In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 36


Chapter 36: Roommates
Eight o’ clock in the morning, Wei Feng left the hotel.

Although Angel Mall’s hotel is comfortable, it is way too expensive to stay long-term.

Wei Feng is more pressured since he has two more royal beasts to feed.

He still had 210,000 yuan left in his credit card, it won’t last long.

Wei Feng plans to find a place to stay, preferably in the suburbs.

Not only is it cheap, it’s also quiet.

At the gate of Angel Mall, Wei Feng downloaded a renting app on his mobile phone.

After logging in, Wei Feng searched for a place to stay that best fit his conditions.

“In the eastern suburbs of Yancheng, three bedrooms, one hall – monthly rent: 1500 yuan. Please contact …”

“In the western suburbs of Yancheng, three bedrooms, one living room, a dry and wet kitchen, two bathrooms – rent is split in half, I am a single female, contact me at…”

“In the southern area of Yancheng, we are looking for roommates for a two-bedroom, one-hall house. 600-yuan monthly rent, large house, good environment, and quiet, please contact me at…”

There is a lot of people looking for co-rentals too.

In the end, Wei Feng chose the southern suburbs. It is the cheapest, and there’s a lot of space as well.

Wei Feng called. The other end was a woman, but didn’t seem to care that Wei Feng was male.

“Just come on over! I’ll send the address.” The other party was direct and sent the address to Wei Feng immediately.

Wei Feng felt strange – the voice on the phone was strangely familiar.

Wei Feng hitchhiked his way to his destination.

An hour passed.

Wei Feng arrived at Fuyuan Garden.

This is an older community – the nameplate at the gate of the community was wearing out.

The floors inside are a bit shabby, and the outer lacquer of the floors has fallen off.

The gate of the community is also unguarded, and there is a lotus flower in full bloom in the pond facing the gate – it seems someone is caring for it.

“Mr. Wei, what are you doing here?” A startled voice sounded beside him.

Wei Feng quickly turned around, and it was the attendant from Angel Mall – Jiang Haiyan, wearing regular clothes.

He realised the familiar voice was in fact, Jiang Haiyan.

What a coincidence!

“Mr. Wei… it can’t be… you were the one on the phone!” she said in surprise.

Wei Feng nodded. “Yup. It was me.”

Jiang Haiyan was shocked. “What happened?! You… I thought… how could you come to such a shabby place to rent a house?”


Wei Feng awkwardly scratched his head. “It’s a long story. Why don’t you take me for a house tour?”

“Alright. Come with me,” she then led Wei Feng into the community.

Wei Feng trailed behind her.

Although the community was somewhat dilapidated, there is still many people living here.

In the pavilion, several old men were playing chess.

In the small clearing, several old women were doing morning exercises.

It’s quite lively here.

“By the way, why do you live here?” Wei Feng inquired.


Jiang Haiyan replied in surprise, “The rent is cheap. And isn’t the environment here good? I prefer somewhere quieter.”

“I see.”

Wei Feng responded.


Jiang Haiyan brought Wei Feng to a five-storey building, and Wei Feng asked, “Do you really mind if a boy rents a place with you?”

Her face turned red.

She remained calm in her voice, “What’s the big issue? I’m single anyways, and my parents are pushing me to get a boyfriend.”

Wei Feng: …

“Then, I’d have to leave.” Wei Feng then turned around and was prepared to leave.

He came to rent a house, not find a girlfriend.


Jiang Haiyan hurriedly corrected herself, “Wait! I was just joking – you’re a big, strong man! Are you afraid that a weak woman like me will do anything to you?”

Wei Feng remained silent.

She became anxious. “Okay! Fine! I’ll come clean – I don’t feel safe here, so I wanted to find a male to rent a room with me! The agency here tricked me and I had already paid a year’s rent, so I rented a house here.”


Wei Feng nodded. “Well, why didn’t you say that earlier?”

“Oh man.”

Jiang Haiyan sighed. “At least I managed to convince you to stay.”

She lives on the second floor, and there are two families on each floor.

She explained that a couple lived opposite them – no one lived upstairs, and there was only one family downstairs.

In other words, in this five-storey building, only three households live.

Wei Feng paid her the rent in advance.

The place is quite large – two rooms and a living room with separate bathrooms – and one kitchen.

Wei Feng entered his room on the left, a bed and a set of decent mahogany-coloured furniture.

“Not bad!”

Wei Feng was satisfied.

Wei Feng summoned the Wolf King and Thunder Bird.

The two are still shrunken, like two pets.

Wei Feng took them out the room, and Jiang Haiyan was stunned.

“Are these your beasts?” she inquired.

She didn’t expect Wei Feng to have such majestic beasts.

“They aren’t bad, right?” Wei Feng nodded, and rubbed the Wolf King’s head.

“Woof! Bark bark!”

She was relieved, and started summoning her own beasts. “Ah, you have beasts too. I’m relieved.”

A golden retriever stepped out of the formation.


However, as soon as it stepped out, it seemed greatly frightened and hid behind Jiang Haiyan.

“What’s the matter? Could it be that its afraid of your dog?” Jiang Haiyan comforted her dog.

Wei Feng knew what was the reason. The Wolf King was the king of wolves, it’s a surprise the dog wasn’t already scared to death.

Wei Feng patted the Wolf King, signalling him to behave.

The golden retriever then became quiet.

Out of curiosity, Wei Feng probed the golden retriever’s information.

[Royal Beast Panel]

Royal Beast: Golden Retriever

Level: Level 1 (Beginner)

Attribute: None

Strength: 25

Agility: 23

Spirit Power: 20

Core Ability: [Bite] – The golden retriever is protective. Its bite deals additional damage equal to 50% of the strength value.

All right!

Nothing to see here, it’s just her pet.

Jiang Haiyan updated Wei Feng on some other matters, and returned to her room.

Wei Feng took the Wolf King and Thunder Bird for a walk – he was quite satisfied with this place. Although it was more traditional, it felt good.

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