In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 19


Chapter 19: Breaking Through to the Third-Order!

Liu Shuan discovered that Wei Feng’s mental power had surpassed him.

Wei Feng, in turn, wasn’t surprised he got into the team.

By now, his personal information should have changed to fit his Second-Order Ice Giant.

“Liu Shuan, Yang Xin, Liu Weiwei, Wang Xin, Cheng Mo, you five are a team.”

There are twenty-four students in the class, divided into five teams. The last team only had four members.

After the teams were allocated, the second meditation class was replaced with an interaction class.

The teacher let each team get to know each other.

The same is true for other classes, and the playground was full with noise.

Wei Feng, Wu Jiajia, and Zhang Xiyao gathered together. Of course, class monitor Wu Jiajia was also the team leader.

The most powerful Wang Jiahao kept a low profile – Wei Feng thinks that although he is big and tall, he is shy.

This caused Zhao Ming to be humble. After all, the real big boss is beside him.

“Wei Feng, let us see your beast!” Wu Jiajia ordered Wei Feng.

Wang Jiahao pushed his glasses’ frame on the bridge of his nose and said, “Wei Feng. Aren’t you just breaking the first layer of fog in your brain? But your mental strength is far exceeding my expectations! Even I can’t read your royal beast’s profile.”

Wang Jiahao’s words were clear. Even though he broke the first layer of fog, his mental strength doesn’t exceed Wei Feng.

It’s normal.

Wei Feng has a forbidden item and Power of Control – at present, his mental power is 57.

How could anyone else compare!

Wei Feng summoned his beast.

“This… is an Ice Giant.” Wu Jiajia looked at him suspiciously.

Zhao Ming inquired, “Third-order?”

“Nope. Second.”

Wei Feng explained.


There was a hint of disappointment in Wu Jiajia’s voice.

Wang Jiahao was also surprised.

Seemed like his Ice Giant didn’t meet the expectation of his teammates.

The rest of them summoned their royal beasts.

Zhang Xiyao’s Dark Knight and Wang Jiahao’s Shadow Demon belong to the royal beast’s that have strong attack.

In addition, they are armed.

Although Zhao Ming’s double-tailed scorpion is also armed, he has a more flexible control on his beast’s ability.

Poison is generally used to contain other beasts.

And Wei Feng’s beast is completely defensive.

Wu Jiajia’s beast, although first-order, is a rare wood-attribute healing beast.

“No wonder we got placed into a group.”

The five beasts are impressive – attack, contain, defence, and healing.

A perfect, well-rounded team.

In the afternoon, each team mingled with each other. At four o’ clock, class ends.

Wei Feng went to the convenience store to get necessities, and then returned to the dorm.

Putting his things, he then left the dorm again.

He ran out of money – he’s going to earn it at the Xingwu Colosseum.

Because if you can’t feed your beast, it might die.

Although he is confident in his beast, if he encounters an armed beast, it’ll all be over.

At 7:00 in the evening, Wei Feng appeared in the colosseum.

After matching with an opponent, he entered the colosseum to prepare.

Today, he gets Beast Cage No.3.

At 7:30, the signal gun sounded.

Cheers roared throughout the colosseum.

His opponent was a Second-Order Troll, known for its strength. However, it fell slightly short than that of the Ice Giant’s defence, and lost.

Wei Feng played only one match and left.

He bought supper and cold beer.

Wang Xin bought him noodles, it’s his turn to return to favour.

It could be that he drank a bit, but as soon as he returned to the dorm, he slept immediately.

The next morning.

The three came to class together, and Wu Jiajia posted the new curriculum.

The new course includes more practical training for fighting beasts and team building, but there are also a lot of meditation courses.

Total of eight classes every day – four meditation classes, two combat training, and two team building sessions.

For the first lesson, everyone gathered on the playground.

On the huge playground, there are only four classes. This is because it wouldn’t fit all the other classes using the playground.

There are more props on the playground now, rotating crossbars, three-meter-wide and four-meter-high planks, and a runway full of obstacles.

Before royal beasts were summoned, they lived in harsh environments.

They have to go through several battles just to survive.

After they were summoned by beast masters, their lifestyle changes.

Now they lead a life of leisure, to be fed and to have a safe space to rest.

Of course, the beasts will lose their natural fighting instincts.

Battles are key to train royal beasts.

An agile beast can jump three hundred times over the spinning crossbar, and run ten laps around the obstacle course.

Powerful beasts climb planks and run with impact.

Healing beasts bless and buff other beasts.

The first training session came to an end, and they were unsummoned. The next class was meditation.

Combining work and rest, the effect will be better.

In the second meditation class, the teacher put two guides instead of one this time.

Wei Feng was overjoyed when the blue light appeared in his brain again.

He was like a miner mining with bare hands. The guide was like a shovel.

With this blue light, the speed of breaking through fog barriers skyrockets.

The second layer of fog is already cracking, and it will probably break in two days.

The [Ruined Symbol] was activated last night, but Wei Feng didn’t hurry to use it. He planned to break the second layer of fog, then use the symbols to break the third layer.

In fact, Wei Feng could already summon his second royal beast – his mental power has already reached that of an intermediate beast master.

Moreover, he learnt the six-pointed-star symbol meant to summon greater royal beasts. He’s just waiting for the second layer of fog to break.

In the afternoon, after two meditation classes, the second layer of fog was already about to break.

Wei Feng wasn’t in a hurry. He took his beast to train on the playground.

Yang Xin and Wang Xin were also there. Many students who lived in the dorms secretly came here to train their beasts.


A horned lion jumped from the high plank and let out a roar. The momentum of its body soared.

Wei Feng looked at the horned lion and couldn’t help feeling a little bad.

At this moment, a prompt sounded in his mind.


[NOTICE: [Ice Giant] has upgraded. It is a Third-Order Ice Giant.]

[NOTICE: The second layer of fog has been broken through. Your spirit power has improved.]

[NOTICE: A-Tier Forbidden Item [Shadow Twins] has been obtained!]

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