In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 17


Chapter 17: Growth

Early in the morning.

Wei Feng opened his eyes, and the first thing that caught his eyes was the white roof that was less than two meters away from him.

He turned to look at the lower right bunk.

Yang Xin was sprawled all over his bed – the patterns on his boxers crumpled together, as if it was smiling.

Wei Feng looked away and glanced at the marks on his left chest.

Icy patterns had already spread all over his body.

Ever since it started to spread, Wei Feng only felt stronger.

It may not be too obvious, but he definitely felt stronger.

He took a look at his own attribute panel.

[Properties Panel]

Host: Wei Feng [Strongest Royal Beast System]

Age: 16

Rank: Junior Beastmaster

Strength: 15 (+11.5)

Agility: 19 (+4.5)

Spirit Power: 49 (+8)

Power of Control (Intermediate Level) – [You gain 10% of your royal beast’s attributes.]

Forbidden Items: S-Tier – [Absolute Zero] – The conditions have been met. ALL of your stats are increased by 2 every 24 hours.

C-Tier – [Ruined Symbols] – Conditions are not met yet.

Core Ability: [Hardened Skin] – Derived from [Ice Giant], your skin is tough and can resist attacks of strength not higher than 115.

Royal Beast: [Second-Order Ice Giant]

The conditions for [Absolute Zero] has been met – every 24 hours, he gains two points for every attribute!

Isn’t this too strong?

In this world, royal beasts are powerful – their strength can easily reach up to the thousands.

But it is difficult for humans to become stronger.

The Federation recorded that a beast master could only reach 300 points in all attributes in two years – after consuming countless potions and medicines.

The beast master never stopped there though. When he reached 40 years old, his body aged rapidly, and died.

The side effects to those medicines he consumed were great.

But if Wei Feng wants to reach 300 points in all attributes, it would only take 150 days. Only five months.

With no side effects!

That’s the power of forbidden items.

After getting up, he bought some toiletries at the convenience store downstairs – he then washed himself and went to buy breakfast.

When he brought breakfast back, Wang Xin’s alarm clock sounded.

Time: 6:30am.

Yang Xin was awakened by the alarm and immediately said, “Mm! Is that the smell of steamed buns and fried dough sticks!”

Wei Feng sat at the wooden table while eating a bun and said, “Your nose is so sharp – it is steamed buns and fried dough sticks! But you didn’t smell the millet porridge!”

“Wei Feng, you got up really early!” Wang Xin sat up, impressed. “These two days, I’ve been buying breakfast. Now I get to wake up to breakfast-in-bed!”

“Wang Xin, what are you saying! Do you think I’m lazy?!” Yang Xin, who overheard this while washing up in the bathroom, shouted.

“Nonsense! There’s no point in disliking you.” Wang Xin walked into the bathroom and talked with Yang Xin.

Suddenly, roars of royal beasts sounded throughout the dorm.

After they ate, Yang Xin and Wang Xin summoned their beasts to feed them.

Wang Xin’s beast was a first-order wolf, while Yang Xin’s beast is a first-order troll.

They both eat dried meat.

So, this is why the student dorms were considerably bigger than teacher dorms – it is to accommodate for the beasts too.

They then looked at Wei Feng curiously.

“Have you already fed your beast?” Yang Xin asked.

Wang Xin added, “By the way, what is your royal beast? I never saw it.”

Sure enough, after two days of not summoning his royal beast, people have already forgotten what his beast was.


Yang Xin cut himself off. “Isn’t your mental power just five? Why can’t I read your beasts’ profile? ”

“I can’t read it either!” Wang Xin exclaimed, and looked at Wei Feng.

Wei Feng quickly got up and closed the dorm door.

Only the teacher probably knows about his beast.

I guess that means my royal beast isn’t a secret. It’s okay to tell them, he thought to himself. His class will soon know about it anyways.

After all, tomorrow is the start of tests.

Under the suspicious eyes of the two, Wei Feng summoned his Ice Giant.

They were speechless.

Yang Xin: “…”

Wang Xin: “…”

They were dumbfounded.

Although Wang Xin had forgotten what the beast was, it definitely wasn’t the beast in front of him.

His memory wouldn’t lie to him.

Yang Xin blinked in confusion, “Y-you got another royal beast?”

“Yup,” he nodded. “I already broke the first layer of fog, and my mental power was just a little higher than the Stone Man, so I decided to summon another royal beast.”


“You’re crazy!”

Yang Xin inquired, “Is this a third-order beast?”


Wang Xin stepped forward and touched the crystallised ice on the Ice Giant’s body, “This is a second-order royal beast? Why does it feel that… it’s stronger than Zhao Ming’s beast?”

“Maybe it’s a Power Attribute beast!” Wei Feng explained.

Wang Xin and Yang Xin shook their heads in disbelief. While envious, they couldn’t believe Wei Feng hid the beast so well.

Wei Feng was being modest, saying he got lucky.

They both nodded in agreement.

It actually isn’t easy to simply remove a beast and summon another one.

You have to meet the first condition.

Which is to have spirit power higher than that of your royal beast!

That’s the most important factor. When your spirit power exceeds that of your beast, only then could the relationship between you and your beast be severed.

Under normal circumstances, this only ever happens when a junior beastmaster surpasses his own first-order beasts in mental power and breaks the first layer of fog in their brain.

If their own beasts are weak, most beast masters choose to sever the relationship between their beasts and summon another one.

Of course, this only applies to beasts below the third level. After all, it is just a junior beast master.

When the first layer of fog is broken, the spirit power of the beast master increases to about fifty.

When your mental strength exceeds 50, you become an intermediate beast master. You can get then summon royal beasts of the third-order and above, to the sixth-order.

According to statistics from the Federation, only 30% of junior beast masters can exceed 50 mental strengths after breaking the first layer of fog.

It’s fucked up.

Because the other 70% only miss this mark by about two or three points.

These two or three points are the difference between a junior beast master and an intermediate beastmaster.

Just like college examinations, the different of two or three points could mean not getting into your dream college!

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