In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 22


Chapter 22: The First Examination


Zhang Xiyao’s voice was clear, but you could hear she sounded helpless.

She finally broke the first layer of fog in her brain last night, and hit a mental strength of 61. She was ecstatic as she thought she could finally snoop through Wei Feng’s royal beast’s information, and yet she still isn’t able to.

“So… how much is your mental strength?” Zhang Xiyao asked.

Wei Feng smiled slightly and replied, “Just a little more than you.”

Zhang Xiyao pouted, clearly not believing him.

Her eyes kept glancing at Wei Feng – the more she looked, the more surprised she became.

She could tell Wei Feng’s body was very well-built, seeing him just sit in his chair, you could tell something is off about him.

“Wei Feng!”

When Liu Shuan arrived, he seemed very happy – he quickly sat down and leaned towards Wei Feng, “Wei Feng, my royal beast has finally hit Level 2, it’s amazing!”

“Wow! That’s amazing! That’s so quick too!” Wei Feng was indeed a little surprised.

Although Liu Shuan’s Shadow Leopard was a Level 1 [Intermediate] Royal Beast, he didn’t expect it to hit Level 2 that fast.

It seems that Liu Shuan was training his royal beasts every day whenever he returned home.


Liu Shuan giggled to himself, then rubbed his hands together and whispered to Wei Feng, “So, do you think the distance between me and Xiyao has narrowed?”

“You’re so stupid!”

Wei Feng glanced at Liu Shuan pathetically – how have you still not given up yet?

Wei Feng turned his head to look at Zhang Xiyao and was a little surprised.

Her royal beast has already reached Level 3!

[Royal Beast Panel]

Royal Beast: Dark Warrior

Level: 3 [Beginner]

Attribute: Dark

Strength: 207 (+50)

Agility: 205

Spirit Power: 189

Core Ability: [Samurai Slash] – The Dark Warrior has a talent in attacking – each attack has a chance of dealing double or triple the original damage.

Beast Armor: [Level 1 Meteorite Armor] – Blocks any attack below 80 strength. [Level 1 Meteorite Katana] – Breaks defense below 90 strength.

Type: Rapidly Evolving

Looking back at Liu Shuan, Wei Feng just nodded. “Indeed, maybe the distance between you and her is closing in after all.”

Liu Shuan grinned confidently, “Now that’s a given! After I break the first layer of fog, I’m gonna summon a Level 5 Royal Beast as my second summon, then wouldn’t I be unstoppable?!”

“Uh huh!”

Wei Feng just continued nodding.

At eight o’ clock, the teacher entered.

To no one’s surprise, he was followed by yet another transfer student.

“Hello. My name is Wei Wenwen. 16. My royal beasts are a Level 2 Giant Wolf and a Level 5 Flaming Eagle.”

The new transfer student already completed her second summon?

This made Wei Feng take a few more glances at the other party.

This girl is different from Zhang Xiyao – she had a more mature face. Beautiful. She had a tall figure; she was also slightly plump.

“Hmph! Show-off!”

While Wei Feng was looking at Wei Wenwen, Zhang Xiyao snorted beside him.

It was wise for Wei Feng to remain silent.

In the day’s first beast training class, everyone was in high spirits.

They seem motivated by all of the new transfer students, so all of them are training hard.

The actual beast combat class has been delayed constantly, so every day is starting to get mundane.

Train your beasts, meditate. Repeat.

In the blink of an eye, ten days passed.

All the students in the class have broken the first layer of fog in their brain, most have also completed their second summon.

In the morning, the teacher arranged a summoning formation, so the weaker students are able to make their second summon.

There were a total of 13 classmates which included Liu Shuan, whose grades were unsatisfactory – all of them summoned Level 4 Royal Beasts.

After finishing the summoning, the teacher announced, “Every student who completed their second summon will step into the ranks of Intermediate Beast Masters. So, tomorrow, all of you will be admitted to the hospital for an assessment. Understand that only those who pass can stay. If you fail, you will graduate on the spot.”


The teacher laughed to himself. “Of course, if you have the money, you can stay here regardless.”


Sighs of reliefs can be heard in the class.

The teacher pressed his palms together, “Even then, give your best tomorrow. You have to preserve the honor of Class 7!”


The class replied in unison.

Then, the teacher left.

When he left, the captains of each team gathered their members.

Because tomorrow isn’t just an assessment.

The first assessment is more of a formality – what really matters if the freshman individual competition and the team competition.

Since it is a competition, there will be rewards.

The winner in the individual competition receives 100,000 yuan, and a set of Level 1 Royal Beast Gear.

Meanwhile, the winners in the team competition receive 500,000 yuan and five bottles of AEC-04 potions.

In order to get these rewards, Wei Feng is training every day – not just for his beasts, but for himself too.

His second royal beast [Dragon Ape] has long been revealed.

After all, there isn’t a point in hiding it.

However, his [Dark Dragon’s Shadow] is still being kept hidden.

Every night, Wei Feng takes it to the willow forest to train it by avoiding swinging willow branches – it’s the best ways to train agility-based royal beasts.

In the afternoon, Wei Feng follows his group to train for four hours.

The training mostly consists of team coordination to ensure everyone is on the same page.


The team leader Wu Jiajia hosted a class dinner, and Zhao Ming and Wang Jiahao sponsored it.

The restaurants around the college were packed to the brim with students.

All the students were discussing about tomorrow’s assessment and strategies.

It’s worth mentioning that in individual matches or team matches, you are prohibited from using Beast Armor.

Night time.

Wei Feng is still training with his [Dark Dragon’s Shadow].

“Come on, Shadow! Go faster!” Wei Feng shouted to his royal beast, who was manoeuvring around the willow trees.

Wei Feng named it Shadow.

Its dark figure transformed into a shadow and it shuffled between the branches.

Standing at just two meters, its smaller compared to other royal beasts above the third rank.

Because of this, Shadow can weave between royal beasts easily with its agility.

It’s covered in dark dragon scales, and each dragon scale is matte black. In the dark, even if you pass by it, you might not even see it.

“Let go of me!!”

A cry came from the willow forest.

Wei Feng immediately stopped, and Shadow also stopped.

At this time, the voice sounded again, “You’re hurting me! Let go!”


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