In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 34


Chapter 34: Attention

Looking at his own and his beast’s attribute panels, Wei Feng was full of excitement.

He couldn’t help but pinch himself – it’s hard to imagine that he had nearly 7000 strength!

That is a little higher than a Level 8 Royal Beast.

Now, he really wants to find out how powerful one punch of his can be.

Looking around, he quickly discarded that idea – the things here are quite expensive. If he breaks anything, he won’t be able to afford the damages.

He lied down on the bed and waited. Soon enough, the ten sets of food he ordered arrive – they were all beef-based and the portions were large.

When the attendant saw Wei Feng alone, he was surprised.

Shortly after, the dining table was full of food.

Wei Feng was about to dig in, but a message suddenly came from the shared information page between him and his royal beast.


Wei Feng was a little surprised. It was a message from his Silver Wolf, and it wanted to be summoned.

Wei Feng had no choice but to put down his utensils and began summoning his beast.


The Silver Wolf let out a cheerful roar and leapt out of the summoning formation.

“My god.”

The Wolf let out a light exhale upon hitting the ground, then looked at Wei Feng silently for a bit. He opened his mouth, “You have earned my recognition! Consider it a blessing.”

“Oh my god.”

Wei Feng’s was shocked, but then was relieved shortly after realising the implications of his beast talking to him.

There are many royal beasts that understand the human language – it’s no surprise that the King of Wolves can understand the human language.

However, if a beast of his calibre doesn’t respond to you, there is only one possibility.

It looks down upon you, and is unwilling to pay attention to you.

High-levelled royal beasts, especially those with extremely high Spirit Power, can turn on you at any moment.

The strong prey on the weak.

As a king, why should he stoop down to your level to serve a useless beastmaster?

It’s no surprise that a high-levelled beast would turn against their beastmaster.

A king will never bow down to admit defeat.

“Thank you!”

Wei Feng thanked the Wolf for his recognition.

The Silver Wolf then started to shrink, emitting a soft, moon-white light.

Seeing this, Wei Feng was surprised! He never knew it could do that.

The Wolf was reduced to the size of a dog, one and a half meters in length and one meter in height, still looking majestic.

“Well, what should I call you?” the Wolf jumped onto the seat opposite Wei Feng and asked.

Wei Feng hurriedly sat up straight and announced, “My name is Wei Feng, but you can call me Fengzi** as well!”
**[t/n]: Wei Feng is 魏风 in Chinese, and 风 has the same pinyin as 疯 (crazy), so the Wolf King joked that Wei Feng was asking him to address him as Crazy.


The Wolf King gave Wei Feng a strange look, “A suitable name.”


The Wolf King coughed, resting a paw on his chin, “I am from the Royal Family of the Wolf Clan, and I have the blood of the legendary Yinyue. My name? Yueshang.”


Wei Feng was stunned, “Good name.”

The Wolf King proudly stood up, “That’s a given. I came up with the name myself after all.”

Wei Feng gave the Wolf King a strange look – he’s obviously hiding something. Or keeping a low profile.

“So, can we chat while eating?” The Wolf King inquired.

Your majesty!

Wei Feng felt strange. He felt that he was given grace from a king.

“Please! Go ahead, dig in! If it isn’t enough, I’ll order more!” Wei Feng hurriedly said.

The Wolf King picked up a knife with one paw and a fork in another, and gently cut into a piece of beef and chewed it slowly.

Wei Feng was dumbfounded.

Truly, a royal family is world’s apart from a commoner like him.

This is crazy.

When the Wolf chewed his beef, there weren’t any meat juice splattering – and he only cuts into another piece of beef after he finishes chewing!

It felt like Wei Feng was dining with a royal person.

“Let me out!”

Wei Feng was surprised as he received a loud message from his Thunder Bird.

Wei Feng hurriedly summoned it – Level 9 Beasts are the real beastmasters at this point.

“Was that the Thunder Bird? Fengzi, I suggest you kill it and simmer it over a low heat – it would taste very good.” The Wolf King said while he was drawing the summoning symbol.

Wei Feng, “…”

He pretended to not hear the Wolf.


The Thunder Bird flew out of the formation.

Crackle… crackle…

In a flash of lightning, the Thunder Bird shrunk itself, turning into the size of a dove and rested itself on Wei Feng’s shoulder.

“Greetings, I give you my blessings.”

The Thunder Bird’s voice was like an old duck, a bit harsh on the ears.

Wei Feng smiled, “Thank you.”

“Feng, you should really consider my suggestion! It would taste really good!” The Wolf King sounded again.

Wei Feng continued to ignore him, but Thunder Bird jumped onto the table, lightning emanating from its body, “What do you mean?! Do you want to fight?!”

“Haha!” The Wolf King laughed.

“This little bird is trying to pick a fight with me! One flick of a finger and you’re fried chicken!”


Wei Feng shouted.

Wei Feng had a headache. Other beastmasters probably don’t have the capability of summoning two Level 9 Beasts at once, so they wouldn’t encounter this kind of trouble.

Wei Feng changed his mind. He couldn’t treat them like royalty that much, he had to be stricter, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to control them in battle.

Especially the Wolf King, it seemed too prideful to be controlled.

He had read a lot of books about royal beasts in the library back at the academy, and he knew a lot of about them.

If the beasts were to rebel against their beastmaster, it would be deadly. Both the beasts and the beastmaster could die.

Under normal circumstances, as long as the beastmaster is reasonable, the beast will not easily turn against their masters.

Royal beasts like the Wolf King have the ability to resist summoning, however.

That is, as long as they are unwilling, even if you use ten auxiliary formations, it would refuse to be summoned.

And beasts of this level can choose their own beastmaster, and if they are at that level, they can be independent, and can separate themselves from beastmasters.

High-tiered beastmasters can even take the initiative to connect summoning formations so that that they will become their opponent’s beasts.

Therefore, even in the face of high-levelled beasts, the beastmaster should remain the dominant one.

Wei Feng’s face turned gloomy, and said in a serious voice, “I don’t like disobedient royal beasts. Royal beasts should behave like one.”

Glancing at the Wolf King and the Thunder Bird, Wei Feng continued, “I know both of you have the ability to rebel against me, but take note of my own Spirit Power. I dare both of you to try it.”

The Wolf King and Thunder Bird immediately sat up straight.

He hurriedly explained, “Of course, both of you can have your own personalities, but behave. I can and will keep you unsummoned forever.”

The beasts panicked.

“Uh oh.”

Wei Feng laughed, “Both of you may be Level 9 beasts, but I too, am at your level.”

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