In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 29


Chapter 29: Stalked

In the afternoon.

Now that Wang Jiahao and Zhang Xiyao are gone, only Zhao Ming and Wei Feng are left standing in Class 7.

Obviously, the students who were spectating lost interest.

Zhao Ming promised to obtain victory for Class 7, but lost his first match.

Among the three remaining students in Class 1, a student with a Level 6 beast planned to take the 1st place reward before leaving the city.

His plan was thwarted, however – Wei Feng only needed to summon his Dragon Ape and swiped across the field, defeating three beasts at once and won the 1st place prize without lifting a finger.

A reward of 100,000 yuan and a set of Royal Beast Armor is the prize.

However, the academy said it was only available tomorrow.

They also announced the cancellation of the group assessment after the individual assessment was held.

In the evening, some classmates left the academy. While Wei Feng was training on the playground, he saw many students leaving with their luggage.

This sparked curiosity in him.

So, who was the one who leaked the news?

And why did everyone blindly trust the messenger?

The moment the news came, they all left.

This is insane.

Eight o’ clock in the evening, Wei Feng returned to the Colosseum.

He wasn’t there for beast fighting, though.

There is still 270,000 yuan remaining in his account – the membership card of the Colosseum is only for internal transactions, so Wei Feng wanted to apply for a personal credit card and transfer the money there.

At the Colosseum:

When Wei Feng entered, he could sense eyes on him.

He secretly paid attention to their gaze.

When withdrawing his money at the terminal, Wei Feng noticed more eyes on him.

They were trying to stay hidden, but Wei Feng’s spirit power was far superior compared to any of them – he can sense them.

Wei Feng tried to guess their motive.

Was it for his money?

Wei Feng quickly left the Colosseum with his money. Glancing at the guide mirror on the crossroads, Wei Feng saw three men-in-black behind him.

Sure enough, he was being stalked.

Wei Feng slowly accelerated his pace – the moment he turned a corner, he bolted.

Wei Feng was as fast as a Level 5 Royal Beast, when he ran, he left the three men-in-black in dust.

He ran past several streets, and darted into a shop.

Peering through the window, he could see a woman in a black trench coat running past – she wasn’t slow.

He was about to sneak out the store, but another woman in black ran past, just slightly slower than the previous woman.

“That many? Just for me?” Wei Feng sneered.

A clear female voice sounded behind him, “Young man, we’re a women’s clothing store here – are you here to buy something for your girlfriend?”


Only then did Wei Feng notice that the shop he hid in was a Women’s Lingerie store.

Next to him, a row of sexy panties.

He didn’t realise he entered such a store.

Wei Feng hid his embarrassment and quickly left the store and disappeared into the night.

20 minutes later, Wei Feng hid behind a flowerbed by the academy gate.

He saw two men-in-black just waiting outside the gate.

They were shrouded in darkness – if you don’t look closely, you wouldn’t be able to see them.

Wei Feng was cautious – he was afraid they would find out he was a student – now, they were really waiting for him at the gate of the academy.

“God damn it.”

Wei Feng exhaled.

He didn’t want to hurt them either.

But these guys were stalking him, and he didn’t want to hide anymore.

They’re still human, after all. Nothing to be scared of.

Don’t be reckless, Wei Feng.

He hid himself and started to summon his Dark Dragon’s Shadow.

He’s leaving them all to it.

Wei Feng hid himself, and his beast silently approached the two men-in-black.

It happened in a flash – it then returned to the flowerbed to Wei Feng.

Muffled struggles, and a few flowers swaying in the flowerbed.

His beast then came back with another man-in-black.

He couldn’t believe there were more than two waiting for him.

“My god.”

Inside a hotel, 5th floor.

Wei Feng tied one of the men to a chair, and sealed his mouth with duct tape. He was waiting for him to wake up.

In case the man was carrying a tracker, Wei Feng ordered his beast to throw out all of the man’s clothes far away – now, he’s only donning a pair of boxers.

About half an hour passed, and the man woke up.


He wriggled a bit, but found that his hands and feet were tied tightly to a chair, his mouth sealed with duct tape. Their target was sitting right in front of him.

“I don’t know how to interrogate people, and I don’t want to hurt you,” Wei Feng said. “You better cooperate.”

Wei Feng peered at the man.

The man remained silent.

“Very well. Then, I won’t be merciful.” Wei Feng then stood up.

The man stared at Wei Feng in horror, then tried pleading with Wei Feng, “Uuumph! Mmmph!”

Wei Feng ignored him, and picked up a fruit knife. “Make it quick.”

His Dark Dragon’s Shadow then grabbed the fruit knife from Wei Feng’s hands, and creeped behind the man.

“Mmph! Mmph! Mmph!”

The man panicked, but Wei Feng was indifferent.


The man was stabbed in his lower left back.


The fruit knife was embedded in him, and the beast twisted it.

After five seconds, Wei Feng gestured his hand to stop his beast. The man was drenched in cold sweat.

“So, are you going to say anything?”

Wei Feng threatened him again.

“Mmm! Mmm!”


The man whimpered and thrashed desperately, and the meaning was obvious.

“Oh, I see,” Wei Feng pretended to not understand him. “You forced my hand.”

He gestured his hand again, and this time, the knife plunged straight into the man’s right abdomen.

The man’s eyes were blood-red – filled with fear and despair.

Wei Feng then acted surprised, and slapped his hand on his forehead, “Oh! Silly me. I forgot to remove the tape on your mouth.”

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