In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 30


Chapter 30: Leaving

The man was about to cry.

What a glorious scene.

In his eyes, Wei Feng was Satan himself – were teenagers these days that scary?

The moment the tape was torn away, the man stuttered desperately, “I-It was Zhou Qing! He asked us to f-follow you! He gave us fifty thousand yuan to cripple your arms forever!”

“How many of you are there?”

“Three! Just three. Please, some of them were squatting behind the tree!”

“Really now.”

Wei Feng frowned.

This frightened the man, and he cried, “I’m telling the truth! Please! If you find out I’m lying, you can cut my penis off!”

Wei Feng: …

Well, he’s definitely not lying then.

Seems like there were more people after him than just Zhou Qing.

Obviously, the women chasing him were a little more dangerous.

“Okay. I believe you.”

Wei Feng then muttered, “I’ll call an ambulance – you won’t die today.”

“Thank you! Thank you-“


Wei Feng struck him in the neck, causing him to lose consciousness.

Wei Feng unsummoned his beast and left the hotel.

Back in the dorm, Wang Xin and Yang Xin were still awake.

They left supper for Wei Feng, and they chatted.

From what they were saying, Wei Feng was put on alert.

Wei Feng didn’t show he was alert, though. After supper, he laid on his bed and rested.


Wei Feng wasn’t sleepy – he was thinking about what to do next.

He didn’t want to stay in Yangtze anymore.

The teaching was a bit strange here – training your beast yourself is way more useful, but the auxiliary formations provided here is somewhat useful at least.

But when Wang Jiahao left, he told Wei Feng that in big cities, you could buy auxiliary formations for money.

There really isn’t anything left for him in Yangtze.

He then took out the letter Zhang Xiyao left him – it was just two lines of neat and petite handwriting.

I know you have the S-Tier Forbidden Item. Protect it. Don’t tell anybody about it. And pretend that I don’t know about it either. You need to become stronger.

Wei Feng: …


Seven thirty.

Wei Feng was at the dean’s office.

“Wei Feng, think about it carefully! The academy provided so much for the students – and now we’re short on funds. Shouldn’t you, as a member of the academy, contribute?” The dean said earnestly.

Wei Feng was stunned. In other words, the dean wanted Wei Feng to repay his debts!

This is ridiculous!

Wei Feng replied, “Dean, you should know I come from a poor family – I borrow money from my friends to buy beast food!”

“In that case… Wei Feng, it’s not that the academy is asking you to repay them,” the dean explained. “The academy is really short on money now – how about this, I’ll give you 50,000 yuan, and two sets of beast armor.”

Wei Feng: !


Wei Feng didn’t hesitate and accepted.

A set of beast armor is almost 500,000 yuan!

It’s weird, though. Giving him extra cash would be the better alternative to giving him extra beast armor.

Is the academy really short on funds?

50,000 yuan.

I’m not believing it!

When he followed the dean to the beast armor storage, he understood why.

The entire room was in shambles.

Compared to Zhang Xiyao and Wang Jiahao’s, you couldn’t even compare with their armor.

There were a few hundred sets of armor here, but they were all either broken or rotting. It’s impossible to find a complete set.

Wei Feng’s face turned black.

He really wanted to beat the dean up, but then he wouldn’t be able to afford the medical bills.

In the end, Wei Feng picked up two daggers, a pair of ripped gloves, and two sets of decent beast armor.

Wei Feng suspects these sets of junk is worth no more than 5,000 yuan. He felt scammed.

Nine o’ clock.

Wei Feng got his 50,000 yuan from the dean and ran away.

He doesn’t have that many belongings. He went to the train station and bought a ticket to Yancheng for 3 o’ clock in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, in Yangtze.

Someone found Wei Qing, Wei Feng’s father, and asked for his whereabouts.

His father didn’t know where he was, and he was almost beaten to death.

Those people then realised that his father really didn’t know where Wei Feng was.

Two fifty in the afternoon.

Wei Feng sat in the train – he donned clothes for the summer, and a cap, with white earphones in his ears – he looked like an ordinary teenager travelling.

“Dear passengers, the train to Yancheng will leave the station in a minute. Please board the train.”

The loudspeaker announced. Then, the train left the station into the underground railway.

All trains here ran underground.

This is because it isn’t safe for trains in the city – there are often royal beasts’ tens of meters tall, so there is a risk.

Of course, it isn’t safe down here either. But compared to above ground, it is much safer.

It has been two hours, and Wei Feng took out his water bottle to take a sip.

He took off his cap and looked around the carriage.

He was sitting by the window in the middle of the carriage. He was next to a middle-aged man, and opposite of him were a couple – the husband was wearing a suit, while the woman wore a traditional Chinese cheongsam, holding a cat in her arms.


The whole train shook violently, and the cat in her arms got frightened and jumped into Wei Feng’s arms.

Wei Feng subconsciously flung the cat away and grabbed it by its arms.


The cat meowed in shocked.

“Let go of my baby!” The woman shouted.


The train shook violently again, and since the woman unbuckled her seat belt, she was flung into the man sitting beside Wei Feng.

“Oh my god! Don’t touch me! Dear, pull me up now!”

The woman’s husband unbuckled his seat belt, and pulled his wife up. He then grabbed the cat in Wei Feng’s arms.

At this moment, the entire carriage shook, and the carriage was lifted off the tracks.

What’s going on?!

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