In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 25


Chapter 25: The Beast Arena Without Rules

Wei Feng came to the colosseum to make money.

The cheapest ACE Medicine costs 10000 yuan, but if you want to activate [Absolute Zero], you would need two or three!

At present, Wei Feng only has 3400 yuan.

If he used his Level 3 Ice Giant, he would have to fight in at least 10 matches.

Wei Feng didn’t have that time – he planned to use his Dragon Ape.

Before this, Wang Xin tried to persuade him to use the Dragon Ape, but Wei Feng declined.

In the break room, Wang Xin still wore his iconic tuxedo, while holding a cocktail and sipping it.

Seeing Wei Feng, he hurriedly put his glass down, “You’re here! I take it you finally want your Level 5 Dragon Ape to fight tonight?”

“Oh! Uh-!”

Wei Feng nodded, “Could you arrange a fight for it now? I’m in a hurry.”

Wang Xin smiled, “Well, today’s your lucky day! There’s a fight available at the Central Beast Arena. Do you want to fight there?”

Wei Feng’s eyes lit up and couldn’t help but ask, “How much is the reward?”

Wang Xin raised a single finger.

“Ten thousand?” Wei Feng frowned.

Wang Xin shook his head and downed his cocktail, “One hundred thousand! And you get to claim 2% of the total prize pool.”

“That much?” Wei Feng was startled.

He has never had that much money before.

He calmed down immediately. “There has to be a requirement to enter, right?”

In this colosseum, the benefits are proportional to the risks.

Sure enough, Wang Xin licked his lips and whispered in Wei Feng’s ears, “The catch is, it’s a fight until the enemy beast falls.”


Wei Feng was surprised.

In this colosseum, that could only mean “death.”

“Don’t worry, that guy on the platform is an intermediate beastmaster – and only intermediate beastmasters are allowed to participate,” Wang Xin saw Wei Feng hesitate and explained. “No beasts above Level 6 are allowed either.”

Wang Xin knew Wei Feng’s Dragon Ape had the strength to beat a Level 6 Royal Beast, so he always wanted it to fight.

This moved Wei Feng.

“Alright! I’ll fight.” Wei Feng nodded.

High risk, high reward.

“I’ll arrange your fight right away!” Wang Xin seemed more excited than Wei Feng, and dragged him out the break room.

Present time.

On the Central Beast Arena’s platform.

A young man sat cross-legged silently.

His name is Zhou Qing – Level 3 member in Xingwu Colosseum, participated in four random beast fights and won all of them.

Wei Feng followed Wang Xin out the elevator, and Wang Xin gave him a few heads-up.

Even a colosseum with no rules holds several restrictions.

No beast armor, no special weapons.

Beast fighting is a form of entertainment, after all. A fight ending in a few seconds wouldn’t be exciting.

As usual, Wei Feng donned his disguise.

Even in a place like this, privacy is a right – after all, no one would be looking at the beastmasters.

Wei Feng walked straight to the beast fighting platform in the center, and cheers erupted around him.

The Central Beast Arena was the audience’s favourite to watch.

There weren’t any rules here.

Very few people participated in this random beast fight in the Central Beast Arena – unless they are desperate for money.

After all, you are practically exchanging your beast for money – even if you are confident in your own beast, you will inevitably encounter a stronger opponent.

There’s always a greater mountain.

He was strangely calm when he stepped onto the platform.

Wang Xin muttered about his opponent’s strategy to Wei Feng.

He was ruthless, extremely strong. He will do whatever it takes to win.

This arena was just like home for someone as ruthless as him.

This was why he participated in four random beast fights and won them all.

Strategic use of your royal beasts give you an overwhelming advantage!

“Ladies and gentlemen – your long-awaited, no-rules beast fight has officially begun!”

With the loud voice of the announcer, the atmosphere reached its annex.

Zhou Qing gave Wei Feng a wicked smile.

“Summon your beasts!”

The loud voice sounded.

Wei Feng drew his summoning symbols, and summoned his Ice Giant and Dragon Ape.

Zhou Qing slowly drew his summoning symbol while staring at Wei Feng.

A flash of confusion washed over his face.

It was obvious that Zhou Wing tried to scourge through his brain for his beasts’ stats, and he was stunned that he couldn’t.

Wei Feng smirked and peered at Zhou Qing’s beast information.

[Royal Beast Panel]

Royal Beast: Akainu (or, red dog)

Level: Level 6 [Intemediate]

Attribute: Fire

Strength: 1660

Agility: 1530

Spirit Power: 1602

Core Ability: [Boiling Blood] – In combat, +600 strength.

[Desperate Bite] – Akainu bites in three quick successions, each dealing 50% of his strength value.

Royal Beast: Troll

Level: Level 3 [Advanced]

Attribute: None

Strength: 210

Agility: 185

Spirit Power: 170

Core Ability: [Giant’s Strength] – The troll surges with power, increasing his strength by 50%.

The strength of the enemy’s beast is dangerous.

Most importantly, Zhou Qing had the experienced – he was a far greater threat.

He went through four beast fights, he can’t win!

“Attack!” Wei Feng said in a low voice.

The reason why the Dragon Ape can fight Level 6 beasts is because of its [Absolute Fury], but it can only maintain this ability for three minutes.

If he doesn’t win in three minutes, he will lose.


The Dragon Ape roared, and wisps of white light surrounded his body.


With [Absolute Rage], its strength is increased to 2740.

It can fight Akainu now!


The Dragon Ape jumped and smashed its huge fist – cracks developed on the stone surface of the arena.

“Akainu! Don’t fight it! Survive!” Zhou Qing saw through Wei Feng’s plan, and immediately ordered its beast to change its course of plan.

Wei Feng frowned.

When in a state of rage, the Dragon Ape’s agility isn’t as great as Akainu – if Akainu can drag the fight on long enough, it can win.


The Dragon Ape roared again – reducing its spirit power by half – when spirit power and strength have a great difference, the royal beast will fall into a state of blinded rage.



Akainu dodged Dragon Ape’s attacks easily.

“Bark! Bark!”

Wei Feng noticed Akainu was activating its core ability.

[Boiling Blood]!

Wei Feng immediately ordered the Dragon Ape to stop attacking.

Fortunately, it could still hear Wei Feng’s command.

Wei Feng ordered his Dragon Ape to charge at Akainu.

“Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark!”

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