In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 18


Chapter 18: P.E.G Medicine

Not all hope is lost.

PEG Pharmaceuticals.

This is the most direct way to enhance spiritual power and mental strength.

Unlike the CE series of medicine, PEG series of medicine’s effects are permanent.

It can be compared to eating food, really.

If your mental strength is a person, then PEG is food. People will gain weight after eating food.

However, it’s expensive and they have side effects.

Seven forty in the morning.

The three entered class together.

Liu Shuan had already arrived and happily waved Wei Feng over.

Wei Feng sat down, and Liu Shuan handed him a small bottle.

“What is this?”

He took the bottle and read the label.

PEG-015 Medicine! And a small gift!


What’s in the box?

Wei Feng looked back at Liu Shuan.

Liu Shuan took out his own small bottle, “This medicine… I bought it from a group chat yesterday, 3000 yuan. And it was a buy one free one deal!”


Wei Feng blinked.

PEG Pharmaceuticals provides fifteen different medicine, and the market price for PEG-015 medicines are about 5000 yuan.

Liu Shuan bought it for 3000 yuan, and it was a buy one free one deal?

This can’t be.

“Come on, Wei Feng. Drink it!” Liu Shuan looked at Wei Feng happily.

Wei Feng: “…”

Wei Feng was speechless.

Don’t treat me as a guinea pig!

Or maybe this was a genuine gift for him to try.

This little shit.

“I can’t drink this.”

Wei Feng refused, and handed the medicine back.

“You! Don’t drink it either!”

Liu Shuan was anxious too – he was also a little afraid to try it.

Yang Xin, who was in front of them, turned his head and said, “Liu Shuan, let me try it!”


Liu Shuan was a little reluctant.

He then asked Wei Feng, and seeing that Wei Feng was being firm, he gave the bottle to Yang Xin.

“I’m also in that group you talked about – I wanted to buy this for a long time, but I was a bit skeptical! I’ll try it now.” Yang Xin explained.

Wei Feng was a little surprised.

It seems that many students in their class were taking supplements.

Nowadays, people can easily break through the first layer of fog. The students have already begun to plan ahead.

Yang Xin took the medicine, pulled out the cork and drank it.

A mouthful of blue liquid, with a bit of fluorescence.

After Yang Xin drank, he closed his eyes.

Wei Feng and Liu Shuan looked curiously.

After about five minutes, Yang Xin opened his eyes, “It works!”

Yang Xin was overjoyed and spoke to Liu Shuan, “It’s true – my mental power has increased by two – this potion is real!”

Liu Shuan widened his eyes and quickly drank his medicine.

It was the same bottle with blue liquid and fluorescence lights.

Liu Shuan, too, closed his eyes. After five minutes, he opened his eyes and said, “Damn! I really did save a lot of money!”

He turned to Wei Feng, “It’s a pity you didn’t drink it.”

Wei Feng just smiled.

With his forbidden item, he didn’t need this medicine.

Eight o’ clock in the morning.

The head teacher walked in with another transfer student behind him.

Seeing the transfer student, Wei Feng hid his face in shock.

Today’s transfer student was actually the son of his father’s mistress – Momo!

Liu Shuan quickly turned to Wei Feng and grabbed his arm, “Feng! It’s the kid you sent to the hospital yesterday!”

Momo also saw Wei Feng, and a flash of fear appeared on his face.

“Nice to meet all of you. I’m Cheng Mo. I’m 16. My royal beast is a first-order Shadow Demon.”

Wei Feng just smiled at him until he sat on the right of the third row.

“Alright. To the interaction class.”

The first interaction class of the day.

Wei Feng had zero intention of summoning his Ice Giant.

Although Yang Xin and Wang Xin know about it, that doesn’t mean he wants to announce it to the public.



A scene happened.

Liu Weiwei, a sturdy girl, fought with Zhao Yuanyuan.

While their two beasts were fighting each other, Liu Weiwei pulled Zhao Yuanyuan’s hair.

“What’s going on?” Wei Feng stood up. He couldn’t believe girls could fight fiercer than boys.

The class monitor Wu Jiajia quickly rushed over, and Liu Weiwei stopped.

But the two royal beasts were still fighting – it was Zhang Xiyao who had to summon her royal beast to stop the fighting.

Liu Weiwei and Zhao Yuanyuan were then called to the staff room.

Liu Shuan started to gossip around to find out what happen.

Turns out, Zhao Yuanyuan and another classmate were talking behind Liu Weiwei’s back, so Liu Weiwei simply retaliated physically.

“Did you see that?! Liu Weiwei is so violent, she ripped Zhao Yuanyuan’s hair off! Isn’t that crazy?!” Liu Shuan said in shock.

“Be careful around her,” said Yang Xin. “Or you might get beaten too.”

That kerfuffle made the interaction class noisier.

The teacher came at the end of the class.

He criticized the behavior of the two girls, then announced one thing.

To form teams!

That means the actual courses were about to begin.

Beforehand, the classes were just for the students to get to know each other.

The courses of an academy aren’t that technical.

From the beginning of the term, various practical trainings, team building, etc will be done every day.

The last three days, the teachers worked tirelessly.

They assigned teams based on each classmate’s fighting power.

The teacher took out a list and announced: “Wang Jiahao, Zhao Ming, Zhang Xiyao, Wu Jiajia, Wei Feng, you five, a team.”

Everyone looked at Wei Feng.

The first four names were obviously the strongest, but Wei Feng?

Wait, what is his royal beast anyways?

At this time, Liu Shuan looked at Wei Feng in disbelief, and asked, “Why can’t I read your royal beast’s profile… Wei Feng!”

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