hunter Jin Hyung Kang as a member.

‘Is this why Mina felt so at ease with him?’

Hena nodded, remembering Mina’s behavior in front of Jin Hyung.

‘Despite the fact that they are coworkers, to treat such a frightening person in such a manner…she must be a skilled hunter as well.’

Hena went online and searched for Min Ah Woo, and the results flooded in.

[Min Ah Woo (26 years old): Rank 23 on the Korean hunter list.]

Her ranking was the first thing Hena noticed, which caused her eyes to widen.

‘Wow, she must be a great hunter if she is ranked 23rd!’

Although her rank was not in the single digits, which made her face less recognizable, being among the top 100 hunters in the country was a huge accomplishment.

“She must be very wealthy, right?” I had planned to treat her to a meal…”

Hena sighed as she examined her remaining bank balance.

“…Shouldn’t I still send my thanks?”

Although it wasn’t much, the balance was sufficient to treat someone to a delicious meal.

Hena was also a person who knew how to express gratitude. After losing her parents, she had firsthand knowledge of how cruel the world is.

“I should try texting her first.”

Hena took her phone and pressed each letter one by one.
Hena gave her full name and identified herself as the person buried among the grass leaves in the dungeon. This was an odd way to introduce herself, but it was the best she could come up with.


Her phone rang just a few minutes after she sent the text. It was Min Ah Woo. Hena pressed the answer button quickly.


-You finally called! How have you been doing?

“Yes, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to call until now because I was too busy. I’ve been doing very well.”

Min Ah Woo responded with a loud laugh.

-Ahaha! You still have a pleasant voice. By the way, are you free today? I’m off; do you want to go get something?

“Ah, yes. Same .. works, yes.”

Min Ah Woo’s bold energy pushed Hena, and she unexpectedly earned a meal date with Min Ah Woo.

Min Ah Woo quickly selected a time and location for their meeting and then hung up.

“Well, that was fast…”

Hena felt as if she had been swayed so dramatically in such a short phone call.

Hena, on the other hand, had still planned to treat her to a meal, so she convinced herself that it was all good after all.


“She said it’d be here…”

Hena wandered near the entrance to the BBQ place. Because it was 3:30 p.m., there were few people inside.
There was only one, and she was eating and grilling herself. Their towering backside appeared to be familiar.

‘Could it be, hunter Min Ah Woo?’

The customer turned around, as if she had detected a gaze. It was Min Ah Woo.

“You’ve arrived! Come on, now. Please take a seat. You should know that I eat a lot. So I was getting ready before you arrived.”

Min Ah Woo greeted Hena with a wave of her hands. Hena bowed and sat across from her.

“Hello, hunter Min Ah Woo, how have you been?”

“I’ve been fine. I think you got thin because you’ve been going through a heartbreak?”

To be more specific, it was physical labor.

Her weight loss was most likely caused by the cleaning of a single room. All of the kimbap she’d consumed had vanished.

Min Ah Woo made a concerned expression before ordering more meat.

“You should eat a lot as well. Sir, could you please give us three more pork belly servings?”

Because the restaurant was slow, the order was delivered quickly.

“Oh, I’ll just grill the meat.”

Mina was about to pick up the tongs when Hena stopped her. Allowing your lifesaver to grill the meat was not a good idea. Most importantly, Hena believed she had a talent for grilling meat. This is why, no matter which company she worked for, she was always the one who grilled the meat.

The meat was placed on top of the hot grill with a chhhhik sound.

‘This looks so tasty.’

Hena’s mouth watered, as it had been days since she had gorged herself on premade food from the cornershop.

‘I will grill it perfectly.’

As Hena imagined how delicious the meat would be grilled, the system sent out a message informing her of a new skill.

<System: Active skill, ‘This is what home tastes like(D)’ is activated.>

Hena was surprised at the sudden activation of the skill, but she kept her surprise hidden in order to focus on grilling. It was forbidden to think about anything else while grilling meat.

“Wow, you are so good at this! The texture of the meat is different from your hands.”

Min Ah Woo exclaimed as Hena handled the meat and cut it into pieces.

“You know, I was in charge of grilling at work.”

As she spoke, Hena arranged the cooked meat in a circle in the center of the grill. That meant they were ready to eat.

“Go ahead and eat. The ones today look especially mouth-watering.”

Hena put a piece of meat on Min Ah Woo ‘s plate and another in her mouth.

“Yum!” Mina burst out laughing.

Hena concurred as well.

The juices poured out as soon as they bit into the pork, as if a pork fairy was performing ballet inside their mouth. Overall, it was flawless.

Hena and Min locked gazes at that moment. Their hearts were linked. Mina yelled and raised her hand.

“Sir, we’ll add three, no, four more servings!”

Hena and Min Ah Woo placed their orders as if they were going to eat the entire store. They grilled and ate, grilled and chewed, without saying anything.

How much time has passed?

Hena was the first to regain consciousness. It was because she was so full.


Hena clung to her food bump. Min Ah Woo, too, awoke from her eating frenzy.

“Oh, we only ate and didn’t talk!”

“We did, indeed. We were so preoccupied with eating.”

Min Ah Woo grabbed Hena’s hands after hearing her drowsy response.

“Do you want to be my sister, Hena? I’ve never met anyone who is so skilled at cooking meat. This was the best meal I’d ever had!!”

Hena’s grilling abilities won over the nation’s 23rd most skilled hunter.

< System: ‘this is what home tastes like(D)’: allows you to experience the best MSG, which is the taste of hands-on cooking. Active skill.>

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