My Mom is my Guardian Deity Chapter 13


Fafnir, the monster who almost sent me to the afterlife on my first day of regressing back said this. 

That he hated being woken up from sleep more than anything in the world.

But who would’ve known? 

Di-ring! Di-ring!

That I would come to sympathize with a half dragon-headed reptile in my life.

“Geez! Can I get some freaking sleep!”

I woke up in a fit and checked my phone kept beside my head. 

[16 unknown text messages.]

Even when I’m in the middle of checking it, 16 messages turn into 17 and 17 messages turn into 18… Ah, damn it. I’m getting dizzy from the morning.

The messages’ content you ask?

-Hello, I’m from <Opal> guild…

-I have contacted you in admiration of your outstanding talent….

-This is <Spider> guild. Requesting a call back from you. 

-Hello, I’m…

After killing all those orcs by myself yesterday, I’ve become a celebrity and guilds keep contacting me. 

‘These crazy people don’t even need sleep or what?’

Excuse me, it’s literally 6 in the morning you know? It’s not even the time to check in for work, aren’t you guys working too hard?

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ sheds tears looking at her son become so successful!]

“I wanna cry too, mom….”

I didn’t know being woken up in the middle of my sleep would be this upsetting…

I had set an alarm, that’s why I didn’t turn off my phone on purpose but looks like I should’ve gotten up on my own power. 

“Damn it, I’ve lost all my sleep now.”

I should go get a cup of coffee to get rid of the remaining drowsiness. 

After getting off the king-sized bed, I turned around a corner to arrive at the kitchen which was adjacent to the spacious living room. 

As expected of the association’s dorm. The interior was better than most rental homes. 

Having put some hot coffee in a mug, I turned on the TV and checked the morning news. 

-Here’s the next news. Most of the members of the guild <Bolt>, responsible for the security of the Gwan-ak district, have been reported missing since last night….

It was a piece of rather chaotic news that didn’t go along with the fresh morning. 

Group disappearance of the <Bolt> guild!

Though it’s not ‘disappearance’ but more like ‘death’.

And the culprit is me. 

It’s still so vivid…

Pew pew pew pew pew!

-”Euaaaak! Everyone dodge! He’s gunfiri….keogh?!”

– ”Boss?!”

– “Why does that bastard shoot so well?!”

The screams of the <Bolt> dudes who were dying helplessly at my Rambo play which I had won through the ‘Pandora’s box’.

At first, I was repulsed by the idea of pulling the trigger and killing people. 

But then, while I was hesitating, mom gave me courage. 

No, instead of giving courage it was more like she scarily pressurized me. 

By saying that she’ll kill me if I don’t kill them. 

She told me to stop acting like a pushover and pull the trigger. 

Thanks to her, I was able to gain a neat victory without even getting a scratch. 

In addition to that, I discovered a few more hidden surprises about the ‘Pandora’s box’, but I’ll explain that later…

“Let’s get going, shall we?”

There was a place I had to visit right now. This was also the reason why I set an alarm for 9 o’clock in the morning. 

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ asks “Where are you going this early in the morning? that’s so unlike you.”]

What do you mean it’s unlike me? That’s mean, mom…

“Where else?”

After finishing my coffee, I replied with a blunt look.

“If I need to properly act like a player from today, then first, I’ll need to get my license, don’t you think?”


During my previous life, my result was an F-class player. 

What happened to my dream of a different life from today now that I’ve awakened, you ask? 


I desperately realized that reality was in fact a gutter. 


‘Things are different now.’

Because the current me has the vitamin pill filled with love and mom’s talent. 

Plus a useful backpack which was like a four-dimensional pocket*!

*T/n: Doraemon reference 😀

I’m at a completely different starting point from my previous life. 

Now that I’ll go to get myself graded in this condition, I wonder what will be my starting class will be?

I’m nervous but excited at the same time…

“Oh! There he comes!”

“Mr. Hwang Jae-min! Mr. Hwang Jae-min! I’m a scout from the <Sky> guild. Please spare some time to have a word with-”

“Hey! How dare you cut in line?!”

“Cut in line? What do you mean! I was waiting here before you!”

“Yes, he’s here! Yes! Sigh, Don’t worry! I won’t let him get taken and bring him to our guild for sure!”

….Nervous and excited my ass. 

All that’s left is anger because of these guys. 

In front of the ranking agency located on the third floor of the association. Scouts from various guilds were crowded. 


I still haven’t even received my rank people. 

Someone might think I’m already an A-class player. 

But it was no surprise that they came out here so intensely. 

Because a newbie who was just awakened crushed down all those orcs on his own…

“Mr. Hwang Jae-min! This is who I am! Here’s my business ca-…!”

“Don’t push! Who’s that at the back?!”

“Move! I was here first!”

Is this some kind of big department store where a bargain sale is going on or what? 

Surrounded by the people who came rushing to me like wild beasts who found their prey, I frowned. 

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ strikes a thumbs up and says “There is an item called sleeping gas in the Hall of Fame, so if you need a sponsorship, feel free to ask anytime!”]

That’s not a bad idea but don’t you think there is a danger of being taken away let alone getting ranked, if we do that mom?

I have a better idea. 

“From now on, I won’t ever be joining the guild of the people who block my way so just know that.”


The miracle of Moses took place in the 21st century. 

I walked down the clear path and approached a female employee at the ranking office. 

Rumours that I’m here to get my license have already spread all over the neighbourhood, so I skipped the small talk. 

The female employee lead me to the assessment room as if she had been waiting for me. 

Inside the room, equipped with various mechanical facilities, a cylindrical capsule that was familiar to me was installed. 

It is the capsule that was used as a virtual training program through CF’s connection module. 

“I can’t believe I’m going inside that two days in a row…”


“Ah. It’s nothing. Let’s just get started.”

The female employee tilted her head after listening to me talking to myself but, 

Soon, she started explaining the assessment method with a professional smile again. 

Well, of course, it was boring for me since I already knew about it. 

In short? 

The starting rank is determined according to the performance 

efficiency in the virtual dungeon through CF. 

That’s it. 

I entered the virtual dungeon for the assessment of my rank as an avatar. 

‘I felt this during my first life as well but, it must be really hard for people with claustrophobia.’

Rather than a virtual dungeon, it looked like the whole area was covered in a black screen, it was completely dark.

<Starting rank assessment.>

<Defeat as many monsters as possible during 30 minutes.>

Just when I heard the sound of the guide come from somewhere in the dark space. 

Clatter clatter!

From a viewpoint that was out of my vision, the targets I had to take down jumped out. 

My first impression of them was, 

A bowling ball. 

Since the shape and size are exactly the same, you could say that it is an accurate comparison. 

What’s more, is that even the name is similar. 

Balling stone. 

They are a bunch of jerks who fly at an altitude slightly lower than human eye level and attack you by surprise. 

Like this. 


The dude who appeared out of my vision dug into my side at a sharp speed. 

If you’re not vigilant and let your guard down, you end up giving them a chance and losing points. 

Rustle rustle-!

I was already expanding my Mana right after being connected so I could sense its surprise attack immediately almost as if I could get my hands on it. 

And how did I take it down, you ask?


The ‘Pandora’s box’ gave me a gun so I can finish it off from a close distance, and just like that, easy clear!

However, this time, it’s not a military machine gun like yesterday but a revolver meant especially for players that can be held in one hand. 

You must be wondering from where did the ‘Pandora’s box’ pop out when I was supposed to be empty-handed right?

Actually, I’ve been wearing it on my back since I left the dorm until now. 

And that reveals the amazing function of this unscientific backpack. 

The ‘Pandora’s box’ can turn transparent whenever I want!

‘Summoning weapons that are accurate for any situation is a plus!’

For example, if this bag would have summoned an ordinary conventional gun, I would have been expelled for violating regulations immediately. 

But if it’s a gun that uses bullets filled with mana unlike regular guns and is meant for players to use, then there is no issue with that. 

Rustle -! Rustle -!

Just then, as if to speed up things, this time a number of balling stones popped out from all directions. 

“…damn, look at these guys?”

Moreover, they began to fly in a dizzying orbit like a fly, perhaps because they were determined not to get hit easily like earlier. 

Surrounded by a number of hurricane-like bowling balls, I felt like I became the eye of a cyclone myself. 


‘This is doable!’

Bang-! Bang-! 


I pulled the trigger with my finger and fired. 

The deep blue bullets move forward while rotating and penetrated the balling stones accurately. 

It was the same yesterday and right now I’m puzzled too. 

Wow…just how am I managing to do this? 

[Passive skill, ‘Blood is thicker than water (EX)’ is under effect!]

[The accuracy of long-range weapons such as a bow, gun, etc. increases dramtically!]

Is this the reason why I was able to defeat the bulky dudes of <Bolt> without a single injury?

This is where it was at. My talent!

I respect you, mother. 

You are an extraordinary marksman which is fitting of your nickname, S-class couple. 

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ thinks it’s unfair and says “Why is there a skill upgrade effect when I’ve never even used a gun before!]

Don’t be jealous of your son, mom…


“That’s crazy…”

“You’re telling me that’s really the skills of a person who has just awakened yesterday?

“H-hello. Sir? I think you should come to have a look yourself. He’s much more than what I expected…”

“F-five times more than the standard contract amount? N-no. I think that’s the only way we can compete with other guilds as well.”


Scouts, who were monitoring Jae-min’s status through a large screen installed on all four sides of the waiting room, could not close their wide opened mouths. 

What is the identity of the rookie who appeared like a comet? 

Movement, agility, accuracy, power, use of mana…

There was nothing lacking at all.

A rookie? 

You’ve got to be kidding. 

Those are the of a veteran player who’s already out in the real world. 

A talent that must be snatched with the honour of the scouts being at stake!

The waiting room has already been transformed into a scene of a deadly competition where individual pride and the fates of guilds are at stake.

‘He’s more than I imagined?’

A woman smiling subtly looked with hawk eyes amidst the chaotic scene. 

Seo Ji-soo.

She was an A-class player, with less than 50 like herself in South Korea, who was part of the association. 

At the same time, she was a patriotic hyena who was interested in bringing in the incredible rookie to the same association as her. 

‘I can’t lose such a talent to those guilds who put the country behind themselves!’

Just then. A text came in front of Sei Ji-soo’s eyes that were shining with greed.

[Guardian deity, ‘monk of gluttony’s’ eyes shine.]

[‘Monk of gluttony’ smiles with their eyes and says “If you recruit that guy, then you can expect a sponsorship as a reward.”]

‘Even if you don’t say that, I’ve already put dibs on him.’

Why was it that a Guardian deity which exerts absolute power, sympathized with her will?

Add to that a bonus sponsorship if she succeeds in recruiting him!

While Seo Ji-soo quietly smiled, covering her mouth.

Jae-min’s ranking test was over. 

As soon as the ending sign was shown, countless eyes of the scouts moved toward the electronic display installed in the waiting room. 

It was the monitor which showed the starting rank of a player who just finished their assessment. 

“What will it be…?”

Veteran scouts expected approximately ‘C-class’.

Because if a player who has just awakened gets a starting rank of not ‘D’ or ‘E’, but a ‘C’ means that they are a future A-class player. 





It happened.

Starting rank B!

But in the eyes of the scouts, whose faces brightened like a lantern, it looked like a different alphabet instead of B.

“We’ve got a future S-class nominee!”

“Boss! Damn it, boss! Pick up your phone!”

In less than fifteen days of waking up, a rookie’s starting rank, which is usually very poor, turned out to be B.

What did this mean?

It meant that if he honed his skills a little more, it was only a matter of time before he would become the eighth S-class player, whose position was currently vacant in South Korea 


Soon the lid of the connection module was opened, and the rookie who surprised everyone showed himself. 


Jae-min intently stared at the letter B, which popped up on the electronic display. 

At first, he opened his lips blankly as if he was dreaming a mystical dream. 

But soon, the lips turned into a curved line. 

…Until the scouts, who were in a frenzy, flocked like bees though. 

“Mr. Hwan Jae-min! Please choose our guild! We promise you the best treatment!”

“Tell us the amount you want! No matter how much it is, our guild can accommodate all your nee-….!”

“Our guild even guarantees you the best items!”

The moment when the heat was at its peak. 

“Join the association, not a guild, Mr. Hwang Jae-min.”

Seo Ji-soo’s thin thread-like voice cooled down the heat for a moment.

She looked straight into Jae-min’s eyes and smiled. 

“Great power comes with great responsibility. If that great superpower of yours is used for the profit of the department of defense and public affairs, then it won’t be impossible for South Korea to become a player powerhouse in the future.”

‘What is this woman saying?’

The scouts glanced sideways towards Seo Ji-soo as if they were looking at some fool. 

‘Contracts of tens of billions of wons are going around back and forth, and department of defense? What kind of nonsense is that?’

‘He won’t go for it anyway, maybe she just wanted to try her luck?’

‘Oh it’s Seo Ji-soo. I’ve heard she has good skills but, she doesn’t have a knack for negotiation.’

It’s just a time of waste not even worth listening to. Unless you’re a young man who has been reincarnated with the soul of a patriot, you won’t bother considering that proposal. 

Hovewever, they didn’t know. 


The eyes young man who everyone wanted, and also his feelings.

The fact that it slowly moved with every word Seo Ji-soo said. 

‘That’s it. His eyes are wavering…!’

Seo Ji-soo, who cried with joy inside, tried to control her expressions so that she wouldn’t make the mistake of bursting into laughter. 

Around her, an invisible subtle stream of mana flowed. 

<Spirit of Language*>

T/n: better known as ‘Kotodama’ (lit. word spirit). It is a Japanese belief that mystical powers dwell in words and names.

It is a magical skill that controls the spirit of meaningless words by attaching ‘power’ to them. 

Of course, there is a limitation that it doesn’t work for someone who is on a higher level than you, but that doesn’t matter right now. 

‘Even if he’s a super rookie, he’s B-class for now. It’s obvious that his stats will be lower than me, who’s A-class, so there’s no reason why the spirit of language wouldn’t work!’

It can be said that this was the best gift among the items sponsored by her Guardian deity in charge, ‘Monk of gluttony.’ Because she can use it in this way. 

‘He’s almost fallen for it.’

The mana with the power of the <Spirit of language> continued to disturb Jae-min’s reasoning. 

Now if she just adds a few more plausible words as finishing toches then…

“I decline.”




Surprised, Seo Ji-soo blushed and cover her mouth in a hurry. 

For a moment, her complexion went pale and her mind was filled with confusion.

‘The sp-spirit of language didn’t work…?!’

The mana which spread around like mist, came reflecting back to her.

The system then shot a message. 

[<Spirit of language> does not work for this target.]

“Was my rejection that much of a shocking statement for you to be this surprised…?”

“N-no. I-it’s…”

She smiled bitterly but was screaming inside. 

‘How come~?!’


‘Phew, I almost fell for it.’

Why though? I’ve already decided on the guild I’m planning to join, but I was unconsciously about to say ‘OK’. 

…Was I always this weak in front of a pretty woman’s request? 

No, it’s true she’s pretty but she’s not my type. 

Even if she was my type, I’m not such a pathetic guy to change my mind for such a petty reason…

<Jus how gullible are you? I can’t believe you just stood still and listened to that kind of nonsense.>


<What would you have done if I hadn’t driven out the evil energy that seduced you, Hwang Jae-min, my child? Sigh…>

“What is this?”

Who’s this woman who keeps…


[Your nanny has arrived.]


Ah, right. 

I completely forgot about it, damn it. 

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