In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 23


Chapter 23: Punch!!


A crisp slap sounded in the willow forest.

Then, there was an angry bellow, “Stinky bitch! I spent so much money just for you – and you’re telling me I can’t touch you?”

“You bastard!”

A woman’s angry voice shouted back.

This voice triggered a sense of familiarity in Wei Feng.

“Oh! I see how it is.”

The man snorted. “So, you’re telling me I’m a bastard? But you let Wang Jiahao kiss you? I don’t care. I’ll touch you however I want, no matter what.”

“Get away from me!”

Wei Feng and Shadow silently creeped behind them.

The girl was the new transfer student today – Wei Wenwen.

Her shirt has been torn, revealing her snow-white skin.

Wei Feng didn’t know who the boy was – probably Class 5 or 6.

“Please! Somebody! Help, hel-“

Wei Wenwen shouted for help, but before she could shout, the boy covered her mouth tightly.

Wei Feng shook his head.

Without their royal beasts, beast masters are too weak.

Ordinary girls like her can’t defend themselves against threats like these.


Wei Wenwen’s shirt was completely torn.

Wei Feng couldn’t look anymore, and motioned Shadow to knock the boy out.


With a swift hit, the boy fell to the ground in an instant.


Wei Wenwen was taken aback – she saw a shadow, and now Ma Feng is out cold.

She looked around, and only saw wickers swaying and a figure disappearing.


Wei Feng got up early.

Now that his mental power has hit 448 points, he only needs two hours of sleep to feel awake.

He ran around the playground twice and went back to wash up – he then went to the bakery for breakfast.

His breakfast is now steamed buns with beef.

Ten buns with three catties of beef should keep the monster in his stomach quelled.

He also bought some breakfast for Yang Xin and Wang Xin.

On the way back, Wei Feng met Wang Jiahao and Wei Wenwen.

It was his first time seeing an on-campus relationship. Judging by their intimacy, they must be a couple.

Wang Jiahao waved to Wei Feng.

He waved back.

He didn’t say anything extra.

After he helped Wei Wenwen last night, he left immediately because he didn’t want to get involved. He’ll keep silent about it.

Just as he was about to leave, he noticed a hexagram lit up not far away.

A giant tiger donning white and red fur suddenly jumped out – its claws were flickering with a cold light and clawed towards Wang Jiahao.

“Look out!”

Wei Feng shouted, and subconsciously pushed Wang Jiahao out of the way. He quickly clenched his fist and gave the tiger a big punch.



The giant tiger flew back and whimpered.

Wang Jiahao quickly summoned his royal beast, “Wei Feng! Are you alright?”

“Wei Feng? Summon!”

Wei Feng shook his head, his face pale.

To be honest, that punch was instinctual.

He never thought he would punch a royal beast.

His arm trembled – he couldn’t control the adrenaline coursing through his body.

Wei Feng was humiliated.

Even though he was extremely strong, but he was afraid facing the beast.

Fight-or-flight comes first in humans facing dangerous threats.

Even if he was strong, he was weak in the face of danger.

Strength doesn’t mean he was experienced either.

If Wei Feng was given a knife to hurt someone, he wouldn’t be able to.

On the flip side, even if he was weak, but had the experience of killing people, he could do it without blinking.

In battle, the ability to react in the face of danger is important – and clearly, Wei Feng was weak.

He was only human twice; he isn’t a god.


The giant tiger was subdued by Wang Jiahao’s beast.

The tiger’s owner was nowhere to be seen – must have abandoned the tiger.

“W-Wei Feng, thank you so much! If it weren’t for you, I’d be dead to that tiger’s claws!” Wang Jiahao said gratefully.

He didn’t see Wei Feng punching that tiger square in its face. He thought Wei Feng simply charged at the tiger with all his strength.

Even so, Wei Feng pondered to himself.

How can the human body hold so much power?

Wei Feng calmed down and evaluated, “This was targeted. They didn’t want to kill you – they just wanted to cripple you, hurt you somehow.”

“What do you mean? Cripple?”

Wang Jiahao turned pale.

Wei Feng got up. “Let’s leave the big things to the grown-ups. A murderous beast at the entrance of the academy? This is a targeted attack! This isn’t a small matter.”

“You’re right!”

Wang Jiahao nodded and followed Wei Feng.

He sensed something was amiss as well.

Back in the dorm, Wei Feng washed his face and clenched his fist.

That punch felt really good.

That feeling of power – like he could destroy anything – it’s amazing!

No wonder people are obsessed with power – they are obsessed with the feeling of destruction.

To express this power – it physically and mentally gratifies a person, and ignites that hidden desire within their heart.

Have you lost your mind?

Wei Feng shook his head.

How could you even think of destroying the world?

I’m going crazy!

Wei Feng brushed those thoughts away, and splashed his face with water.

He changed his clothes, and the three walked to class while discussing today’s assessment.


Ma Feng hid in his dorm. His face pales.

Last night, he was knocked unconscious by a mysterious force in the forest. When he woke up, he happened to see Wang Jiahao and Wei Wenwen walking together closely.

He saw red.

Blinded with rage, he summoned his Level 4 Royal Beast, the [Fire-Patterned White Tiger].

He wanted to maul someone and disfigure them, cripple them. However, his target wasn’t Wang Jiahao, but Wei Wenwen.

He never thought someone could fling his car-sized beast into the air with his bare hands!

Ma Feng was the only witness to Wei Feng’s punch. He was stunned.

When he came back to his senses, his royal beast was already restrained by Wang Jiahao.

He needs to escape Yangtze now.

The teachers will definitely find out he did it. After all, they have a database of who owns what beast.

Neither could he afford to even offend Wang Jiahao, so he escaped.

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