In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 28


Chapter 28: The Motive Of The Transfer Students

Wei Feng recognised who it was.

It was Wei Wenwen!

Seems like she frequents the willow forest.

Wang Jiahao was there too, and he took off his shirt and shoes, ready to jump into the lake to save people.

Wei Feng shook his head.

Wei Wenwen has Wang Jiahao wrapped around her fingers.

He didn’t want to watch a lovers’ quarrel.

Wei Feng was about to leave when he heard another “plop!”

Wang Jiahao cried out, “Help me! I can’t swim!”

Wei Feng: …

You can’t swim and yet you want to save people?

Wei Feng turned back around to save them, but saw that Wei Wenwen was dragging Wang Jiahao back ashore.

Oh wow.

These two are insufferable.

Leaving the forest, Wei Feng saw that it was still early, and walked out of the academy.

Now that he has the money, he wanted to buy himself a cell phone.

There is one for sale opposite the campus.

Wei Feng took his student ID and money, and walked into the store.

A clerk with a professional suit and delicate, supple makeup immediately greeted him, “Mr. Handsome! Are you buying a phone? Our store is new. We-“

“I want this one!” Wei Feng said.


The clerk was stunned. “You really do have a lively personality, don’t you? Ha ha!”

After five minutes of entering a store, he came out with a mobile phone.

OOPP’s latest model, equipped with a touch screen, priced at 5,999 yuan.

Wei Feng couldn’t wait to use it.

He logged onto the college network and entered his credentials.

He needed to choose a username, and wrote: Handsome Fengfeng.

After setting a username, he logged onto the college network.

A box popped up, notifying everyone that a user called Handsome Fengfeng joined the college community, and everyone warmly welcomed him.

Wei Feng: …

Fortunately, there wasn’t many people online at this hour.

Wei Feng checked the community posts.

He found some really interesting stuff.

Some people were already speculating the motive of the transfer students transferring here.

Some people say that Yangtze obtained a strain of royal beast that had surpassed Level 10, and these transfer students are aiming for it.

Some say they are here for the S-Tier Forbidden Item, but it’s gone missing – some say it’s no longer in Yangtze.

Wei Feng kept reading.

Since his mental strength exceeded 400, his perception and memory surpass most ordinary people.

He could complete reading a book with a few glances; he can listen to sounds a hundred meters away.

“Isn’t this…”

Wei Feng was intrigued – although the anonymous post was confusing, it caught his attention.

Because this message mentions an ability where you can share attributes with your beasts.

Isn’t that [Power of Control]?

Some transfer students are looking for that ability too.

But nobody believed that anonymous poster – it was impossible, there’s no way an ability like that can exist.

Wei Feng clicked on the anonymous profile, but he needed to request access.

He exited the app, and put his phone in his pocket.

The identity of this anonymous poster isn’t hard to guess – it’s definitely one of the transfer students.

If it really was a transfer student, then the source must be credible.

After all, the aforementioned ability – he has it.

Not only that, an S-Tier Forbidden Item was in his possession.

This is crazy.

Back in the dorm, Yang Xin and Wang Xin just got up.

Waiting for the two of them to wash up, the three of them slowly walked to the playground.

The assessment continues today.

At 8 o’ clock, nearly everyone was present.

Nearly everyone. Among the dozens of students with Level 6 Royal Beasts, only three were present.

And the size of some classes has considerably reduced.

To answer his suspicions, Zhang Xiyao came over and whispered, “There is news that that thing is no longer in Yangtze. Many of the transfer students left earlier today, and I’m leaving later in the afternoon.”

“So sudden?” Wei Feng was surprised.

But who broke the news?

In other words, that would mean they aren’t searching for the S-Tier Forbidden Item.

Zhang Xiyao chuckled and shook her head, “It’s not a sudden decision. Yangtze is too small, and there aren’t that many resources here – if it weren’t for that, we wouldn’t have come here in the first place.”

Through other people’s eyes, he’s just a small-town boy – he wouldn’t be able to reach the top. There are plenty of other people like him in the big city.

However, Zhang Xiyao added, “Feng, you have great talent – instead of being buried in this small city, why don’t you go to Haicheng?”

Wei Feng hesistated, then nodded. “I’ll go. But not now. If I decide to leave this town, I’ll find you.”

Zhang Xiyao smiled lightly, “So you made your choice!”

“I promise you!”

Nine thirty, the assessment begins.

The eleven people from Class 5 has been reduced to eight.

In Wei Feng’s third round, the opponent’s royal beast was a Level 3 and Level 5 beast.

Wei Feng summoned his Dragon Ape, and it simply flicked them away easily.

In the end, Wei Wenwen, Liu Weiwei, Wu Jiajia, and Cheng Mo lost.

Wei Feng, Wang Jiahao, Zhang Xiyao, and Zhao Ming moved on to the final round against Class 1.

After Class 1 lost most of its students, only five people are left, including three classmates with Level 6 Royal Beast.

Lunch break.

Wang Jiahao slipped Wei Feng something.

Wang Jiahao was going to leave too, but told Wei Feng what they came here for.

Turns out, that refers to [Power of Control].

However, Wang Jiahao wasn’t sure on the details of the ability – he didn’t know whether or not he could share attributes with his royal beast. He thinks that there’s more to the ability.

In the library, Wei Feng was studying Forbidden Items.

Zhang Xiyao found him again to bid him farewell.

Zhang Xiyao didn’t come to Yangtze alone – she had no say in anything and had to leave with her family.

The two added each other’s contacts on their phones, and Zhang Xiyao gave Wei Feng a letter before leaving.

Wei Feng sat down in the library and just sighed.

What is wrong with these people…

Nobody found what they were looking for.

It’s an established system – a hivemind. If somebody says that the item is no longer in Yangtze, then they will all leave one-by-one.

How frustrating!

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