In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 35


Chapter 35: The Hidden Information Chain of High-Levelled Beasts

The Wolf King took its half-eaten steak to the ground and jumped off the chair while wagging its tail, “That’s so true! How can us as lowly beasts eat at the same table as our Great Master! Don’t worry. It’s not a big deal!”

The Wolf King then picked up the beef on the ground, and walked to Wei Feng’s feet while wagging his tail, then lied on the ground and ate.

“Master! I am so obedient! I will only bite when you ask me to bite!”

“Woof! Bark bark bark!”

Wei Feng: …

This is really a 180-degree change in personality.

I guess the Wolf King can really do anything.

Or could it be that the product is faulty, and the flaws are revealing itself.

He can even bark!

This is so cruel.

“Flap! Flap!”

The Thunder Bird flapped its wings and flew to Wei Feng’s shoulder, “Master! Look at me, please! I am the most obedient royal beast – I can even massage you via electrotherapy!”

As he said that, Thunder Bird’s claws pinched on Wei Feng’s shoulders, and electricity emitted from its claws, making his shoulders numb.

Wei Feng closed his eyes.

He didn’t lie on being good at massaging.

“Ooh… Ah!”

Wei Feng smiled, “This is how a royal beast should behave.”

“Woof! Bark Bark!”


“Alright, stand up,” Wei Feng waved his hand.



The Wolf King and Thunder Bird instantly stood at attention.

“Ah, this is…”

Wei Feng wanted to laugh, but he didn’t expect that the prideful Level 9 beasts would be so easily tamed.

It’s a Level 9 beast, for god’s sake!

Actually, it isn’t because they’re spineless.

If it was a different person, the Wolf King would definitely not get along.

But in the fact of Wei Feng, he really can’t resist him.

The mark imprinted on his forehead is key for the beastmaster to control the beast.

The higher the spirit power of a beastmaster, the stronger the pressure this mark exerts on the beast.

This is why after the death of a beastmaster; the beast will lose control.

It’s all because of the mark!

And if a beastmaster with the spirit power of Wei Feng dies, the beast will most definitely die on the spot.

Moreover, the royal beast has no possibility of turning against its master at all, so they won’t even dare to have such thoughts.


If they are considered kings among royal beasts, then Wei Feng can be considered the king of kings due to the mark!

“Come on, I’m not that strict – as long as you aren’t out of line, I won’t do anything,” Wei Feng said with a soft voice.

The Wolf King licked at Wei Feng’s toes, “Master, don’t say that! I will always obey you – I will bite anyone you ask me to bite!”

“Woof woof! Bark bark!”

Thunder Bird quickly followed suit, “I can be your loyal dog too! Look!”

“Caw…? Bork bork!”

Wei Feng: …

Wei Feng felt a little helpless.

But he didn’t intend to correct them.

They are behaving like royal beasts, after all.

Half an hour later, Wei Feng finished all the food and felt less hungry.

Every time he is “upgraded”, his appetite only skyrockets.

He only spends an hour every day on eating, which is extremely fast.

Four pm.

Wei Feng put on some dry clothes and went out on a walk.

Because the Wolf King and Thunder Bird were shrunk to pet sizes, Wei Feng did not unsummon them.

Thunder Bird rested on Wei Feng’s shoulders, while Wolf King followed Wei Feng.

They walked out of Angel Mall, and many people’s eyes swept over the Wolf King, in particular, the women. They asked if the “dog” was for sale.

Even Wei Feng had to admit that the Wolf King looked extremely majestic.

His silver hair was shining, you couldn’t see a single stray hair either – his slender body and deep, peering eyes attracted the attention of mature women looking for pets.

A woman wearing a long, sky-blue dress walked towards Wei Feng, staring at Thunder Bird, “Sir! Your bird looks beautiful.”


Wei Feng was stunned. This is incredibly weird. “Of course. My bird is incredibly big!”


The woman nodded. “Is it for sale? I’ll pay you 100,000 yuan.”

“Nope! Not for sale.”

Wei Feng shook his head. “I’m a serious bird person. I keep birds for myself.”

“Well, that’s a pity.” The woman then wordlessly left.

Wei Feng reached out to pet Thunder Bird, and he cupped his face onto Wei Feng’s palm affectionately. Something is amiss, but Wei Feng didn’t know what was wrong.

Exiting Angel Mall, Wei Feng was bathed in sunlight, and stretched his waist – crackling sounds emitting from his body.

“Master, I suggest you practice carefully for a while. I can sense the huge power in your body, but you may not be able to control it!” the Wolf King warned.

Wei Feng agreed, “Yeah, you’re right. Do you have any good ideas?”

“There’s a breathing method you can try,” the Wolf King replied.

“Breathing?!” Wei Feng was surprised.

Thunder Bird then chirped, “Master, I also can use my electricity – I call it the Thunderbolt Body Forging Method! It can help you!”

“Thunderbolt Body Forging Method…” This is crazy!

What’s going on?

He glanced at Thunder Bird and the Wolf King.

These two must cultivate demons in their spare time.

My god!

What a chaotic world.

Wei Feng was confused.

He had read a lot of books about beasts, but he has never seen anything like this before.

“Why are these abilities not shown on your beast panel?” Wei Feng asked.

There aren’t any records on their beast panel showing these hidden abilities!

“Master, the panel that shares information is based on our attribute values. We can hide it at will,” the Wolf King grinned.


Thunder Bird nodded and chirped back, “Master, this information chain is like the fixed information you keep in the federal database – it’s up to us to decide whether you see it!”

Wei Feng: …

At this moment, Wei Feng felt that he had entered a whole new world.

“Let’s go. We need to chat.”

Evening came.

Wei Feng returned to the hotel.

The Wolf King shared some secret information with Wei Feng through the shared information panel.

Wei Feng was shocked.

It’s a dangerous world – where the impossible becomes possible.

Wei Feng stood at the hotel window, looking at the neon lights starting to flood the city. He came to a decision on what he wants to pursue.

Perhaps, eternal life? Or becoming the most powerful beastmaster anyone has even seen!

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