In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 24


Chapter 24: Preparation

8 o’ clock in the morning.

The playground was divided into sixteen 30×30 areas – students from each class were waiting around these areas.

In Class 7’s area, Wei Feng, Wu Jiajia, Wang Jiahao, and Zhang Xiyao stood at the front of their area.

Their solo and group assessment will be conducted in the seventh and fourteenth area.

And each assessment is monitored by the classes’ respective teachers.

The agenda of the assessment are as follow: drawing a summoning hexagram, summoning a Level 3 royal beast, and having a mental power greater than fifty.

Every student has already achieved this – this assessment is really just a formality.

At 8:30, the assessment ended.

Wei Feng’s teacher only selected two of the weaker classmates to go through with the assessment.

The same is true for other classes – there is no need to examine and test the normal and outstanding students.

At 9’ o clock, the individual assessment began.

Under their teacher’s supervision, Wei Feng’s team, Liu Shuan’s team, and Wei Wenwen’s team went to the 7th area to compete.

The remaining two teams stayed in the 14th area.

The same is true for other classes – split the class into two to test In two areas.

Class 7 and Class 4 entered the 7th area.

The rules are simple – everyone gets a turn, and the winner stays and continues to fight until a class loses all their students.

The first knockout round.

As the dean of the academy announced the start of the assessment, Liu Shuan was the first to compete.

Liu Shuan volunteered to Wu Jiajia to be the first to fight.

Class 4 sent in their student as well.

Wei Feng analyzed the opponent and felt bad for Liu Shuan.

Class 4 was going for a strong start, so they sent in their stronger student.

That student’s royal beasts were Level 3 and Level 6.

Amongst other intermediate beast master, he can be considered a god!

The round lasted 40 seconds from start to finish.

Liu Shuan was defeated in a matter of seconds! Everyone couldn’t even see what the enemy’s beast’s core ability was!

After all, not everyone’s mental strength was as high as Wei Feng. They couldn’t just probe through someone’s stats as freely as him.

The second round, Class 7 sent in Wang Jiahao.

In Class 7, Wang Jiahao and Zhang Xiyao are king – Wei Feng couldn’t compare to them.

Wang Jiahao’s royal beast was also Level 3 and Level 6 – and his second beast was a demon named Berserker; power-focused beast.

The sum of the demon’s attributes are around one thousand and sixteen – twice that of normal Level 5 Royal Beasts.

Even if a Level 5 beast gets lucky with their numbers, it is impossible to fight a beast a higher level than itself.

Especially for higher levelled royal beast – the gap is just too huge.

Wei Feng entered in the 7th round, and his opponent’s royal beasts were Level 2 and Level 5.

To no one’s surprise, Wei Feng won.

The first round lasted until after 12 o’ clock.

Eat, rest, and continue in the afternoon.

The results of Class 7 were still good, nine people were still standing in the 7th area, while four people were still standing in the 14th area.

In the afternoon, the assessment continued.

In the second round, Zhang Xiyao beat the strongest student of Class 4.

Zhang Xiyao’s royal beasts were also Level 3 and Level 6, and they were both Dark Warriors.

The dark warrior can wield weapons, but in this assessment, it can’t equip Zhang Xiyao’s beast armor – it can only use an ordinary sword provided by the academy.

It was sufficient anyways.

What surprised everyone was her beasts’ swordsmanship – they looked professional.

Even without their gear, they are still trained in swordsmanship!

After Class 4’s best student was beaten; it was only natural for their remaining five students to lose one after the other.

In the 14th area, after they eliminated the three remaining students, the remaining eight people from Class 7 was qualified for a promotion.

The fights in the 14th area ended early – the four students who won in the first round from Class 7 were beaten by Class 5 in the second round – looks like they kept their best students for the end.

After the fights were over, the four winning classes were Class 1, Class 2, Class 5 and Class 7.

And the eight students last standing of Class 7 were Zhang Xiyao, Wang Jiahao, Wu Jiajia, Wei Feng, Zhao Ming, Cheng Mo, Wei Wenwen, and Liu Weiwei.

Wu Jiajia then went to draw lots and got a slip of paper – Class 5.

Tomorrow, they will fight against Class 5 – and there are eleven remaining students in Class 5!

That doesn’t mean Class 5 was at the top of the leaderboard, though – Class 1 had 21 students standing, they are the top class after all.

“Thank god, we didn’t get Class 1,” Wu Jiajia sighed. “It seems like we still have a fighting chance.”

Wei Feng scourged for information on Class 1, and was stunned with what he had discovered.

The stats of their beasts were scarier than that of any other class.

Their first royal beasts were all Level 3, and their second beasts are not lower than Level 5 – thirteen students have Level 6 beasts!

It’s scary!

“We’re screwed. Thirteen people in their class have Level 6 beasts,” Wei Feng muttered.

Everyone immediately turned to look at Wei Feng.

They were more surprised at the fact that Wei Feng could read their beasts’ information.

This is insanity.

Zhang Xiyao’s eyes were filled with doubt, staring at Wei Feng. Wang Jiahao silently pushed his glasses’ frame.

At the end of the day, students from all classes left the playground.

The winning classes all shouted in celebration, while the losing classes simply walked away.

Naturally, Class 7 went to celebrate.

Their teacher even gave them words of encouragement.

He was already very happy that Class 7 was able to win.

After all, Class 6, Class 7, and Class 8 have always been considered the bottom-of-the-barrel. Funnily enough, Class 3 lost, but Class 7 remains victorious.

After dinner, everyone went back to rest.

Wei Feng did not return, but hitchhiked to Cross Street.

After peering into other classes’ beasts, he got worried.

With his Advanced Level 5 [Dragon Ape] and its core ability, he can easily defeat a Level 6 beast.

However, Wei Feng wanted the 1st place reward – there was no way he could lose.

Therefore, Wei Feng wanted to get his [Dragon Ape] to Level 6.

His Dragon Ape hit the Advanced stage just five days ago, and has been training it hard – but there’s still a long way to Level 6.

Wei Feng sneaked to Xingwu Colosseum, but he didn’t intend for it to fight there and level up to Level 6.

Even if it fought in the colosseum all night, it would be impossible for it to level up! It is challenging to level up high-levelled royal beasts.

It’s exceptionally difficult to level dragon type beasts up in particular.

However, Wei Feng had Forbidden Items.

This could be his ticket in strengthening his royal beasts and level them up.

However, he didn’t know how to activate his [Broken Symbols] – seems like their only use is to penetrate fog barriers.

However, he knew how to activate [Absolute Zero].


The energy found in ACE Medicine can activate [Absolute Zero] for the beasts to use!

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