My Mom is my Guardian Deity Chapter 4


[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ is furious and says “You worked so hard in tidying your blanket now what is this!”]

“…Mom, aren’t you being angry about the wrong thing?”

My house is in shambles. 

Although it is a studio apartment that is the size of a pea, a house is a house. 

“Crap, my bed…”

Ah, my blood pressure is about to rise from day one of regression. 

When I looked outside through collapsed wall, I could clearly see the faces of the bastards who turned my nest into dog food. 


Ten monsters with a strong physique like that of a bodybuilder have been screaming in the middle of the road in broad daylight. 

‘That’s right, it was them.’


I don’t know what tricks the heavens were playing on me but, from the first day of awakening I got struck by lightning after the gate near my house broke down. 

After that, I lost my house as a bonus. 

So what did I do you ask?

I jumped. 

No, to be exact, while I was about to run but there was no way to do that, I jumped. 

It wasn’t out of my own will. And it definitely wasn’t because I was in a hero mindset after being so happy by the fact that I woke up as a player. 

‘Joong-won Sword Deity, that damned bastard pushed me saying you should go for a grand debut now that you’ve awakened’ 

Joong-won Sword Deity. Because his name sounded like some kind of master I trusted him and was filled with courage I didn’t even have. 

I was like wow! Such a person is my Guardian Deity?

So in the end?

It is as described above. 

When an orc threw a punch in my stomach, I flew like a bullet and realized that reality was like the gutter. 

Then I came to know I was an F-class. That meant the difference between me and an ordinary human who hasn’t awoken yet is the height of an acorn. 

“Well just because I regressed doesn’t mean I’ll immediately change from an F-class to an A or S-class…”

I vowed to not let my second life go downhill too. 

Throwing yourself into a fight you can’t even win is not courage, but abuse. 

Being here is dangerous so for now I should find a shelter. 

When I turned to the front door after making up my mind.

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ holds onto her excited heart and says “The preparations for the grand welcoming ceremony have been done!”]


Why are you suddenly speaking like Joong-won Sword Deity? That makes me nervous. 

“Mom, by any chance, what was I doing the exact moment you became a Guardian Deity?”

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ nods with a sad face and says “You were dying because of the poison fog.”]

“…Then you’ll probably have no idea how I lived before I regressed right? Back then, I actually got beaten to a pulp by the orcs, mom.”

[‘Sung Hyun-sook folds arms and says “Then shouldn’t you use this opportunity to give back a 100 times as revenge.”]

“No, that’s what I mean, I’m no match for them!”

In frustration, I hit a rock stuck in the wall like it was a piece of modern art. 

“See! An F-class like me can’t even get break a piece of ro-”



…It broke?

I speechlessy stared at the cracks engraved on the rock. 

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ raises shoulders and says “This is all because you became healthy after eating the vitamin pill!”]

Don’t lie to me. It’s because you fed me something that wasn’t a vitamin pill. 

Bathump bathump.

In the midst of my fluctuating heartbeat, a hologram with my mom’s words showed up with a di-ring- sound.

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ strongly advises you to focus]


I coud tell at once what she was telling me to focus on. 

I ignored the roars of the orcs, the screaming and shouting of people I could hear and focused on my inner self. 



A sound as if a tornado was passing by resonated around my chest.

I listened to the sound of my mana circulating in a circuit. 


The source of power that only players have. 

It was fluctuating inside of me. 


If it was to simply exits then there would be no reason for me to be this surprised. 

I’m surprised because it is different. 

Before I regressed, only after I flexed my stomach like a person with constipation with all my strength would my mana react, that too in a pea-sized amount. 

Right now, it immediately reacted to my will and is circulating like a stream gushing out from a broken dam.

“What exactly did you feed me?”

At some point, I looked at my fists surrounded by blue shining energy in amazement. 

During my first life, I had never seen such bright and pure mana boiling out of my body. 

I thought it was strange so I called out the Player’s info. 



<Player Info>

Name: Hwang Jae-min

<Muscle strength: ?(6+x)> <Agility: ?(5+x)> <Stamina: ?(7+x)> <Intellect: ?(4+x)>


*Strengthening muscle strength (Level E, Basic)

Special note: [Information cannot be viewed because of the intervention of the sponsor.]



What’s with this unorganized and unfriendly status window. 

How does it make sense when it’s my body but I don’t know what’s going on. 

Especially that x. 

It’s not even an equation and I’ve never heard of a status where an unknown variable is added. 

‘But looking at the numbers inside the parentheses, the basic starting point seems to be the same as before I regressed…’

Which is the same as the basic skills given as soon as you awaken. 

For your information, having the E level muscle strength just means that at best, you have more strength to lift about a bag of rice. 

Looking at the stats again…adding an unknown x means that there are some additional effects. 

I guessed it had to do something with the ‘special note’ where the information is hidden but…I won’t know until mom tells me exactly what it is. 

“….This is all because of that vitamin. Right, mom?”

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ winks at ‘My Son♡’ and says “I’ll let you know if you go and kill those orcs.”]

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ is burning with fight spirit and says “I can’t stand seeing my son living like a coward even if I’m being held at gunpoint!”]

“So that’s how you want to play?”

Whatever the identity of that unknown x is, a plus is a plus nonetheless. 

Plus. It means right now I’ve become stronger and definitely can’t be weak. 

And a clear evidence of that is, the rock in front of me which has my visible handprints. 

‘This makes things different.’

I hit a rock stuck in the wall which was blocking my way.


As if it was obvious, the rock got crushed to dust. 

“…this is no joke.”

A smile that can seem obnoxious to others grew on my face. 

 I can’t stand seeing my son living like a coward even if I’m being held at gunpoint you say?

“I feel the same way.”



Ten orcs that were in full vigour, were rampaging through the city. 

Whenever they destroyed something, there was endless screaming and violence. 

“Player! Where is a player! How can there be nobody around!”


“No, my restaurant!”

It’s of course the ordinary citizens who shed tears over the baseless violence. 

All of a sudden, people whose lives were threatened ran with all their might to a safe shelter. 

However, evacuations are never free of accidents. 



A young boy carrying a backpack tripped over while running. 

And he couldn’t get back up after probably spraining his ankle. 


One of the orcs stealthily approached the fallen boy. 

Thick saliva dripped from its curved fangs sticking out of its mouth. 

A huge shadow cast over the boy’s face. 

“P-please save m-”


Before the boy could even complete his plea, the orc was already holding a spiky wooden mace up high. 


Just then, a horrifying sound of flesh being smashed resonated. 

From the orc’s groin. 


With a rock being stuck on its male member, the orc started twitching in the same position it was holding the wooden mace high. 


Soon, its mouth started foaming and it collapsed. 

“…No, I was aiming for the head.”

I easily threw a piece of rock bigger than my fist as if it was a baseball. 

Besides my beautiful pitching strength, the aim and control were still lacking. 

I slowly stroked the head of the fallen boy who had a puzzled face. 

“You got hurt while you fell down earlier didn’t you? Don’t move and wait right here.”

“Hic, yes, okay…! Hyung*…”

t/n: A term used by younger males to refer to older males. 

…During my first life, this kid must’ve been beaten to death.

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ is annoyed and says “What were the parents thinking leaving a child alone during these times!”]

I know right. 

I picked up the mace used by the orc, who died of shock due to groin rupture. 

Hm, it’s almost as long as my body, but thanks to the vitamin pill, its weight feels like I’m holding a bat made of aluminum. 

The grip feels nice. 


As I tested the mace by swinging it around, an orc outraged by the death of its colleague rushed my way. 

The orc had tattoos on its shoulder. 

‘That time I definitely got hit by this dude’s fist.’

I clearly remember that face.

“Thanks to you, back then I almost swam the Sanzu river* as soon I woke up, you bastard!”

T/n: The Sanzu river is a mythological river in Japanese Buddhist tradition. Before reaching the afterlife, the souls of the deceased must cross the river to get to the other side.

I threw the rock I was already prepared with in my hand towards it’s leg. 


Hit on target successful. 


The orc whose leg bone cracked stopped running and faltered for a while. 

Thanks for stepping in first so that I could take my revenge on you. 

In return, I hit the staggering orc’s head using the mace with full force. 


I thought the grip was good but the sense of hitting is even better. 

The orc whose head was smashed started to bleed and collapsed. 

Ugh, it splattered on my face.

My core muscles hurted like crazy every morning as the after effect of being hit by this monster, but now I won’t need to worry about that. 

[Guardian Deity ‘Sung Hyun-sook’ proudly smiles and watches ‘My Son ♡’]

Mom? Still, to look at your son whose face is covered in blood and smile proudly, isn’t it a bit grotesque?

…Well, yeah, nevermind. If it’s my mom who used to be a S-class player we’re talking about then it’s possible.

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ advises “It’s more efficient to kill with your bare hands than to fight with a weapon!”]

“I-I see.”

Yeah it would be more thrilling to feel a direct blow with your fist than with a mace. 

At my mom’s advice I threw the mace at one of the shocked orcs. 


The mace that flew like a missile got stuck accurately in the orc’s chest. 

Do I have about 10 of em’ left now?


The remaining orcs roared loudly and rushed towards me in unison.

Hey, it’s not fair if you all come to me at once like that.

You guys look like you would be able to chew on steel, don’t you have any pride?

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ glares fiercely and says “Get ready for another back smash if you lose.]

Who cares about a back smash if I lose, your son’s about to die, mom. 

But if it was going to be a disadvantageous fight then mom wouldn’t have said that. 

I decided to trust the power of the vitamin pill filled with love. 


I jumped and forced myself through the orcs.

Then, with my fist surrounded by mana, I punched the nearest orc’s abdomen. 


Looking at the orc falling backwards with a dented stomach, I couldn’t help watch in amazement. 


Is this power really from my fist?

Seriously, I’m so curious to know what was it that mom fed me.

For the sake of knowing it, I should fight hard in front of my mom, right?


An orc swung its heavy axe blad, but I bent low and dodged it easily. 

The axe blade that cut through the air ended up taking the life of the orc’s colleague. 


The axe blade dug deep into the face of the orc that was aiming for my back. 

I was surprised even though I dodged it. 

How should I put it, um…It’s like my body reacted before my mind could even think…

With a clear difference seen in my agility, I got excited like a child. 

“Thanks for the team kill!”

As a token of gratitude for reducing my trouble, I swung an uppercut to the chin of the orc who just swung the room.


His neckbone immediately bent backwards, and a fang sticking out of its mouth broke and fell down. 

I easily snatched it and threw it on the head of another orc who was trying to get me from the left.

At the same time, I quickly took a look at the situation. 

‘How many are left?’

Damn it, it’s hard to count each one of them because I’m not in my right mind. 


Just then, an unusually large orc who was twice as big, roared loudly.

Behind the muscular giant, who was about 6m tall, three rocks were stacked as if it were a forklift. 

I could tell at once. 

“You’re the bastard who broke down my house huh.”

The monthly rent is cheap, it’s close to the subway and the landlord is kind.

It wasn’t bad at all for a studio apartment. 

But damn you, you destroyed it?

“You’re dead meat.”


I jumped up like a rabbit and stuck onto his face. 


At the sudden darkness, the giant orc hurriedly stretched out both its arms and tried to remove me. 

How dare you. 

“Stop squirming around and stay still!”


I kicked the adam’s apple of the giant orc who kept fidgeting. 


Whether it be a person or a monster, when they are hit in the adam’s apple, they become powerless. 

While the giant orc made a fuss and grabbed its neck, I lifted a rock using both my hands from its back. 

Oof, this is kind of heavy. 

Even though this won’t be of much help, I’ll use the E level muscle strength skill so it should be okay. 

Two is always better than one isn’t it?

[Skill ‘Strengthening muscle strength’ will be activated!]

[Muscle strength increases by 5% for 10 minutes!]

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ worries and says “What if you overdo it and break your back!”]

I’ve been feeling this for a while, but I think the point my mom gets angry or worried about is always a bit weird. 

I raised the rock, and after supporting both my legs on the giant orc’s neck, 

I looked down at the rest of the orcs who were standing still in confusion. 

‘About six of em’ left huh?’

Considering the size of the rock, four of them could be taken down in one shot. 

“Let me show you how big is the price of destroying someone else’s precious house.”

To be exact, this dude I’m standing on is the one who destroyed it, but let’s look past the trivial things. 

I threw the rock at the orcs who were gathered in one place like idiots. 


Without having a moment to dodge, a total of six orcs were crushed by the rock and turned into filefish. 

One of them who was remaining managed to survive, but only avoided the rock halfway and had its entire lower body squashed. 


…Yikes, I think dying would be less painful than that.


In the meantime, I broke the cervical spine of the giant orc with my hands. 

The giant, who is about 6m tall, slowly began to lean forward. 


Soon, he collapsed on top of the orc whose lower body was crushed by the rock. 

It’s over. 

I gently jumped down from the giant orc’s corpse. 


Unknowinlgy, I let out a sigh at the sense of loss of energy. 

I think I fought in a trance, almost like I forgot myself.

I turned my head and looked around the surrounding where the dogfight took place. 


I can’t believe I’m the one who did all of this. 

Before regressing, if I encountered and fought three or four goblins, I would almost have to bid my soul farewell. 

I stood blankly for a moment, staring at the scene which I didn’t know should be proud or gruesome. 

Suddenly I felt someone looking at me, so I turned my gaze in that direction. 


Definitely, until a while ago, the people who were running away without looking back suddenly stopped and drew their attention towards me. 

Wh-what. Why’re they looking at me like- Ah. 

…It’s weirder if they don’t look isn’t it?

There was a short moment of silence and then, 

Clap Clap Clap!

The people started applauding me. 

Some of them even cheered by blowing whistles with their mouth. 

“Damn! Who is he?!”

“You were awesome!”

“Did we have such a player in our neighbourhood? He’s no joke!”

“It’s my first time seeing a player fight in real life, wow…”

The people’s enthusiastic cheers surrounded me. 

Everyone looked at me with proud eyes and cheered or held up their phone camera. 

Before regressing, I had never been praised by people this way. 

‘So this is what it feels to be in the spotlight huh.’

What does it feel like you ask?

It feels damn awesome. 

…For about 5 seconds. 

After that it feels damn embarassing. 

“N-no. Everyone. Umm…”

I realized this after going through it. 

Happiness is short but embarrassment stays forever. 

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ wipes her tears and says she is proud of ‘My Son ♡’]

Mom, can’t you see that your son is about to die of shame?


Well, I guess…

Seeing mom say that, I’m getting kind of emotional. 

She must be happy. 

Because the only time her son did something was getting a 100 on the dictation in kindergarten when he was seven. 

I’m about to die out of embarrassment as it is, but if I cry in front of people, then that will just be straight up shameful. 

“I fought well enough, right? Then as you promised, tell me about the vitamin pill.”

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ willingly accepts the request of ‘ My Son ♡’ and says “Of course, I’ll tell you!”]

[Restriction of information on the sponsorship item ‘Vitamin pill filled with love.’ has been lifted!]

[Some of the information in the status of the item can be seen!]

What could it be?

First, I read the item info. 


<Item info>

Name: Vitamin pill filled with love

Classification: Consumption

Description: It is an oral capsule made by grinding ginseng grown in the ice caps of the mountain behind the Hall of Fame. 

Effect: All the basic stats increase 4x after taking it. 


Did I read that right?

Ice-grown ginseng?

The commonly used energy booster in martial arts novels, That ginseng?

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ pouts and says “What’s so wrong about a mom feeding her son some ginseng?”]

Mom, you’re probably the first mother who has fed her son ice-grown ginseng in the world. 

I guess things like this just grow casually in the mountain behind the Hall of Fame…

‘….No but, wait.’

I don’t think now is the time to be fascinated about ice-grown ginseng.

All my stats increase 4x just by eating it?



<Player Info>

Name: Hwang Jae-min

<Muscle strength: 24> <Agility: 20> <Stamina: 28> <Intellect: 16>


*Strengthening muscle strength (Level E, Basic)

Special note: 

*Taken ‘Vitamin pill filled with love’ (Basic stats increased 400%)


“…So it’s true?”

I thought you fed me a vitamin pill, but it turned out to be a cheat code. 

Mom, I love you!

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