My Mom is my Guardian Deity Chapter 5


“Mom you’re the best…”

I’m so ecstatic that I’m talking to myself.

Right now my total stats are up to nearly 90.

This can only be seen with S-class prospective players. 

Compared to the first life where my average stat was barely over 5, this is a huge difference. 

People who turned into A-class or S-class were different from the start itself. 

And right now I am on the same line as them.


That means I’m somewhat equipped with the hardware. 

And plus, the Guardian Deity who sponsors me is my mom who loves me the most in the world!

In that case…!

“Mom, can’t you sponsor me the S+class weapons while you’re at it?!”

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ slowly shakes her head and says “Not a chance so don’t speak nonsense!”]

“….Oh, you can’t?”

Mom, you can’t suddenly feed me lemons* like that.

*T/n: original idiom used was sweet potato, which basically means to be frustrated.

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ quickly shakes her head and says “I know you’re my dear son but I can’t raise you to be a spoilt brat!”]

Can’t raise me to be a spoilt brat? But I’m already a mature adult…

“Then maybe give me a skill ball or something…”

I stared into the air with moist eyes like that of a puppy soaked in rain.

…Nothing pops up huh. 

Not a chance again, is that what she wants to say?

So mean. After I got rid of all those orcs as you asked me to, mom.

My shoulders automatically drooped down because I felt dejected. Sigh.

[guradian Deity ‘Sung Hyun-sook’ peeks and tries to figure out ‘My son’s ♡’ mood.]

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ pretends to act like nothing happened despite being worried inside and asks “Are you mad?”]

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ swears “Why does this stupid hologram system have to reveal all my feelings like that!”]

“I’m not mad.”

I pouted my lips and grumbled. 

Geez, asking her twenty plus year old son if I’m mad like I’m a kid.

…Even though I am infact mad. 

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ honestly says “Actually I don’t have any ‘God coins’ left after buying the vitamin pill so I can’t give you anything.”

“What, so that’s what it was?”

Then you should’ve said so since the start. I was about to be really disappointed. 

But I guess mom and me not being honest to each other is the same as ever. 

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ puts hand on waist and says “But I still don’t have any intentions of raising you as a spoilt brat!”]

Yes ma’am, go ahead. 

You should have just said alright instead. But actually looking at mom’s personality it’s true, there’s no way she would have raised me to be a spoilt brat. 

Forget that…

“These God coins, how can you earn them?”

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ answers briefly “You can earn them by working.”]

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ adds “You won’t know even if I tell you what work it is.”]

“So you can earn it by working…”

To be honest, I was really curious to know what work it was but, I couldn’t ask looking at my mom’s attitude as if it were an ‘adult’s thing’.

Well, it probably won’t be anything strange because it’s a place where pretty famous heroes gather. My mom isn’t someone to do anything shady either. 


Just then. I heard the sound of a siren and saw an armoured vehicle coming closer from a distance. 

The player guild in charge of the neighbourhood’s security…What was their name again?

Ah, right it was <Bolt>.

I realized it after looking at the logo on the vehicle. 

“They came so fast huh.*”

t/n: He’s being sarcastic

They really keep up to their name. I know it’s the weekend and the alarm didn’t go off but isn’t this too much?

“Those idiots, they’re very early aren’t they*.”

t/n: They’re being sarcastic too

“Why’d they come? Just tell them to go back again. They’re a huge step behind.”

“And after this, they’ll brag about it. When in fact all the work was done by that guy!”

People complained as they saw the armoured car rushing in. 

Even if they pretend to come in a hurry, the situation is already over. 


After the vehicle door opened, about 10 men rushed down of it. 

Among them,  a man who appeared to be the leader walked a few steps and looked around the scene with a devastated face. 

Damn, look at his face. Someone might think I stole their food or something.

…Or maybe it’s true?

“How did this…!”

The man burst into a sigh and suddenly looked at me. 

I boldly looked back at the man as if to say ‘do you have something to say to me?’.

Stop frowning. 

The man, who kept looking at the orcs lying down in blood behind me, finally spoke his first words. 

“Did you do all of that?!”

“Oh those dudes? Yeah.”

“I mean, there’s something called commercial morality which is maintained between the same kind of industries! This is our jurisdiction, how can you do as you wish like this?”

I never expected the word ‘Commercial morality’ to pop out of his mouth. 

Haha, you crazy bastard. 

My fist’s crying to hit him. 

[Guardian Deity ‘Sung Hyun-sook’ looks nervously!]

Don’t stop me. Didn’t you say you can’t stand your son being a coward, mom?

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ sighs and says “There are so many people looking, it’s too bad you won’t be able to hit him to your heart’s content!”]

“…So that’s what you meant.”

Even though I wanted to hit him, I didn’t actually think of doing it. Anyway, my mom sure has some hot blood. 

But there’s always a line one shouldn’t cross right?

Cursing at him and starting a bloody fight right now will only make me the same level as him. 

I smiled at the angry man with a round balloon-like smile. 

“I cleaned up the shit that you guys were supposed to clean so I think as a token of respect you should have thanked me first but,  judging from your character looks like I was expecting too much.”


“I’m really sorry. I’ll clean up here so don’t force yourselves and it’s the weekend so go home and get some sleep.”

Pat pat.

I patted the man’s shoulder as a way to say he has worked hard coming in late. 

I think I was pretty polite. 

But why do their faces still look grumpy?

“You, you brat…Spill your name and the guild you’re part of right now! Don’t you know it’s basic manners to not interfere with another guild’s area?!”

“Yeah. I don’t know. Also I got awakened just now so I don’t have any guild. And I don’t have my registration card and enough loyalty to tell you my name.”

“…just now? You mean today is your first day after waking up…?

This dude isn’t planning to thank me till the end huh. Does he think I’m a pushover or what.

‘Talking to a guy like this face to face is just a waste of my time.’

I took out my phone and searched for an emergency contact.

Let’s see. The number of the player’s association…Hm, found it. 

If I worked so hard to catch a monster then I should get paid right. 

The objects left by the dead monster are all upto the person who caught it. 

All the related procedures are handled by the Player’s association. 

Just when I was about to press the call button

Reach out.

Suddenly a white business card covered my phone screen

I looked up to see what it was, and the man who had been staring at me as if he was going kill me until a while ago was now holding his business card in a polite position.

“This is who I am, sir.”

And he’s suddenly speaking formally. 

I can’t see the screen, move your hand damn it. 


I shook off the man’s business card with the back of my hand.

But soon, I sighed and had no choice but to look because the man’s hand returned to the same position holding the business card just like a boomerang.

This dude’s seriously…

“Please forgive me for my disrespectful behaviour earlier. I must have been blind to not be able to recognize such a great person…”

“I see.”

“If you’ve woken up today, then you will soon be judged by the association, I hope you will come to our guild <Bolt> after it. We were desperately looking for a talent like you.”

“Wow, really?”

“If you’ve just woken up and were able to catch orcs by yourself, then you will definitely be B-class or higher. For your information, our guild provides A-class items to our rookies free of cost for half a year and give them training-”

Yeah, keep blabbering all you want. Because I’ll do what I need to. 

…But I can’t see my phone’s screen because of this jerk’s business card. 

There’s a limit to being annoying too. 

After sighing again, I put away my phone and accepted his business card. 

I clearly saw the man’s expression change brightly in a moment. 


Of course, I saw his expression change devastatingly after I ripped the business card into pieces too.

Maybe it’s because it’s made of cheap material, but it rips easily. 

Should’ve used something nicer, when it’s supposed to be a business card. 

“Oh no, the wind suddenly blew.”

I threw the torn pieces of paper on the man’s face. 

What could have been his name? I suddenly feel curious after ripping the business card. 

I kindly smiled at the man whose complexion had turned completely white.

“It was nice meeting you. Now excuse me as I need to make a call.”

“You son of a-”

When I turned around, the man put his hand on my shoulder. I looked back at the man who was staring at me as if he was going to smack me any minute, and said.

“What’s wrong? Don’t tell me, a player like you is trying to hit an ordinary citizen like me?” 

“Ordinary citizen? Don’t give me that bullshit! You just said you woke up today yourself-”

“I did? I’m not sure, I don’t remember it. I don’t even have a registration card so there’s no way to prove it I guess.”


I could be mistaken, but I felt the man’s shoulders tremble. 

It doesn’t matter if one has awakened or not, they are considered ordinary citizens if they don’t have a notarized registration card.

What if a player, like this dude, hits me, a citizen you ask?

If a player inflicts injury to an ordinary citizen, he or she will be sentenced to at least 10 years in prison. 

Depending on the severity of the damage, life imprisonment or the death penalty is possible.

You can’t get out of it with just a fine or probation. 

If I make up my mind, I can even report him just for keeping his hand on my shoulder.

But I don’t want to deal with this guy for another second so that won’t do me any good either. 

“If I’ve said this much I believe you understood. If you did, then go back and stop holding onto busy people.”

“You, you…!”

“I’m saying it for the sake of your guild. And please move that hand from my shoulder. Can’t you feel the people around staring?”

“People staring…?”

Only then did the man realize and looked at all the people around. 

The people were staring with a look as if to say ‘Why isn’t he moving his hand?’


Cold sweat flowed down the man’s cheek like a waterfall. 

His guild members, who were standing still like scarecrows behind him, could not hide their embarrassment from their expressions. 

The man hurriedly took his hand off my shoulder and muttered softly.

“…I-I’m withdrawing.”

Yeah, get lost. 


He left the scene in the armoured vehicle with all his members as if he was running away. 

Clap clap clap!

The people gave me a light round of applause again.

…No I mean I’m relieved right now too, but this atmosphere just doesn’t suit me. 


After coughing out of embarrassment, I called the Player’s Association.

When an employee answered the phone, I briefly explained the situation and gave the address of this place to him. 

Only after hearing the reply that they would send an official to the site immediately, could I put my phone back in satisfaction. 

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ who was watching the situation, is very satisfied!]

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ is excited and says “As your mom, after this, I can’t not sponsor you!]

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ says “I’m going to borrow God coins from my close friends so just wait for a bit!”]


Borrow what? You don’t have to overdo it when you’re broke as it is….


There’s no reply. Damn it, looks like she’s really gone to borrow money. 

Didn’t you say you won’t raise me like a spoilt brat…Geez, you’re so unpredictable. 

“Ah, right.”

After the tough situation ended, suddenly the forgotten reality hit me hard.

…I’m talking about the fact that my house is no more. 

Ah, seriously. You damn orcs. 

“Let me see, during the 1st life…”

While I was looking from a distance at the place where my house was, now filled with smoke, and trying to look back at my previous life, 

“…Excuse me.”

Someone called me from behind. 

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