In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 33


Chapter 33: Thunder Bird and Silver Wolf King

When the prompt sounded, Wei Feng’s body stopped absorbing all the energy in the auxiliary formation.

However, the 1000 energy stones used to construct the formation have all been cracked heavily.

Wei Feng is filled with immense power, making him able to do double summons.

And this “double summoning” doesn’t take into account beasts derived from Forbidden Items, which means he can summon his Dragon Ape and Dark Dragon’s Shadow, and it won’t count as double summons. He can continue to summon a mid-tier royal beast and a low-level royal beast.


A wolf howl suddenly emerged from the formation.

A strong feeling of majesty emitted from the formation.

Wei Feng saw something unfold within the formation.

A giant, silver-white wolf stood on top of a mountain and howled to the moon.

The moon was pure and white and shone brightly in the sky.

And the wolf started to devour the moon.


The formation trembled, and claws stuck out of it – the giant wolf then stepped out of it.

The seven-pointed star formation then shrunk and imprinted itself on the forehead of the silver wolf.

Suddenly, a force overcame Wei Feng.


Wei Feng couldn’t help but begin howling as well.

The mysterious force was painful – it felt like all the cells in his body were being ripped apart.

It circulated in his body, making his body, flesh, and blood come alive – it absorbed the entirety of that mysterious force.


[NOTICE: You have obtained a Level 9 Royal Beast – [Silver Moon Wolf King]]

[NOTICE: You have obtained the core ability of the [Silver Moon Wolf King] – [Summon: Wolf King].]

It took almost half an hour for Wei Feng to absorb the mysterious force.

Without stopping, Wei Feng quickly composed himself and drew more summoning symbols and arranged them. The seven-pointed star array then lit up again.

The formation is still burning with power because of the energy stones. It cannot be wasted.

He needs to utilise his double summoning.

Quickly, summon it!


When the formation lit up again, sounds of thunder emitted from the formation, and purple arcs of lightning shot out and spread out to Wei Feng, causing him to go numb.


A low cry came from the formation, and a huge bird shot out from the formation.

A big bird, covered in arcs of lightning.

Its feathers were bright purple, as if electricity wrapped around every single feather.

The seven-pointed star shrank and imprinted itself on the beast’s forehead.


[NOTICE: You have obtained a Level 9 Royal Beast – [Thunder Bird]]

[NOTICE: You have obtained the core ability of [Thunder Bird] – [Electricity Manipulation].]

A huge, mysterious force slammed into Wei Feng’s body again, crackling with energy.

Wei Feng couldn’t believe his body could handle this much power.

A mysterious force was keeping him from exploding and dying from the immense surge in power.

Another half hour passed.

Wei Feng slowly got up from the floor and sat down, his clothes drenched in sweat.

Beside him, the Thunder Bird and Silver Moon Wolf King stood attentively, exuding majestic auras.

If it wasn’t for Wei Feng, they probably would have fought each other to the death.

Wei Feng got up and frowned, looking at all the energy stones that were shattered.

He’s definitely going to have to pay that back.

After all, these energy stones were meant to be used forty or fifty times for a single session, but Wei Feng used them up all at once.

Wei Feng stood up.

He unsummoned his beasts, then opened the door.

Jiang Haiyan had been guarding the door outside, and immediately asked Wei Feng, “Mr Wei, you’re okay-“

Before she could finish her sentence, she was stunned at the scene before her.

All the shattered energy stones behind Wei Feng.

She rushed into the room and looked at the scene before her in disbelief.

These were new energy stones, and now they were all shattered into pieces!

Moreover, the energy inside the stones were completely drained.


She was dumbfounded. This was the first time she encountered such a situation.

She hurriedly ran out of the room and explained to Wei Feng, “Don’t leave yet. I need to ask our boss something.”

“Oh, okay.”

Wei Feng just sat down at a bench.

He didn’t plan to run – he did, in fact, drain all those energy stones of their power. He needed to be a man and resolve it.

She quickly made a phone call and reported the situation.

Wei Feng could clearly hear the conversation, he even heard the voice over the phone.

What surprised Wei Feng was that it was a female voice on the other end, and the words spoken surprised him more.

“Are you sure all the energy stones are drained?”

“Are you sure he is only 16 or 17 years old?”

“Let him go! And give him a premium membership card of Angel Mall.”

Jiang Haiyan strangely looked at Wei Feng.

“Come with me, our boss asked me to give you a premium membership card.” She almost couldn’t believe what she was saying.

They were the ones who suffered a loss, and now they have to make the person who caused this loss a premium member?

“Thanks!” Wei Feng said.

He then followed her to apply for the card – then took the elevator and left her.

He went to the 21st floor.

The 21st floor is a hotel – he used his premium membership card, which made the price of a suite go from 1000 yuan to 800.

He took a long, relaxing bath, then laid on the bed and ordered a 10-person-portion meal.

He then checked his panels.

[Royal Beast Panel]

Royal Beast: Thunder Bird

Level: Level 9 (Intermediate)

Attribute: Electricity

Strength: 13050

Agility: 13100

Spirit Power: 12600

Passive Ability: [King’s Coercion] – The Thunder Bird suppresses bird-typed royal beasts that are lower levelled, reducing all their attributes by 10%.

Core Ability: [Electricity Manipulation] – The Thunder Bird has absolute control over lightning, and its attacks are imbued with electricity. Each attack does an additional 150% damage equal to the strength value.

[Electricity Field] – Exploding with electricity, the Thunder Bird forms a 200×200 field, increasing its electricity damage by 300%.

[Subsonic] – When the Thunder Bird is flying, agility is increased by 30%.

[Royal Beast Panel]

Royal Beast: Silver Moon Wolf King

Level: Level 9 (Advanced)

Attribute: None

Strength: 16570 (+3304)

Agility: 15100 (+3020)

Spirit Power: 15900 (+3180)

Passive Ability: [King of Wolves] – Having a strong dominance over wolves, any wolves 3 levels lower than the Silver Moon Wolf King will betray its beastmaster.

[Sorrow of the Howling Moon] – The Silver Wolf absorbs energy from the Moon, all attributes are increased by 20%.

Core Ability: [Summon: Wolf King] – The Silver Wolf can summon guards to fight with it. It can summon Level 8 Ghost Wolf Guards (10) and Level 7 Blood Wolf Warriors (20).

[Silver Moon Domain] – When the Wolf King is in its domain, increase all attributes by 50%, it can use [Silver Moon Blossom], increasing its attributes by another 50%, and double all recovery effects.

[Silver Moon Bloodline] – The Silver Wolf has special blood – it can absorb the strengthening ability of Forbidden Items with no limit.

[Beastmaster Panel]

The Strongest Beastmaster System! (Level 2)

beastmaster: Wei Feng

Age: 16

Rank: Senior beastmaster

Strength: 145 (+6790)

Agility: 152 (+6350)

Spirit Power: 273 (+6120)

Power of Control (Advanced) – You share 20% of all attributes of all your beasts.

Forbidden Items: S-Tier [Absolute Zero] has met its activation condition. All attributes +5 every 24 hours.

C-Tier [Ruined Symbols] are inactive.

Core Ability: [Hardened Skin] – Derived from [Ice Giant], resist all attacks no greater than 225 strength.

[Source of Power] – Derived from [Dragon Ape], increase strength by 20%.

[Source of Agility] – Derived from [Dark Dragon’s Shadow], increase agility by 20%.

[Summon: Wolf King] – Derived from [Silver Moon Wolf King], you can summon Level 8 Ghost Wolf Guards (5) and Level 7 Blood Wolf Warrior (10).

[Electricity Manipulation] – Derived from [Thunder Bird], imbue attacks with electricity, which does 150% of the strength attribute as damage.

Royal Beasts: Level 3 Ice Giant

Level 5 Dark Dragon’s Shadow

Level 6 Dragon Ape

Level 9 Thunder Bird

Level 9 Silver Moon Wolf King

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