In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 15


Chapter 15: Homeless

Wei Feng arrived at the library as usual after a quick lunch.

This time, he discovered a number of books on forbidden items.

He wanted to know if there were any restrictions on using the items, as well as the potential side effects.

After all, he is in possession of two forbidden items.

Forbidden items are obviously forbidden for a reason. He doesn’t believe they will be harmful to his body in the long run.

Wei Feng did find some useful information half an hour later.

So far, no side effects have been recorded with currently known forbidden items!

Wei Feng was surprised by this.

Perhaps that is what distinguishes this world from his. Some unusual objects can defy the Theory of Relativity.

However, there are no side effects in general. This took a huge weight off Wei Feng’s shoulders.

Wei Feng breezed through the first interaction class of the afternoon by doing nothing.

Wei Feng then hit the fog barrier for more than an hour during the second meditation class.

The fog barrier moved only slightly.

It would take more than ten days to open up another layer of fog under the guidance of the blue light. Not to mention that Wei Feng currently lacks a guide.

Wei Feng packed his stuff and left with Liu Shuan at exactly six o’clock, 6:00 p.m.

They talked and laughed as they walked towards their town.

As they approached the entrance to their apartment, Wei Feng noticed a familiar figure from a distance.


For the first time, his worthless father appeared.

However, there was an unknown man collecting items, and the items in his vehicle resembled a few pieces of furniture from his home!

What’s going on?

Wei Feng took a quick step forward.

When his father saw him, he yelled, “Useless boy, where have you been all day?!!”

Wei Feng frowned.

He now understands why his former self was so disgusted with him.

“What are you doing? Why did you sell the furniture? That’s my desk too!” Wei Feng questioned him.

His father appeared incredibly drunk, with a flushed face: “Ha ha! I was about to tell you – I sold the house, and you’re already 16 – I’ll find you a job tomorrow. You’ll do it.”

“Why did you sell the house? Why?!” Wei Feng asked in surprise.

“You useless boy, don’t yell at me. Why should I explain anything to you? I’m going to beat you to death right now.” He was clearly drunk as he yelled threats at Wei Feng.

 At this point, a middle-aged woman and a teenager about his age exited their pink car at the community’s gate.

The woman wore a lot of makeup and had a lot of curls in her hair. Her high heels were at least 5 inches tall, and she walked towards them.

Wei Feng couldn’t help but sigh inwardly.

Could this be his father’s mistress?

According to the former body’s memory, his father couldn’t have known this woman at such a young age, implying that the teenager was not his father’s illegitimate child. He was probably just a boy-toy.

“What are you doing, my dear Wei Qing? Didn’t you promise me that Momo would be treated as if he were your own child from now on? Are you breaking your promise?” With a whimper, the woman approached Wei Feng and his father and said to him.

Wei Feng felt goosebumps all over his body.

How cruel is this!

The woman turned back around to the delivery man and said, “Xiao Wan, could you take Momo back to my car? Give me ten minutes. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.” ¹

His father pushed the woman away quickly, clearly wanting her to leave.

But she was adamant about staying. She began to struggle, and her whimpering voice could be heard once more. “I’m not going! I’m staying until you speak clearly to me! Don’t try to deceive me.”

Wei Feng couldn’t stand it any longer.

If he continued to listen to this woman, his ears would fall off.

“Hey, old hag! Can you speak clearly? What’s going on!” With those two words, it directly pierced through the woman’s heart.

Old hag!

It is an extremely taboo thing to bring up to a woman.

Sure enough, the woman was stunned, and shouted, “Wei Qing, l-look at your son! He holds zero respect, aren’t you going to discipline him?”

His father’s face darkened as he glared angrily at Wei Feng and stretched out his palm.

“You useless son!”

Wei Feng snatched his father’s arm as it was about to strike him.

“Stupid boy, worthless boy! How dare you fight back!” He wasn’t expecting Wei Feng to fight back; his body was stunned.


Wei Feng scowled at him, and his father extended his other hand. Wei Feng, for his part, slammed him to the ground.

His father was stunned.

He didn’t expect his son to have this much power.

They haven’t seen each other in ages – his son has never dared to speak up or fight back. Why is he fighting back now?

He shuddered at the sudden change.

Stunned, the woman summoned Momo to her side to summon his royal beast.

Momo appeared to be the same age as Wei Feng – he was dressed in a tracksuit and his hair was shaped like a mushroom – he definitely looked like a sugar baby.

When she asked him to summon his royal beast, he drew the summoning symbols in front of Wei Feng with a solemn expression.

All Wei Feng wanted to do was laugh.

Wei Feng punched him in the stomach as he took a step forward.


The boy’s body bowed forward like a shrimp, and the summoning symbol shattered into pieces, making a muffled sound.


Momo fell to the ground clutching his stomach.

Wei Feng punched him hard – the boy couldn’t even scream in pain when he was beaten.

 The woman was terrified and fell to him, shaking him, saying, “Ah! Help! A murder has occurred! Help me! Save me”

Wei Feng frowned once more.

The community’s security is already on their way.


Wei Feng silenced her by slapping her across the neck.

Looking at his father, who was sprawled on the ground in a pitiful state, Wei Feng declared, “It’s a disgrace to share the same family name with you. I’m not interested in having any relationships with you!”

Wei Feng approached the delivery man, grabbed two of his books, placed them in his bags, and began walking out the community gate.

Liu Shuan dashed after him, “W-wait! Where are you going, Wei Feng? Spend one night with me. It’s a dangerous world out there!”

Wei Feng came to a halt and stared at him. He removed 1500 yuan from his bag and placed it in Liu Shuan’s hands.

“Here’s the money you lent me, plus interest.”

Liu Shuan was shocked and turned to face Wei Feng.

“Don’t worry,” Wei Feng said before Liu Shuan could respond. “I’m not going to sleep on the road or go hungry. I’ll see you on campus tomorrow.”

Wei Feng patted Liu Shuan on the shoulder and walked away without looking back.


¹ The translation is a little wonky here; I’m not sure who Xiao Wan is – but he’s most likely the delivery man carrying their belongings. Momo is the woman’s son; Wei Feng thought he was the woman’s boy-toy.

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