In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 27


Chapter 27: Level 6 – Power Courses Through My Blood

Looks like it worked.

Wei Feng guessed wrongly – he needed five bottles to activate it.

The snowflake pattern on his chest turned crimson, but it wasn’t hot anymore.

Wei Feng pushed the table aside and hurriedly summon his Dragon Ape.

The Dragon Ape was weak and lying in a pool of blood, unable to move.

Wei Feng pressed the Dragon Ape’s pattern on its forehead.

Red rays of light emitted from Wei Feng’s tattoo.

The crimson light coursed through Wei Feng’s arm onto the tattoo on the Dragon Ape’s forehead.

And it infused into its body.

The snowflake gradually changed its colour.

And the Dragon Ape’s body was also changing.

Its chest vibrated slowly, and gradually, you could see its heartbeat was strong and thumping like a big drum.

Its disfigured flesh and blood merged like dancing lovers.

Wei Feng stood there for two full hours.

He watched his Dragon Ape as it rose from near-death to life.

Its wounds were healed.

Its biceps only got larger.

The white snowflake on Wei Feng’s chest turned slightly dark too.

Looks like you need five ACE-10 Medicine to activate [Absolute Zero].


Wei Feng sighed in relief and unsummoned his beast when he saw no more energy was being transmitted to his Dragon Ape.

His Dragon Ape was still in deep sleep, but it was transforming.

Wei Feng sat on the floor and rested while rubbing his right shoulder. It was swelling.



[NOTICE: Your Dragon Ape has levelled up to Level 6.]

[NOTICE: A new core ability [Field of Power] was unlocked.]

[NOTICE: [Absolute Zero] has weakened. All attributes are now increased by 3 every 24 hours.]

Wei Feng summoned his Dragon Ape and watched it opened its eyes.

He quickly unsummoned it again.

The space in this room is too small for it. He didn’t want to pay for the damages.


Wei Feng finally smiled.

He healed his Dragon Ape, and also got it to Level 6. He has to celebrate.

He picked up the intercom by the door, and smiled, “Boss! I’m ready for my meals.”

Wei Feng ordered eight signature dishes and four pounds of rice.

Naturally, because he shares attributes with his royal beast, his attributes skyrocketed in value, and his appetite also increased.

After devouring everything, Wei Feng rested on the chair and looked at his Dragon Ape’s new ability.

[Royal Beast Panel]

Royal Beast: Dragon Ape [Light Dragon’s Vein]

Level: Level 6 [Intermediate]

Attribute: Light

Strength: 2820 (+282)

Agility: 1850 (+185)

Spirit Power: 1910 (+191)

Bloodline’s Blessing: All stats are increased by an additional 10%.

Core Ability: [Source of Strength] – The Dragon Ape is unparalleled in strength. His strength stat is increased by 20% for each level up.

[Absolute Rage] – The Dragon Ape enters a state of rage. Its strength is increased by 200%, agility is increased by 150%, and spirit power is decreased by 50%.

[Field of Power] – The Dragon Ape surges with power, and forms a 40×40 area centred on it. In the field, other beasts will be suppressed with gravity equal to the Dragon Ape’s strength, multiplied by 2.

“This is…”

Wei Feng was speechless.

This new ability is crazy!

With this gravity field, wouldn’t this mean his Dragon Ape is unbeatable?

Moreover, Bloodline’s Blessing is the Dragon Ape’s new attribute.

And this increases all stats by 10%!

Its strength has already exceeded 3000!

“Wait. Doesn’t this mean…” Wei Feng was hit by a revelation.

He opened his own panel and smiled.

[Properties Panel]

Name: Wei Feng [Strongest Beast-Master System]

Age: 16

Rank: Intermediate Beastmaster

Strength: 139 (+469)

Agility: 142 (+312)

Spirit Power: 261 (+314)

[Power of Control – Intermediate]: You share 10% of all attributes of your royal beasts.

Forbidden Items: S-Tier [Absolute Zero] – All stats +3 every 24 hours.

C-Tier [Ruined Symbols] – Inactive.

Core Abilities: [Hardened Skin] – Shared with [Ice Giant], you can resist attacks no greater than 225 strength.

[Source of Power] – Shared with [Dragon Ape], increase your strength by 20%.

[Source of Agility] – Shared with [Dark Dragon’s Shadow], increase your agility by 20%.

Royal Beasts: [Level 3 Ice Giant]

[Level 6 Dragon Ape]

[Level 5 Dark Dragon’s Shadow]

His strength was that of a Level 5 Royal Beast.

Wei Feng couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if he summoned more royal beasts – wouldn’t that mean he would become extremely powerful?

His current attributes had already exceeded most high-level beastmasters, and he is perfectly capable of summoning high-level beasts.

In addition, Wei Feng had already learnt how to draw a heptagram.

However, Wei Feng learnt his lesson from his previous summons.

Last time, even though he had high spirit power, without the auxiliary formation, he still couldn’t summon a Level 6 beast, but others could.

This means that the auxiliary formation is important in beast summoning.

Moreover, different levels of beasts require different auxiliary formations – the auxiliary formations for a heptagram requires thousands of summoning symbols to form.

Wei Feng doesn’t have the time to form one.

Therefore, he can only dream of his future strength.

1 o’ clock in the morning.

Wei Feng returned to the academy and took his Dragon Ape to the playground.

He can’t sleep.

There are also other students training their beasts on the playground.

Wei Feng let the Dragon Ape get used to its newfound strength, and unsummoned it.

Wei Feng went back to the dorm and laid on the bed and thought about his day. He unknowingly fell asleep.

Next morning.

Wei Feng slept for a total of four hours and was the first to wake up.

He took a shower and went to the Royal Beast Store.

He bought ten bags of dried meat and walked towards the willow forest.

Every morning, he feeds his royal beasts here.

He doesn’t want his beasts to be discovered.

Ten bags of dried meat is equal to 50 catties, and it costs 1500 yuan. This is only enough for three days.

Before this, his Dragon Ape ate three bags worth of dried meat a day, but now that it hit Level 6, its appetite definitely increased. Wei Feng had extra just in case.

Wei Feng felt helpless when his Dragon Ape stopped at five bags of dried meat.

That’s 25 pounds worth of meat!

750 yuan just for breakfast.

In addition to his other royal beasts, that’s around 1000 yuan for a meal.

No wonder some advanced beastmasters can’t afford to keep their own beasts, the variable costs are too high.

He was packing up and was about to leave when he suddenly heard a “plop!”

Wei Feng looked up and saw someone had fallen into the lake.

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