In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 20


Chapter 20: The Fifth-Order Dragon Ape

Wei Feng was stunned when he heard the prompt.

Icy-blue light emitted from his Ice Giant’s body like ripples – it condensed into a single point and bust out instantly!

It seems like his Ice Giant was buffed to the peak of Level 2 thanks to [Absolute Zero], and after several days of fighting and training, it leveled up to the third-order.

Since the Ice Giant had upgraded to Level 3, its attributes improved greatly – at the same time, thanks to [Power of Control], Wei Feng, too, received improvements in his own attributes, and the second layer of fog in his brain shattered into pieces.

Wei Feng felt stronger.

Since the second layer of fog was broken, his brain field expanded, thus improving his spirit power.

However, there was something he wasn’t so sure of.

What about the A-Tier forbidden item?

If the [Ruined Symbols] appeared when the first layer of fog was broken through, does this mean that the A-Tier forbidden item appeared after the second layer of fog broke?

This can’t be a coincidence.

He wouldn’t believe it for a single second.

Now, he is sure that the system panels in his brain also have the power to control various situations.

Which made another forbidden item appear in his brain’s domain!

It’s terrifying and dangerous at the same time!

If his brain is able to continue generating these forbidden items, his fate would be left up to god.

Wei Feng was emotionless, however. He sat silently and watched his Ice Giant train, but his mind was immersed in his own brain.

After the second layer of fog was broken, the area doubled in size, and his spirit power increased by 51.

The forbidden item [Shadow Twins] floats about in his brain.

It had a vague shape – ghost-like, gray-black in color, intertwining with each other.

The information about the forbidden item was presented.

[Forbidden Item]

Name: Shadow Twins

Grade: A-Tier

Type: Disposable

Use: Create an opposite copy of an item.

This is a one-time use forbidden item.

And the use is to copy an item – the catch is that it is a direct opposite of that item.

In other words, if Wei Feng summons his royal beast, and uses this forbidden item, then the beast will be the original beast’s complete opposite.

“This is…”

Wei Feng was confused.

Complete opposite… wouldn’t that mean all of the attributes would be in the negatives?

He shook his head.

[Ruined Symbols] have been activated, and he wants to break more fog barriers.

Wei Feng has been waiting for this moment.

To utilise the [Ruined Symbols] to break through the third layer of fog!

On the playground, Wei Feng sat silently, doing feats that other students aren’t able to perform.

Continuously attempting to break through fog barriers – this isn’t something a normal beast master would think about!

Ten seconds?!

A prompt sounded in Wei Feng’s brain.


[NOTICE: The third layer of fog has been broken. Your spirit power has been improved.]

Everything around him was changing.

The flowers and plants that surround him sway with the wind – the sound of the rustle of the leaves became particularly clear.

That ghost wolf that was running extremely fast on the playground? In Wei Feng’s perspective, it wasn’t fast anymore.

He could hear his heavy breaths, his pounding heart – all of these sounds were ringing in his ear.

Wei Feng felt like he was in a different world.

He sat silently on the playground until Yang Xin and Wang Xin were done with their beasts’ training. Wei Feng got up and followed them back to the student dorms.

It was silent that night.

In the pitch-black darkness, Wei Feng opened his eyes and quietly left the dorm.

Located in the west of the campus, a small artificial lake of about 200 square meters can be seen – lush willow trees are scattered around the lake.

In the summer, the wicker of the trees was particularly dense; like curtains.

Only the chirping of insects and the gentle tides of the lake accompanied Wei Feng.

Wei Feng stopped.

He quietly stood there for 10 minutes, then began to draw up a summoning symbol.

There are forty-five summoning symbols used in the six-pointed star array, and Wei Feng has long memorized them by heart.

He combined and arranged them into a six-pointed star.

This star is used to summon royal beasts above Level 3 and below Level 7.

This stage is called the intermediate level – effectively, he could be considered an intermediate beast master.

When the star was taking shape, Wei Feng whispered to himself, “Use [Shadow Twins].”

A vague shape floated out of Wei Feng’s body, merging with the six-pointed star.


The star trembled, and the surrounding willow trees started to vibrate – the moon-white pentagram was soon covered with a layer of gray-black.


A loud roar can be heard from inside the star, causing Wei Feng to frown.

That roar was extremely loud.

However, he wasn’t worried about being discovered – he had already successfully summoned a royal beast – even if someone came to investigate, he would be long gone.

Looking at the six-pointed star, Wei Feng watched carefully. He didn’t care much for the original royal beast, but he was curious to see the what his [Shadow Twins] item would whip up for him.

A direct opposite…

What kind of beast will it be?


Another roar sounded again – louder than before.

Wei Feng raised his eyebrows in shock.

It sounded like a dragon!

Did he summon a dragon?

An icy radiance refracted from the star, and a tall figure stepped out.

Wei Feng took a step back.

It’s a 4m tall ape, covered in scales and armor – it looked very sturdy.

It was as if… it’s a dragon ape!

The grand aura that radiated from its body – it was exactly like a dragon!

Dragon Ape – an ape with the blood of a dragon – known for its extreme controlling power over beast, surpassing even that of giant dragons.

Wei Feng was a little surprised reading about the beast.

[Royal Beast Panel]

Royal Beast: Dragon Ape

Level: 5 (Advanced)

Attributes: None

Strength: 1370

Agility: 830

Spirit Power: 875

Core Ability: [Source of Strength] – The Dragon Ape is unparalleled in terms of strength – every time it levels up, it gains an additional 20% increase in strength.

[Absolute Rage] – The dragon blood within the ape erupts, driving the beast into a frenzy! While in a frenzy, strength is increased by 200%, agility by 150%. Spirit power is reduced by 50%.

Wei Feng looked at the panel in disbelief.

His [Power of Control] absorbed the power of his Dragon Ape, too.

By summoning a powerful beast, he, too, became stronger.

At this time, a prompt sounded.


[NOTICE: You have successfully summoned a Level 5 Dragon Ape!]

[NOTICE: You have obtained the core ability of your Dragon Ape-[Source of Strength]!]

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