In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 14


Chapter 14: The Rich Kid’s Royal Beast

To be honest, Wei Feng had not anticipated such an embarrassing scene.

He happened to be seen by Liu Shuan just as he took her note – he didn’t seem to take it kindly; his face was as ugly as eating a dead fly.

Liu Shuan trudged to his seat, clearly angry, without saying anything.

Wei Feng felt awkward as he held her note.

It was pointless to explain it to Liu Shuan because it would only add fuel to the fire.

After about two minutes of silence, Liu Shuan said something bold to Wei Feng:

“Return to me all of my money that I lent you! Let’s call it quits on this friendship,” he said flatly to Wei Feng.

When teenagers are upset, the most direct way for the other party to admit their error is through monetary means!

“I lent you 1450 yuan, return it right now!” Liu Shuan remembered exactly how much he lent to Wei Feng.

He couldn’t believe how serious Liu Shuan was – he felt helpless.

Even though he has the funds to repay Liu Shuan, he is unable to do so. That would be the end of their friendship.

Wei Feng wanted to stand up and explain the situation to Liu Shuan, but Zhang Xiyao quickly stood up and said, “Ah, Liu Shuan, I’m really sorry for the scene yesterday. Please forgive me if it caused you any problems.”

“A-ah! No, no, no, it’s all right,” Liu Shuan’s face flushed and he panickedly waved his hands around. “It’s not a problem at all; you didn’t cause me any problems!” I apologized to you already for being too abrupt.”

With Zhang Xiyao apologizing to him, Liu Shuan forgot about the debt owed to him by Wei Feng.

8:00 a.m.; eight o’clock; the head teacher entered the classroom.

Another transfer student was right behind him!

“What’s going on? There seem to be a lot of transfer students coming in these days! I heard the other day that other classes have a lot of transfer students.”Liu Shuan said quietly to Wei Feng.

The new transfer student was well-dressed and had a clean face; he also had middle-parted hair and wore an expensive mechanical watch on his right wrist.

“Hello everyone. My name is Wang Jiahao. I am 16 years old and from Haicheng. My royal beast is a third-order Shadow Demon. ” He explained as he summoned his creature.

Shadow Demons are humanoids with demonic features and a high level of agility.

Everyone’s attention was drawn to his Shadow Demon’s fiery red armor and the blade of fire it wielded as he summoned it.

Obviously, this is from the Beast Fighting Armory.

Wei Feng used his mental strength to assess the attributes of the Shadow Demon out of curiosity.

[Royal Beast Panel]

Royal Beast: Shadow Demon

Level: 3 (Intermediate)

Attribute: Darkness

Strength: 195 (+50)

Agility: 237

Spirit Power: 145

Core Ability: [Shadow Assault] – Effect: Increase the Agility stat by 200% for one second. Cooldown: 5 seconds.

Beast Armor: [Tier 3 Flame Armor] – Effect: Blocks any attack below 150 strength and increases the wearer’s strength stat by 50.

[Tier 3 Flame Double-Wield Swords] – Effect: Ignores the defense stat of up to 150 strength value. Burns enemies.

Type: Evolvable.

The third-order royal beast armor!

Wei Feng was taken aback.

Not to mention, those dual-wield swords can sever his Ice Giant!

In this world, it’s all about money.

Wei Feng frowned.

This isn’t a coincidence. Yesterday it was Zhang Xiyao, and today it is Wang Jiahao. This influx of transfer students cannot be a coincidence.

Something in Yangtze must have piqued their interest. Something that entices even the wealthiest of people.

Ordinary people like Wei Feng, Liu Shuan, and the locals have no idea what it is.

People broke the rules in the first interaction class of the day by going to the other classes’ area to chat with each other.

There was no warning from the loudspeaker either.

Yangtze Junior Beastmaster Academy has changed.

Wei Feng sat cross-legged on the ground, obliviously watching other students train their beasts. He was engrossed in thought.

Is it related to the Class-S Forbidden Item he currently possesses?

Wei Feng was concerned.

If it’s about the Class-S Forbidden Item, that should be reason enough for them to come here.

Wei Feng does not have time to get distracted. He must speak with Zhang Xiyao.

Everyone went back to their classes after the interaction class.

With so many prodigies in the academy these days, no one will notice Wei Feng summoning his Ice Giant.

There was a 10-minute break in class.

Wei Feng took out the note he had received earlier today and wrote on it, “What brought you to Yangtze?”

As he handed over the note, Zhang Xiyao simply smiled and said, “It’s a secret!”

She’s hiding something.

Wei Feng didn’t give up and wrote another note. “Does it have anything to do with the Class-S Forbidden Item here?”

When she read the note, Zhang Xiyao gave him a surprised look and quickly scribbled a response.

“Not entirely. There are other things to see in Yangtze. Beautiful things! Do you want to know what I’m talking about? I’ll tell you about it if you tell me about your beast.”

Wei Feng felt helpless in the face of the beautiful, petite handwriting.

So Zhang Xiyao doesn’t have my mental strength and has always been intrigued by my beast. He reflected to himself. She must be curious.

Wei Feng smiled and wrote out a reply.

Zhang Xiyao quickly grabbed the note, but as soon as she read it, she crumpled it into a ball and smashed it onto the table.

“Ugh, you’re so annoying!”

Zhang Xiyao was enraged and ignored Wei Feng while reading the book in front of her.

Wei Feng smiled as he picked up the paper ball from her table, shredded it, and tossed it into the trash can.

Liu Shuan returned his gaze to the scene in front of him.

He can’t possibly lose to Wei Feng. He couldn’t figure it out.

As the meditation class begins, it became quiet.

Wei Feng persisted in his attempt to break through the second layer of fog.

He noticed that the [Ruined Symbol] emitted a ruinous and decaying odor. It appears that he will be able to use it soon.

12:00 p.m.; Twelve o’ clock noon.

Wei Feng opened his eyes.

He tried for an hour and fifty minutes to break through the fog barrier.

Without any breaks.

He didn’t feel tired, nor did he feel depleted of spirit power.

Wei Feng realized it was due to a hidden factor.

All the work—his Class-S Forbidden Item—[Absolute Zero]!

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