In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 26


Chapter 26: Victorious Reward

The Dragon Ape raised its huge fist towards Akainu, then taunted Akainu!

“Bark bark bark!”

Akainu went crazy, and pounced on the Dragon Ape.

Isn’t it humiliating to be taunted by a Level 5 beast as a Level 6 beast?

The faint scent of the Dragon Ape drove the Akainu crazy.

The Akainu has to obey its master.

But after being taunted, Akainu was blinded with rage.

Its blood was boiling.

It must kill whoever was upsetting it.

When the Dragon Ape saw Akainu pounce, it raised its fist to punch it square in the face.

Zhou Qing’s shouting was futile; it fell to deaf ears.

He stepped forward.

Zhou Qing took a handful of white powder and flinged it towards the Dragon Ape.


Wei Feng swore. Of course, Zhou Qing would play dirty.

The Dragon Ape tried to fan the powder away – and Akainu took the opportunity to bite the Dragon Ape in the arm.


It let out a loud roar, and smashed its left fist on Akainu’s head while swaying its right arm up and down.

Smash! Smash! Crash! Boom!

Akainu underestimated the sheer power of Dragon Ape – it wanted to keep a firm grip, but its punches made its head buzz.


Akainu unclenched, then bit at the Dragon Ape’s calf – Zhou Qing ran forward and threw more powder at the Dragon Ape.

“God damn it!”

Wei Feng ran in too.

His bare hands did nothing to hinder Akainu’s bite.

Wei Feng looked up hopelessly, and noticed Akainu’s large testicles.


Akainu continued biting at the Dragon Ape’s calf – in its current posture, it revealed its manhood.

Akainu was five meters long and three meters tall – its testicles were of great size, hanging two meters of the ground and swaying with its movements.

With no hesitation, Wei Feng leapt and kicked its testicles.

Wei Feng’s strength was 452, stronger than that of a Level 4 Power-type beast. This kick did considerable damage.


That kick definitely did considerable damage – its testicles flung backwards and smacked Akainu’s back.

“Woo… Oh… Woo…”

Akainu whimpered.

As soon as it ungripped, the Dragon Ape grabbed the dog’s head with its big hands.


With a loud roar, it locked its legs around the dog’s neck, with its arms pressing on the dog’s head.

It wanted to break its neck!

Zhou Qing was petrified – he didn’t expect it to go this way.

His best beast bested in combat… Akainu.

Utterly humiliated by the other party.

I can’t accept this.

Zhou Qing leapt forward and sprinkled more powder on the Dragon Ape’s calf to free Akainu of its grip.


The powder was corrosive – Dragon Ape was trembling.

But its grip didn’t loosen, instead, it got tighter.

Zhou Qing got desperate and took out a bottle of red liquid.

Before he could even open it, Wei Feng rushed over.

Zhou Qing quickly unsheathed a dagger, “Don’t play with me!”


Before he could speak again, Wei Feng kicked him swiftly.

“What- your feet, how? I…” Zhou Qing fainted.

It was almost three minutes.

Akainu continued to struggle, and you could see the veins popping out of Dragon Ape’s arms.

Wei Feng had to hurry.

Meanwhile, the Troll was wrestling with the Ice Giant.

Wei Feng grabbed the Troll’s right leg and dragged it with him.

The audience stared as Wei Feng used the Troll as a hammer to smash Akainu to a pulp.

The crowd erupted into cheers.




Wei Feng kept smashing at Akainu until there was a pain in his right shoulder.

He didn’t stop. He continued smashing the Troll onto Akainu.

“End it.”

With his master’s green light, and Akainu weakened, the Dragon Ape twisted Akainu’s neck.

The crowd went silent.

The Dragon Ape laid weakly on the ground, its chest heaving, muscles worn out.

After [Absolute Rage] ends, his Dragon Ape will be out of commission for four hours.

And the wound on its right arm kept gushing with blood – the scene was gruesome.

Wei Feng was petrified.

He swore to never participate in beast fighting ever again.

He would regret it if he did it again.

Royal beasts shouldn’t die for the entertainment of the general public.

“Ladies and gentlemen, your winner!”

The announcer announced, indicating the end of the beast fight.

Wei Feng glanced at Zhou Qing’s body lying on the ground and sighed.

His two royal beasts are now dead.

In this Central Beast Arena, there is always a side that loses.

Zhou Qing’s victory streak finally ended.

He unsummoned his beasts and walked away from the platform.

His right shoulder was injured – upon inspecting, his entire right shoulder was swollen!

Wang Xin came to him with a smile and congratulated him, but Wei Feng felt no joy.

This sum of money is way too big.

If his Dragon Ape couldn’t recover or is crippled, he’s done for.

Would [Absolute Zero] be able to heal beasts too?

In the elevator alone, Wei Feng asked Wang Xin his winnings.

Wang Xin expected the question and gestured to Wei Feng, “As promised, a hundred thousand yuan, and an additional 2% from the prize pool! You’ll get more than 378,000 yuan!”


Wei Feng scoffed to himself.

So, his royal beast is worth 378,000 yuan.

Wei Feng took 100,000 yuan from the terminal wordlessly and hid it in a black plastic bag and ran out the Colosseum.

Outside the colosseum, Wei Feng stopped a car and requested to hitchhike to the nearest pharmacy.

Wei Feng thanked the driver and ran into the pharmacy – he took out 50,000 yuan and put it on the counter, “Give me five bottles of ACE-10 medicine. Quickly!”

The cashier was stunned. He checked the bank notes and took out five bottles of medicine.

Wei Feng took it and ran.

The cashier wanted to say something – he could tell Wei Feng’s royal beast was injured.

He wanted to tell him that ACE Medicine can’t cure injuries of royal beasts.

But Wei Feng was already gone.

Wei Feng then came to a nearby restaurant.

It had private rooms.

Wei Feng rushed in, “Get me a private room with your signature dishes – but take your time. I need to rest. Do not disturb me.”

Wei Feng took out a thousand yuan and placed it on the counter.

The cashier wordlessly took the money and gave him a key card.

Wei Feng walked upstairs to the private rooms.

Wei Feng immediately locked the door and stripped himself of his shirt – he then took the medicine and poured its contents directly on the snowflake pattern on his left chest.

Sizzle, sizzle.

Like hot water on ice, the snowflake pattern changed color.

Wei Feng took out another bottle and continued to pour.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

The snowflake turned red.

Wei Feng continued to pour the other bottles.


And a burst of white smoke emerged from his body – the snowflake pattern of [Absolute Zero] was molten hot, becoming extremely red.

A prompt sounded in Wei Feng’s brain.


[NOTICE: [Absolute Zero]’s activation condition has been reached.]

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