In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 31


Chapter 31: Invasion of the Iron-Toothed Rat

The carriage was then lifted into the air into a right angle, and the carriage behind it collided with it, turning the entire carriage upside down.

Wei Feng clutched his seat tightly, as if he had welded his body with the carriage. The entire carriage shook as it was being pulled in every direction. He put himself in a braced position to protect himself.

Thankfully, the carriages are specially reinforced for cases like this – even if they are severely hit, the damage is not noticeable.

One would be safe if they fasten their seat belt and stay where they are.

The only people not wearing a seat belt was the couple, who have fainted from the initial impact.

Finally, the carriage fell to the ground, but still remained upside down.

Wei Feng unfastened his seat belt and fell to the roof of the carriage and stood up.

At the same time, other passengers unfastened their seat belts and fell to the roof – one could hear many “pops!” from the way they fell.

Wei Feng ignored them, however. He walked straight to the back of the carriage and opened the door.

There may be no danger now, but danger is approaching.

Wei Feng jumped out of the carriage, the dim light in the tunnel prevented him from seeing too far.

The train and carriages that were in front of them were long gone – they were probably thousands of kilometres away from them. It would take a long time for the train to return and pick them up.

The entire tunnel had a width of about ten metres, and the carriage itself had a width of five metres.

There were five carriages left behind from the crash – people came out of their carriages and ran forward desperately to catch up with the train.

Some summoned their imperial beasts and rode them, making them faster.

In an emergency, if the passengers stay with the conductor of the train, they will be safe. Now, these passengers are rushing to reach the conductor.


A squeak of a mouse could be heard.

A passenger galloping on a royal beast shouted, “It’s the iron-toothed rats! There are hundreds of them, run for your lives!”

Iron-toothed rats, the hidden danger of underground tunnels.

They are social creatures, acting like a hivemind – good at burrowing, sneaking up on moving trains, and devouring humans and beasts as food.

“No! They are too fast – let the elderly and children go first! We need to delay them! Summon your royal beasts!” An attendant shouted.

Many young men quickly turned around to defend the other passengers.

Wei Feng didn’t leave either.

The attendant had already summoned his own royal beast to resist the mice.

The carriages were already blocking a large portion of the tunnel, and the rats can only come from either side from the carriage. This is a good defensive position.

Pentagrams lighted up one after another, and the place was then crowded with royal beasts.

Horned lions, trolls, ghost wolves…

But there wasn’t enough space, the beasts were crowded together, and there wasn’t room for any of them to move.

They were trying to form a wall of royal beasts to resist those rats.

Wej Feng frowned. It’s only a matter of time before those rats break through the wall of royal beasts, and these royal beasts will become rat food.

Wei Feng quickly shouted, “If you don’t want your royal beast to die in your arms, back away now! Put three royal beasts to defend every 5 metres. If one rat gets past, the beast behind can defend against it!”

In situations like these, people always obey the loudest ones.

Many of them quickly followed Wei Feng’s orders.


“Squeak squeak!”

The iron-toothed rats finally appeared, and flooded through the carriage.


The horned lion at the front emitted a dark green light from its horn, and spewed its poison forward.

Immediately a rat fell.


“Squeak, squeak!”

There were still too many mice and they were hitting the horned lion.

They are agile, but they lack strength. It often takes a dozen of rats to kill a Level 4 Royal Beast.

Therefore, they rarely face royal beasts head on, instead focusing on another goal.

Attacking the beastmaster first.

If a beastmaster dies, the beast will fall into a state of rage and lose control – then, the mice can simply burrow and hide and return a few hours later to feast on the corpses.

This is a common occurrence when disasters in the tunnels occur.

But today is different.

A rat broke through all the defenses and excitedly rush to the beastmaster in sight…


Wei Feng held an axe and swung, cutting the rat into two pieces neatly.

Rat: “…”

It will never be able to understand how and why it died to such a powerful beastmaster.

The group of beastmasters behind Wei Feng cheered him on.

It is rare for a beastmaster to have such good physical skill.

Wei Feng then summoned his Dragon Ape.

These rats are too many – they can break through more than a dozen of royal beasts and beastmasters.


Another rat broke through the final defense, but was swatted away by the Dragon Ape.

Everything was under control under Wei Feng’s orders. No royal beast had fallen.

It definitely is Wei Feng’s brilliant plan of separating the beasts.

When the rats encounter a dead end, they will bite frantically for an opening, even through flesh.

However, Wei Feng let the beasts spread out, leaving gaps. This confuses the rats.

Cunning attacks have always been the nature of the rats, but this completely throws them off.

The rats try to run past the beasts, but were all swiftly beheaded by the beasts as they ran through.

Even if they are lucky enough to run past the defenses to reach the end, it isn’t food that awaits them, but a human more terrifying than the devil himself.

Because of this formation, the rats are struggling to break through the defenses.

Suddenly, a siren sounded behind Wei Feng.

The mice quickly drilled into the hidden passages on both sides of the tunnel.

The conductor had finally returned, and the train was equipped with a sonic wave weapon to disperse the rats.

This weapon is only useful in tunnels, however.

Fortunately, the rats all scattered.

There were only corpses of rats left at the scene, with no beast casualties.

Everyone felt safer and surprised – they felt confident in the face of the terror that lurks in the tunnels, all thanks to Wei Feng.

Some of them thanked Wei Feng, and praised him highly.

Wei Feng just smiled slightly, and then sat down to rest.

After half an hour, the carriages were reconnected to the train.

The train restarted and left the scene.

The attendant pushed the dining cart to distribute beer to every passenger for the previous ordeal. When passing by Wei Feng’s seat, he sneaked Wei Feng a bottle of champagne and chicken rice.

Wei Feng thanked him and accepted the food.

Four hours later, a bright light flooded the carriage.

The train slowed down and stopped.


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