In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 16


Chapter 16: Dorm 705

To be honest, Wei Feng never felt anything towards his father.

From his former memories, he never liked him.

Moreover, his memories were like a movie to him—it doesn’t make sense to call an actor playing your father in a movie your father, right?

Then, it won’t be as immersive.

The sky was completely dark, and the neon lights on the streets illuminated the way.

The night is still young.

The roar of a train could be heard from several streets across.

Wei Feng returned to campus and asked where his teacher was staying with the security.

He had to find a place to live first.

Student accommodation is available on campus—he just needs to inquire about it from his teacher.

To the east of the interaction area, behind a row of trees, were the dormitories.

The first six-story building was the teacher’s dorms; each teacher has their own room, but most don’t live in the academy. Therefore, the dorm was mostly empty.

Wei Feng came to the third floor, to room 012, and knocked gently.

Knock knock!

The door opened.

It was not his teacher who opened the door, but a woman wearing a dark green dress with long hair and a shawl. She was beautiful!


Wei Feng was stunned.

The woman said, “Are you a student from class 7? The Master is taking a shower! Come in and wait! ”

Wei Feng finally realised that this woman wasn’t human.

Behind her was a pair of translucent wings. She also had long and pointy ears hidden in her hair.

An elf!

Wei Feng couldn’t believe it was an elf.

Wei Feng was surprised.

Her tall figure, her curvy body, and her beautiful appearance.

It’s very appealing.

He didn’t expect his teacher to have such a superb royal beast.

Wei Feng did not enter and said, “I’ll just wait outside!”

After a short while.

His teacher, wrapped in a white towel, walked out of his bathroom with wet hair.

He glanced at Wei Feng outside his door, and said, “Wh- what are you doing here so late?”

Wei Feng quickly clarified, “Teacher, I… don’t have a place to live at anymore. I need to apply for accommodation here.”

“My god.”

His teacher was in disbelief, but turned around and walked into his room. After a while, he handed keys to Wei Feng.

“In the student dorm, room 705. Two other students in your class live there!”

“Thank you so much!”

Wei Feng quickly took the key, bowed gratefully, and left.

His teacher watched him leave, and sighed in worry. “This poor child… what happened at home? Doesn’t his family know about his pure talent?”

Wei Feng came to the three student dorms,

It was different from the teachers’ dorms. Each building only had four floors, but the area of each floor is very large.

Room 705 is on the second floor, at the end of the corridor – the second room from the end.

It’s still early, and most of the students living in the dorm haven’t slept. It was noisy.

Many classmates gathered together, eating hot pot, drinking beer.

Minus the royal beasts, this world was no different from his original world.

At the end of the corridor, he came to room 705, and gently pushed opened the door.

The room was very quiet, with two bunk beds on each side. Four beds in total.

The beds on the left and right were full of items and blankets.

But there was only one other person in the room who was lying on the lower bunk bed, staring at their phone.

“You’re back – did you get me my food yet?” Yang Xin thought that it was his roommate who returned.

“Uh, he hasn’t returned yet.” Wei Feng replied.

Yang Xin was taken aback, “Wei Feng! Why are you here? Y-you’re living here?”

Yang Xin is the guy sitting in the front of Wei Feng. He often chats with Zhang Xiyao under the guise of chatting with Wei Feng.


Wei Feng affirmed, and put his bag on the top left bunk bed. “We’ll be roommates from now on.”

“By the way, the head teacher said that another person lives here too. Who is it?” Wei Feng pointed to the other empty bunk bed.

“Oh. Wang Xin. He went to buy me food – fried noodles in sauce. You want one? I’ll ask him to buy another one.” Yang Xin waved his phone and replied.


Wei Feng nodded; he hasn’t eaten.

Yang Xin quickly texted Wang Xin to get another pack of noodles, and that Wei Feng has come to live with them.

After sending the text, the two chatted.

There are plenty of topics to talk about amongst teenagers – although Wei Feng was mentally older than the other by two years, this doesn’t affect his young heart.

Wang Xin came back after twenty minutes.

In addition to three servings of noodles, he carried six cans of beer!

“We got a new roommate; we have to celebrate!” Wang Xin put down the food, and threw a can each at Wei Feng and Yang Xin.

It was still cold.

“Come on, don’t be shy.”

Yang Xin was delighted and raised his beer can to touch Wei Feng’s can, and raised his head to start chugging the beer.

Wei Feng drank too.

The beer in this world was sweeter than the one in his old world. It was refreshing and thirst-quenching.

The entire room was then filled with a savory smell.

The noodles and cold beer suppressed the heat of this summer.

Wei Feng felt that living in the dorm wasn’t so bad after all.

Yang Xin obviously couldn’t hold his liquor, however. Drinking two beers was enough for him to start speaking nonsense.

Wei Feng smiled awkwardly.

This guy is no less obsessed with Zhang Xiyao than Liu Shuan!

Wei Feng kept his thoughts to himself and just listened.

Later, Wei Feng couldn’t sleep.

When sleeping in a foreign environment, insomnia was inevitable.

Breaking fog barriers in his brain didn’t work either

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