My Mom is my Guardian Deity Chapter 2


“You have fun with uncle here. We’ll be right back.”

“Honey, hurry.”

“Yeah… wait.”


Her soft lips kissed my forehead. 

Her nice smelling hair lightly tickled my cheek. 

I looked at my mom and dad nervously. 

Through the closed door, I could hear loud noises of people screaming and shouting.

What could be happening?

Just when I was on the verge of crying in fear, my mom stroked my head with her warm hands and said,

“When I come back, I’ll make my Jae-min his favourite toast. I’ll put a lot of honey on it too.”

I silently nodded my head. 

After smiling brightly at me one more time, mom looked at the man standing next to me. 

Please look after my son. 

That is what her gaze meant. 

The man replied okay with a nod. 


The door opened from left to right, and I could vaguely see a glimpse of the city set on fire. 

After the raging wind along with heat blew on them, my mom and dad boldly left for the city that had been transformed to hell. 

I could only keep looking at their backs with blank eyes. 


The door closed. 

After that. 

I could never eat the toast my mom made forever. 


[Guardian deity ‘Sung Hyun-sook’ sends sponsorship package to ‘My son ♡’!]

[Package list: (Korean) Breakfast Package]

I couldn’t stop staring at the hologram in from of me. 

What? Is this a dream?

I tried rubbing my eyes with my hands, then even slapped myself a couple of times. 

But it’s real as heck. 

I’m so shocked I could faint just by the fact that I regressed, but now my Guardian Deity in-charge is…?

Sung Hyun-sook. 

There’s no doubt. 

That’s definitely my mom’s name. 

And by seeing how she called me ‘My son’ that means there’s only one conclusion to this. 

“I-is that really you mom…?”

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ scolds “How can a son not even recognize his own mother!”]

In this situation wouldn’t it be more weird if I’m just like ‘Oh, I see’ though…

I have no clue what’s happening.

I’ve regressed back to 3 years ago and 13 years ago- no wait, now it’s 10 years ago my mom who passed away is now a Guardian Deity who sponsors me?


Calm down.

Let’s talk about everything in detail after I at least drink some cold water. 

In a dazed state, I walked like a zombie in a stumbling manner to the corner of my room and opened the fridge. 

Five bottles of 2L mineral water, three cans of beer and a convenient store lunch box I had bought to eat for breakfast, 

It can be said that the beauty of emptiness stands out inside the fridge. 

[‘Sung Hyun-sook expresses her grief and says “Why do you live so pitifully!”]

I tried hard pretending to ignore the hologram beside me and just gulped the cold water. Pu-ah.

 “…What should I do. I can’t seem to calm down.”


Let’s start by checking whether it’s true or not. 

To be honest I can’t believe it at all. 

I’m not that gullible to go like ‘Yay! Mom!’ after my dead mom comes back as my Guardian Deity out of nowhere. 

‘If my mom actually appeared right before my eyes, that would be a different story though.’ 

All I can see is just a few lines of text.

Who knows? 

Maybe they’re doing a webcam prank event through the Guardian Deities. 

If it’s something like that then that is not funny at all. 

‘Or maybe it’s just Joong-won Sword Deity messing with me’

He’s someone who exchanged his whole personality for swordsmanship skills so no matter how much I swear at him, it won’t be enough. 

I glanced at the small frame kept beside the computer. 

It was a photo of me when I was 8 years old with my mom and dad at an amusement park when we went on a family trip for the last time. 

These bastards, if they’re really doing this nonsense in my mom’s name then I’ll curse at them like crazy. 

“So I need evidence that you’re my mo-”

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ asks “Do you still look for ice cweam* as soon as you enter the amusement park?”]

*t/n: not a typo!


What I was about to say got stuck in my throat. 

Ice cweam? 

What’s your intention for asking such a question? Is what I was going to ask…

But suddenly, a few scenes passed by in my head as if it was struck by lighting. 

-Mom, I want ice cweam. 

-No wonder this brat went on his father seeing how he looks for food first instead of rides,  even after coming to an amusement park. 

-C’mon, ice cweam! I wanna eat ice cweam!

-Okay fine. I’ll buy it. If you keep whining like this then mom’s going home.

I came to know about it later but, my parents were famous players. 

And because both of them were S-class players, apparently, they came to be known as the ‘S-class couple’

 In the situation where different monsters kept appearing, would the world have left my parents alone? 

‘No way.’

Because of missions or whatever…the time I spent alone was way more than the time I spent with my parents. 

Compared to others my age, I had no choice but to realize solitude a bit earlier. 

But whenever they had a little time, mom and dad would take me to the amusement park. 

Even if it was a day after they fought with monsters. 

“I look for ice cweam first…?”

Actually, I remember liking the bead ice cream sold there more than riding the rides because it was so delicious. 

All the memories came to my mind one by one. 

Even the fact that I used to call ice cream as ice cweam as I was still young and had a short tongue. 


“How do you know…”

How does that Guardian Deity know about my faint memories which I haven’t told to anyone? 

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ laughs “I even remember how you wore diapers until you were seven.”]

Damn it, did I?

I think I maybe did but for some reason I don’t want to admit it.

I patted my flushed face. 

Besides being fond of recalling the old memories, I had goosebumps all over. 

‘Despite that, I can’t trust those words 100%’

Guardian Deity. 

They are beings who sponsor skills and items that transcends cognition from a realm unknown to mankind. 

South American S-class player Jayden has even stated that he received the skill to control time by his Guardian Deity in charge, hence, nothing else is needed to be said. 

‘It wouldn’t be a surprise if she has an item to look into the memories or past of a human like me.’

Is there nothing else? 

Something that can make me convinced so I can make out her authenticity. 

Well if we keep talking, won’t I be able to find something?

“I’m sorry if I’m being picky but I still don’t trus-”

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ glares and says “Now stop rambling and just eat the food before it gets cold.”]

[Do you wish to open Sponsorship item: (Korean) Breakfast Package?  Y/N]

No but, why does she keep cutting me off when I’m speaking since a while ago. 

Is she really my mom? In the past, mom used to at least listen to everything I said till the end. 

‘I want to say that the food is not important right now but…’

The hologram window kept putting text in front of my face like a bird pecking with its beak. How troublesome, really. 

“Okay, fine. I’ll eat. I’ll eat it.”

Maybe because I went through a lot of things at once, I think I’m kind of feeling hungry anyway. 

To think I’m actually feeling hungry in this situation. 

[Sponsorship item: (Korean) Breakfast Package is being served!]

[If you wish to look through the package items then please command: ‘look through’.]

A cube box that looked like it came out of a casual game dropped down from empty space. 

“Look through.”

After just saying one phrase, on the floor of my rented room which had nothing on it but dust, opened up a dining table for one. 

And on the table was a simple but filling meal consisting of rice and side dishes. 

Rice, Korean soybean paste stew, grilled yellow croaker, kimchi, and other seasoned veggies…


It’s better than a convenient store lunchbox. 

And there’s even a spoon and chopsticks to complete, sweet. 

The moment I picked up the spoon to taste the soybean stew. 


Out of nowhere, I stopped my hand after remembering something and spoke to the Guardian Deity. 

“Isn’t there something else besides thi- Ouch?!”


Suddenly the energy of something intangible hit my back. 

[Sung Hyun-sook gives a penalty to ‘My Son ♡’ !]

[’A physical hit filled with love’ has been given to the representative!]

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ scolds “How can you nitpick over food even after turning that old!”]

That hurt! It really felt like someone hit me with their palm!

After unconsciously getting teary-eyed, I screamed feeling unfair. 

“I’m not nitpicking over food so can you please just hear me out till the end!”

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ folds arms and says “If you have something to say then go ahead.”]

Aside from the fact that I was lonely as a kid, my mom was very strong-willed. 

She didn’t hesitate to give me a ‘back smash’ if I did something wrong. 

Damn it, Seeing how I’m feeling the heat on my back like then, she might really be my mom…

“My mom always used to make me my favourite food when she came back home.”

I spoke with glaring eyes. 

“I’m sorry but that’s what I want to eat for breakfast right now.”

It’s obvious but I intentionally didn’t mention what type of food exactly.

My favourite food out of everything mom used to make. 

Which is none other than French toast. 

With a lot of honey only on one side. 

To this date, I can’t forget the taste of the toast my mom made. 

I know this might sound weird. 

But I can clearly differentiate the taste between toast made by someone else and my mom. 

To be precise, I can explain which parts taste different. 

It’s like, my taste buds send me an immediate signal. Saying this tastes different from the toast mom used to make. 

‘It’s a matter of intuition.’

Even though it’s been 13 years since I last ate mom’s toast. 

For some reason, I think I’ll be able to recognize it instantly. 

In fact, it’s to the point I’d like to ask myself how can you not forget that taste. 

If the Guardian Deity replicates the exact taste from that time then I’ll accept it. 

‘Because If I suspect her even after that then there will be no end to this.’

There was silence for a while. 


[Guardian Deity ‘Sung Hyun-sook’ sends sponsorship package to ‘My son ♡’!]

[Package list: Toast]


Just like a feather falling, a piece of toast gently dropped on the table. 

A ‘toast’ as if it was something obvious. 

But like I said earlier. 

It wouldn’t be a surprise if a Guardian Deity has an item to look into the memories or past of a mere human. 

To figure out what food I liked as a kid could have been a piece of cake. 

But for some reason, 


The moment I saw the toast, both my hands started trembling unconsciously. 

My pupils started shaking to the point I could realize it myself. 

I picked up the toast with my hand. 

Honey generously applied only on one side. 

Not even jam, but honey. 

No, don’t tell me…

No way. 


The moment I took a bite of the toast. 

I felt my mind going blank once again. 

But it was different from the feeling of getting struck by lightning earlier. 

As if a white canvas was being painted with colours. 

I don’t remember exactly when it was, but a scene unfolded in my mind. 

-It’s burnt again. Geez, what’s so hard about this that every time I cook it only this part gets burnt? Jae-min, should I make another one?

-Uh-uh. I like the burnt part.

-So weird, really. I know you’re my son but you’re really weird. 

The left corners of the bread. Even the burnt part is as it was. 

Mom grumbling about, no matter how many times she cooked it only this part gets burnt, echoed in my ear. 


How can this possibly be. 

Whenever I was in a bad mood or was scolded after doing something wrong,

Mom always made me this to eat and feel better. 

It would be more strange in fact, if I forgot this shape, this taste. 

No matter how much time has passed. 

“When I come back, I’ll make my Jae-min his favourite toast. I’ll put a lot of honey on it too.”

10 years ago, it was the last thing mom said to me. 

Since then, mom never came back. 

Destruction monster, Germadon. 

On the day it came back to Korea, mom and dad fought it. 

And ended up sacrificing their lives to end the destruction in the country. 

The world found back its peace but I couldn’t find my parents again. 

Nor the toast I loved. 


I thought I would never be able to eat it again. 

Something tickled my cheek. 

Just like how my mom’s hair tickled my cheek back then. 

I realized that at some point while I was chewing the toast I started squeezing it in an unsightly manner. 

I swallowed the toast through my throat and asked in a quavering voice. 

“You’re really, really my mom?”

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ asks back “Then who else would do this for their son if not their mom?”]

I didn’t doubt anymore. 

No, in fact there was no doubt. 

I didn’t want to believe the taste of this toast is a lie. 

Now I’m sure of it. 

The fact that my mom, who died 10 years ago, appeared in front of me again as my Guardian Deity. 

I started sobbing like an idiot. I didn’t care if people in the neighbouring rooms could hear me as the soundproofing in this rented room was crappy. 

Because I couldn’t hug the hologram, I looked at the text filled with my mom’s words and said. 

The words I had planned to say if we met again in heaven after I die. 

“I…I missed you, mom.” 

[‘Sung Hyun-sook is teary and says “I missed you too!”]


I have no words. 

Even though I’m in shock on one hand, on the other hand maybe it’s because I’m so overwhelmed, I laughed for no reason. 

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ scolds “By the way, if you’re done having breakfast then go tidy up your blanket!”]

Mom, did you really have to ruin the moment like this? 

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