In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 32


Chapter 32: Advanced Auxiliary Formation

Yancheng is much more prosperous than Yangtze. It is a Level 4 City.

Wei Feng just learnt that the cities in this world are also categorized into levels, just like beasts.

“Welcome to Yancheng, Level 4 City!” The broadcast sounded.

Wei Feng walked out of the station and he felt different.

The world is huge – it is easy to hide from a person or an organization.

If one moves to another city and maintains a low profile, they can live in peace for the rest of their lives.

This world may be modern, but it can be difficult to find a specific person.

Because there aren’t any satellites in the sky, and communications between cities are independent. All one can find is fixed information that had already been uploaded into federal databases.

Wei Feng hitchhiked a ride to the city centre.

He had a clear plan.

Spend money to buy advanced auxiliary summons, rent a house in the suburbs, and maintain a low profile while training.

Not training his beasts, but himself.

The Centre of Yancheng. Angel Shopping Mall.

Wei Feng learnt from his driver that Yancheng was the only place where one can buy auxiliary formations, and you can even buy the highest levels of formations.

Entering the mall, the centrepiece was a statue of an angel with folded arms in a standing position.

Its white wings were folded together, as if it was protecting something.

Wei Feng used the map to find his destination.

12th floor, Angel’s Help.

He took an elevator to the 12th floor and stepped into the hall.

An angel with its wings folded and hands clasped together can be seen as the centrepiece – it was smaller than the one in the 1st floor, but was more lifelike – it had a neutral expression, with eyes looking straight, like it was living.

While Wei Feng was staring at the statue, a mature and sexy woman in a professional suit walked over.

“Sir, are you looking for auxiliary formations? We have everything! Ranging from beginner auxiliary formations to advance, we can help you find the one you need! You can learn about these formations first!” The woman then handed him a price list.

“Why don’t you take a seat?” The woman offered and smiled.


Wei Feng nodded and sat in the rest hall.

“Coffee? Tea?”

“Just water, please,” Wei Feng replied.

“Okay! Just wait a moment,” the woman quickly went to retrieve the water.

Wei Feng leaned on the sofa and sighed.

The service here really is no joke.

Wei Feng glanced at the price list.

Beginner Auxiliary Formation: 5000 yuan

Intermediate Auxiliary Formation: 15000 yuan.

Advanced Auxiliary Formation: 150000 yuan.

The price gap between beginner and intermediate is three times, but the gap between intermediate and advanced is ten times!

Wei Feng was speechless.

This must be the fixed price in Yancheng. There’s no point in comparing.

The woman came back with a cup of water, and Wei Feng saw her name tag: Jiang Haiyan.

“How may I address you, sir?”

The woman sat down opposite Wei Feng and asked.


Wei Feng replied.

“Mr. Wei, did you come here to buy an auxiliary formation, or are you just here to learn about them?”

Wei Feng thinks this is troublesome. Although he enjoys the attentive service, he doesn’t want to waste time.

“I want to use the auxiliary formation now – the advanced one. Is it possible that it can be cheaper?” Wei Feng prodded.

“Sorry, Mr. Wei, but the prices are fixed everywhere – and you need four hours of waiting time if you want to use the advanced formation.” Jiang Haiyan said apologetically.

“Alright then, I’ll pay by card,” Wei Feng took out his credit card and handed it to her.

Soon, Jiang Haiyan completed the transaction and gave Wei Feng a receipt.

“Mr. Wei, you can rest here – after the formation is arranged, I’ll come to inform you.” She then took him to a well-decorated room and bowed before leaving.

“Thank you.”

Wei Feng nodded and walked into the room.

It Is now eight o’ clock in the morning, and in four hours, it will be in the afternoon.

However, Wei Feng has nothing to do right now.

He’s tired from the ordeal earlier today, so Wei Feng will have a good rest now.

“Knock knock!”

There was a knock on the door.

Wei Feng jerked awake from his deep sleep.

It has been a long time since he slept in such a comfortable bed.

He unsummoned his Dark Dragon’s Shadow and opened the door.

Jiang Haiyan stood outside the door, and seeing Wei Feng’s dishevelled look, she immediately apologised, “I hope I didn’t disturb your good sleep, but your auxiliary formation has been arranged. I am waking you up to remind you.”

“Oh, alright.”

Wei Feng followed Jiang Haiyan.

The auxiliary array is arranged in a separate room – 4 walls, no windows, no mirrors. This is to ensure absolute privacy.

Wei Feng stood in the auxiliary formation, and she retreated after seeing this.

She guarded the door outside, and a fellow staff member joked, “Yan, this kid must be a joke – he can’t be that old! How can he summon high-level royal beasts!”

She shook her head. “As long as the customer pays, I have no say – besides, have you forgotten what the boss said? Don’t underestimate anyone.”

“Alright.” The man then ignored and left her.

Inside the room.

Wei Feng was surprised when he felt the energy surging from the formation.

No wonder they have to use these formations – this is too powerful!

As Wei Feng drew summoning symbols, the energetic symbols emanating from the formation wrapped and combined with each summoning symbol, making it shiny.

High-level beasts are Level 7, 8, and 9.

The beasts of these levels need to be summoned using a seven-pointed star, and uses a total of 445 summoning symbols.

Remembering all of them is not easy.

Wei Feng’s hands continued to describe, forming one after another in swift motion.

Ten minutes later, all 445 summoning symbols were drawn by Wei Feng, and each of them was wrapped in the energy emitted by the auxiliary formation.

Wei Feng then combined and arranged it swiftly.

A sparkling summoning formation with seven points was forming, and spun.


The formation trembled, and a dazzling light erupted from the formation.

Wei Feng’s body was in the centre of the formation, and like a vortex, he absorbed all of its energy.


Cracks formed on the stones used to arrange the auxiliary formation, and each stone seemed to burn bright with energy.

Wei Feng felt like he was going to lose control.

Something is amiss in his body – something is madly absorbing all of the energy in the auxiliary formation.

Until a crisp prompt sounded in his head.


[NOTICE: The Strongest Beastmaster System has been upgraded. You can now summon two beasts at once.]

[NOTICE: The Power of Control has been upgraded to Advanced Level].

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