In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 21


Chapter 21: Reverse Copy: Level 5 Dark Dragon!

When he heard the prompt, Wei Feng felt that an unknown force granted him great power.

The Dragon Ape has a total of two abilities, while Wei Feng gets to receive the benefit of one.

His [Source of Strength] received a 20% increase in strength.

With his entire body surging with strength, he feels that he could split a stone in half with a single punch.

Wei Feng felt intoxicated with power.

The six-pointed star hasn’t dissipated yet – the gray-black light diffuses into the six-pointed star.

Wei Feng watched the scene unfold before him, his dragon ape letting out a low roar.


Suddenly, a pitch-black hand emerged from the hexagram – sharp nails drew power from its surroundings, sparks of electricity surging from the hexagram.

A pair of pitch-black horns covered with veins protruded out the hexagram.

A two-meter tall demon with horns and scales like a dragon stepped out of the hexagram.


Wei Feng’s mouth was agape.

The hexagram began to shrink, condensing into two lines. A gray-black hexagram was embedded into the demon’s forehead, while a pale, bright, and white hexagram was embedded into the dragon ape’s forehead.


[NOTICE: [Shadow Twins] had been consumed. A reversed copy of [Dragon Ape] is successful.]

[NOTICE: You have obtained Level 5 Royal Beast [Dark Dragon’s Shadow]]

Wei Feng: “!!”

It seems like Wei Feng misunderstood what “opposite copy” was.

The attributes of this demon weren’t in the negatives – in fact, it was outrageously high.

Rather than opposite, it’s clear this is a direct upgrade!

After the summoning, Wei Feng didn’t stay long – he unsummoned the beasts and circled around the lake before returning to the student dorms.

On the way back, Wei Feng could feel that his footsteps were as light as a feather; he could jump more than three-meters-high in a single jump. He also hit a street light’s pole and bent it, but he wasn’t hurt.

There was a disturbance in the teachers’ dorm, but before they cpuld investigate, Wei Feng was already back in his dorm.

Wei Feng couldn’t sleep.

His body was on fire – his bones, his skin, his flesh, it was changing.

His attributes – strength, agility, spirit power – they were all roughly equal to each other – this meant he was well-rounded in terms of attributes, and he was slowly achieving a perfect evolution of his body and mind.

The core ability of the Dark Dragon’s Shadow is predictable – increasing its agility by 20%.

In a way, the Dark Dragon’s Shadow is a direct opposite of the Dragon Ape, possessing an abnormally high amount of agility.

[Royal Beast Panel]

Royal Beast: Dark Dragon’s Shadow [Dark Dragon Vein]

Level: 5 [Intermediate]

Attribute: Dark

Strength: 830

Agility: 1370

Spirit Power: 875

Core Ability: [Source of Agility] – Any increase in agility is increased by an additional 20% for each level up.

[Absolute Speed] – The Dark Dragon’s Shadow enters a state of extreme speed, where it increases strength by 150% and agility by 200%. Spirit power is decreased by 50%.

In a way, the Dark Dragon’s Shadow is an opposite of the Dragon Ape.

The Dragon Ape’s main power is strength, while the Dark Dragon’s Shadow’s main power is its agility.

These two extremes made Wei Feng’s strength and agility attributes almost equal to his spirit power.


Name: Wei Feng [The Strongest Beastmaster]

Age: 16

Rank: Intermediate Beastmaster

Strength: 81 (+296)

Agility: 93 (+283)

Spirit Power: 209 (+191)

Power of Control [Intermediate] – You receive 10% of your royal beast’s attributes.

Forbidden Items: S-Tier [Absolute Zero] has met its activation condition. All attributes are increased by 4 every 24 hours.

C-Tier [Broken Symbol] – Inactive.

Core Abilities: [Hardened Skin] – Shared with [Ice Giant]. Your skin is tough and is able to resist attacks no stronger than 220 strength.

[Source of Power] – Sourced from [Dragon Ape]. Increase your maximum strength by 20%.

[Source of Agility] – Sourced from [Dark Dragon’s Shadow]. Increase your maximum agility by 20%.

Royal Beasts: [Level 3 Ice Giant]

[Level 5 Dragon Ape]

[Level 5 Dark Dragon’s Shadow]

His strength stat is about 400, which is already around the strength of a Level 4 Royal Beast.

Wei Feng can quite literally beat up all of his classmates’ royal beasts.

The next morning.

Wei Feng didn’t sleep at all; he was too excited.

When it was dawn, the burning feeling in his body finally subsided.

His hand crawled under his shirt and started to feel his stomach – the neat, firm rows of abdominal muscles were as hard as stone.

He jumped off his bed without a sound.

Whenever he walks, he doesn’t make a single sound – the feeling in his body was indescribable.

It was as if he awakened his inner Ren and Du¹ – he can become a martial arts artist!

He washed up and went down to eat breakfast.

He deliberately tried to walk slower, but his speed was that of wind.

If he participated in a 100-meter sprint, he could set a new world record!

When he arrived at the restaurant, Wei Feng’s own appetite frightened him.

He ate twelve steamed buns in one go, and he still feels hungry.

But he was too embarrassed to continue eating, so he decided to buy more buns to eat later.

“Hey, boss! Give me another thirty buns, they are for my roommates!”

“You’re too nice!”

The boss was naturally happy he was able to sell so many buns. He put thirty-two buns in a big plastic bag for Wei Feng.

The boss put an extra two buns inside.

On his way back to the dorms, Wei Feng didn’t stop eating.

When he finally reached the dorms, there were only four buns left.

He intentionally left them there for his dormmates.

He finally understood why royal beasts are so keen on eating meat.

You can easily fill your stomach with meat!

Soft foods like steamed buns don’t really fill your stomach.

Back in his room, he put the plastic bag on the table.

Wang Xin and Yang Xin looked at the giant plastic bag that only had four buns inside.

“Did they run out of plastic bags at the shop?” Yang Xin asked.

There wasn’t any answer – Wei Feng had already ran to the bathroom and drank the water directly from the tap.

In a single breath, Wei Feng drank at least five kilograms worth of water.

It’s hard to imagine how he could stomach forty buns and that much water!

Wei Feng is astonished.

His body changed – he became stronger, and his metabolism is of another world. He could feel every cell in his body rhythmically moving.

It’s amazing.

Seven thirty.

When he came to class, Wei Feng felt someone staring at him.

Wei Feng turned his head and found that Zhang Xiyao was staring at him in confusion and shock.

“What’s going on?”

Wei Feng asked.

“Ah, do you know what my current mental strength is?”

“Have you finally broken the first layer of fog in your brain?” Wei Feng asked. “Well, tell me!”


¹ [t/n: Ren and Du are terms used in Chinese Medicine, where they are two of eight “extraordinary” vessels found in the body. Ren is the front of the body, while Du is along the back of the body]

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